Crime And Adventure Episode 15


“And when will you be done with the fake life?” She asked.
“Tomorrow, I get to enjoy the last of the fake life. After that, the fake life will be gone and I will be as fresh as new.”
She stared at me like it was hard to believe.
“I want you Eve.” I said to her and caught her blush.
“Why are you living the fake life if you know you wanted something real?” She asked, still eager to discuss the lady.
“They say when the desirable is not available, the available seem desirable. But right now, the available has led me to the desirable and I’m certain I don’t need the fake again.”
“I want you Eve!” I said again. She looked away, like she was meditating on the entire scenario.
I moved closer to her and held her hands.
“Don’t let me continue with the fake life.” I said with a pleading tone in my voice. Even I was impressed by my show! Been long I ‘toasted’ a girl and I was beginning to feel I was out-of-game until this night. It was obviously working.
“I don’t know.” She said.
“I know its quite a lot to take in at the moment but I’ve thought about it myself and I’m convinced it is you I want.”
“How are you so sure?” She asked.
O’boy! This was going to take longer than I had anticipated. Seems I was really out-of-the game like I had thought.
“Because I won’t be doing this if I wasn’t sure! I wouldn’t be risking a fake life for a new one if I wasn’t sure.” I said.
“Its you Eve, its you!” I tried to assure her.
“You need to purge yourself of the old fake life first before the new life you seek. After that, we can see how it goes.” She said.
“Does it mean you’re willing to give it a trial?” I asked with a fake smile on my face.
She smiled back at me. “I said we will see how it goes.” She replied still smiling.
I reached over and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I will be cleansed of the fake life, and I will come for you.” I said.
“That’s better.” She concurred.
I stood and made to leave.
“I wish I can spend the night with you here, but my old fake life needs to be sorted out once and for all.” I said.
She looked up at me like she was sad I was leaving. After a split second, I sat down back.
“There’s something that tied me to the fake life and I need you to help me break it.” I said.
“What is that?” She asked with eyes lite up, like she was willing to help out free me from the old life.
“Do you trust me?” I asked.
“I believe you’re honest.” She said.
“I already took this decision the morning you came to clean the room.” I said to her.
“Remember the morning I asked you to leave one of the toiletry carton for me?” I asked her.
“Yes, and I thought you were crazy.” She answered with a smile on her face.
“That was when I decided I was going to end the fake life. I have placed every bloody thing that makes me want to continue the old life inside that carton.” I said.
“Really? What did you do with the carton?” She asked.
“No, not yet. Its in the bathroom, and I want to get rid of it.” I said.
“That’s simple, throw them into the trash can.” She said, smiling like she just solved the world’s biggest crime.
“Not that simple.” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
“Do you know why people burn stuffs on 31st night?” I asked her.
“Yes, to chase the old year away and usher the new year.” She answered.
“Yes, you are right. It is believed that when you burn stuffs, you burn away stuffs you don’t need in the new year. Since most of those stuffs aren’t physical, you end up burning anything physical and hope the flames still consume the failures and disappointments of the previous year.” I informed her.
She paused and thought about it, like I was beginning to make sense.
“So you want to burn away the stuffs?” She asked.
“Yes. Tomorrow is 30th, that’s the last of my fake life. By 31st mid-night, I will be burning that carton with everything inside it and I want you to be there with me when I burn it.” I told her.
“Wow! That’s great, I’m not going to be on duty by 31st night.” She announced to me with excitement in her voice.
“Great! So we will burn my old and fake life on 31st night, and usher in a brand new life together with you for the new year!” I proclaimed and she laughed out loud.
“What exactly is inside the carton you are burning?” She asked after the excitement had died down.
“Stuffs I’m not proud of; some gifts I got courtesy of my old life; some intimate stuffs I’m not really… proud…proud of.” I said, breaking my voice like I was sober.
She nodded her head like she understood; or she didn’t want to probe further maybe not to hurt me.
“I need you to help me evacuate it from the bathroom of the hotel room.” I said to her.
She stared at me confused so I had to persuade her.
“After tomorrow, I will be leaving the fake and old life and won’t have access to that room again, I need you to help me move it before then.” I said and prayed she sees a meaning to the explanation.
“I’m not on duty at that part of the hotel tomorrow.” She said.
“You can swap with whoever is on duty there; is that not allowed here?” I asked.
“It is, I just have to find out who is on duty.” She said.
“Thank you very much. The carton is inside the drawer at the bathroom.” I said.
She stared at me like she was thinking it through once more.
“Help me burn my old and fake life away, please.” I pleaded, putting on a charming and innocent face.
“Of course we will burn it together.” She said.
“And please, the content is embarrassing to me; promise me you won’t open it until we burn it together.” I asked.
“I won’t.” She said innocently.
I bent over and kissed her. This time around, she responded. We kissed for some minutes before we broke away from each other.
“I have to go back to the fake life for now.” I said as I saw the look of emotions in her eyes.
“One more day!” I said, with my left hand on my chest and my right hand raised up like I was swearing an oath.
She smiled and responded.
“One more day.”
We exchanged numbers and I returned to the room; only to meet the widely awake lady in the room, staring at me and her phone in my hand.