Crime And Adventure Episode 16


With phone in my hand, ATM card and cash in my pocket I stood like a condemned criminal, tied on a stake awaiting a command for the soldiers in waiting to riddle his body with bullets.
I stared at her blankly as she stared back at her phone in my arms. What was I going to say I was doing with her phone? Did she notice the missing atm card also? Was this the end of my end of year adventure? I took a quick glance at her handbag lying carelessly open at the floor.
It looked exactly like I left it.
Then her phone rang in my hand. I still held on to it while it rang.
“Where did you go with my phone?!” She queried as she sprang up to recover her phone from me. I handed it to her and made to explain but it was obvious she was not interested in my explanation. She had picked the call already and started talking on the phone.
“Hey babe!” She continued. “Missing mama?”
“Don’t worry dear, I will be back tomorrow…how is aunty Dee?…”
I concluded she was speaking with her daughter. She was so engrossed with the call and didn’t notice when I moved and sat at the other end of the bed close to the bag. I replaced the atm inside the side-zip of the bag and headed into the bathroom.
I moved to the cabinet and brought out the carton. I opened it and saw rolls of tissue paper, tubes of cream, light make-up, soaps and the other usual things stuffs inside.
My first thought was that she had offloaded the cash and replaced it with the toiletries.
Then I remembered I had switched the cartons and moved the cash carton to the drawer of the wall mirror. I smiled at myself, relieved that the cash was still intact.
I brought out the cash-carton and opened it.
The wards of cash were still intact. I added the night’s withdrawal into the carton and closed it; this time around, I folded the edges in my bid to seal it. It looked good.
“Where did you go with my phone?” The lady asked after receiving her call.
I told her my phone’s battery had died down since I didn’t come with my charger so I used her phone to check my mails.
She stared at me for some seconds like she didn’t believe me.
“Outside?” She asked.
“Yes, I needed a drink so I went to the reception hall.”
She stared at the phone on the bed and back to me.
“Was that your daughter?” I had decided not to ask personal question but right now, anything to end this heated interrogation was a welcome development.
“Yes!” She answered with an excited look.
“She’s missing her mama and her aunty Dee doesn’t let her watch the tv.” She said with another douse of excitement like she was really thrilled.
“Can I see her pictures?” I asked and she waved that I come closer.