Crime And Adventure Episode 17


I lay beside her on the bed as she scrolled through her media files. Unending pictures of she and her beautiful daughter. At first I pretended to be interested in the pix but it later caught my attention. They were lovely pix, exhibition of the undying bond between mother and daughter.
“Her name is Mimi” she informed me.
“Lovely name.” I added.
“She’s adorable, intelligent, smart and full of life.” She continued.
“My friend seem to be interested in you.” She announced to me, referring to her ph-city lady.
“I have my good charms.” I teased and she smiled.
“She love adventures too.” She said.
“Are you advertising your friend to me?” I teased again trying not to make the conversation serious. I came for adventure and not to be passed on like a tool.
“You don’t like her?” She asked.
“She’s married, I don’t do married ladies.” I answered, hoping it will end the discussion.
“And me?” She asked.
“What about you? You’re not married are you?” I asked, making a surprise face.
“Babies don’t fall down from heaven, do they?” She asked.
I looked at her face and she feigned seriousness; then burst out in laughter. I was still confused at what was making her laugh.
“You need to see the look on your face, like you just ate poo!” She said and I smiled.
“You’re not married, are you?” I asked.
“Does that change anything?” She responded.
I felt she wasn’t ready to answer my question so I let it be.
We had few more rounds of S£x before retiring for the night.
In the morning, I kept my fingers crossed, hoping and praying that Eve succeeded in swapping duties and takes care of the carton for good. There was over half a million naira already inside the carton.
Then she came in. I had to hide the excitement in my face before I betray our little plan. She came in with her trolley as usual and headed straight to the bathroom. The lady and I were still on top of the bed; she surfing her phone while I waited.
Moments later, Eve moved out from the bathroom with the trolley. She did some little work in the room, dropped fresh bedsheets and left.
My half a million naira finally moved to safety!
Or so I thought!