Crime And Adventure Episode 18


My mind was a lot settled having solved the riddle of the carton-cash. I had a more fulfilled day with the lady. When it got boring sitting indoors and fvcking, she asked that we go shopping so she gets stuffs she’ll be going back to Abj with. I obliged and we spent the next few hours shopping.
Later in the night, we headed to the cinema to see the Exodus: Lords and Kings. Having watched the trailer sometime ago, I was full of expectations but got disappointed after seeing the movie; wasn’t as hot as I had hoped from the trailer.
“Make this night special for me.” She whispered into my ears as we set in for her final night. She had already informed her ph-city friend to come pick her up for the airport the next morning.
I made the night special for her, giving her a special S£x she would not forget in a hurry. The bed seemed too small to contain her as I patted her legs and buried my tongue in between them. I did a special tongue-cleansing session for her cl!t and had her clutching to the sheets to keep her from falling off the edge of the bed. It was like controlling a big ship using ‘the small tongue’. She responded to every tickle I gave her cl!t with such passion. I started fingering and licking her simultaneously and she m0aned loudly at the double waves of pleasure hitting her. Moments later, she was filling my hands with her Pour. I let her relax a bit as I cuddled her, then we started rounds of hardcore S£x which lasted us through the night.
When we finally got through, I couldn’t keep my eyelids open. I was drained physically, mentally and maybe spiritually! She was saying something about early in the morning but I didn’t pay much attention. I slept off.
I was woken up the next morning to the sounds of clatter of water in the bathroom. Moments later, the lady rushed out of the bathroom and started dressing.
“My friend is waiting downstairs.” She announced as she saw me awake. I must have slept deep into the morning. She was already dressing and staring at me on the bed.
“I had a lovely stay.” She said.