Son Of The Orb. Episode 5


I walked round the library to get my favourite comics, my
favourite character was boreas, there is always this thing
about windlord boreas that almost seem real and to
fascinating. I spent some time in the library and soon i
was ready to go, today i didnt feel like going home with
any comics.
Dux and i decided to take the route leading to our corn
farm, it was almost evening and the sky was begining to
go dim. We both increased pace and soon we got home.
Washed up, ate dinner and went to bed.
Woke up the next day from the sound of dad’s tractor he
was going to the farm. I quickly got ready and joined
Me: goodmorning dad i said smiling.
Spencer: you are up so early
Me: am free today, just thought we could go to the farm
Spencer: sure about that?? He asked smiling as he got
into the tractor.
Me: nodded with smiles.
Spencer: hahah ok kid welcome on board, i quickly
climbed the tractor to join him. As we drove round the
farm singing the old american blues from the 1990’s like
2 old friends.
It was really fun for me, soon we were done and dad
drove out in his truck after handling over the key of the
tractor to me, which was to be kept in his room. I
hopped home feeling cool, hopped passed the kitchen
and was halted by the sweet aroma.
Me: tip toed backwards and taking a brief peep, mum
was still cooking. Mum am hungry!!!! I yelled and ran
Katherine: hahahah his doing it again.
I opened that locker to put the key in it when i found a
strange scroll, it almost seem like an instrustion manual.
It was beautiful, i decided to take a look, when my hands
came in contact with it, it glowed, emitting red light
which shown her above our roof piercing the sky, and
almost seemed my hand got illuminated, i pulled my
hands away quickly, which glowed like the scroll. I
quickly ran downstair in fear to mum.
An old man seated outside his house holding a staff, saw
the red light pierce the sky, he stood and smiled to
himself, as he walked forward to the light his old skin
seem to give way for newer and fresher, skin and his
posture began to straighten. Soon he transformed into a
young man with cute black hairs and dark eyes.
Man: it is time, for the world to hear of boreas!!! He
yelled as the wind seem to lift his feet of the ground and
he floated in the sky with evil grins on his face.
katherine: she turned to see me runing torwards her with
glowing hands. Whats wrong ethan??? She asked looking
so scared.
Me: i dont know mum i just touched this scroll in dad’s
room and my hands lit up. I said still teriffied.
Katherine: its ok honey just calm down, she said hugging
me tight in her arms, while i sob softly in fear. Just when
she let go of me my hands were normal again.
Me: its gone!!! I said with a huge smile.
Katherine: yes honey she said smiling uneasily, you have
absolutely nothing to be scared of ok, just go upstairs
and have shower, breakfast would be ready soon.