Crime And Adventure Episode 12


I guessed I was in for a long night! Might as well start confessing my crimes to her. She didn’t look like the forgiving type; something I had learnt about easy going peeps: they tend to not-forgive.
Had she seen the cash earlier? Was she trying to taunt me? Was she trying to rub it on my face, to have the last laugh? A lot of questions popped up with no answers. I was still standing in front of the cabinet stark Unclad, staring at the doors like there was a python waiting to strike if I dared open it.
How I wish there was a python there! I thought to myself. At least the emergence of a python will have us scamp from the bathroom and save the day for me.
“Check the carton inside the cabinet!” She called out again from behind.
Now it was obvious I was done for. I might as well pretend to have seen a python and run-off the room. That would be an epic-fail to my quest for adventure! I had to think or act fast.
I opened the cabinet slowly; peeped inside and saw the carton inside. I knew what was inside; it was loads of 500 naira bills I had stashed out, not toiletries and condoms.
I decided to let it play out and see where it ends.
I slowly dragged the carton to the opened cabinet door so she can see it from where she was seated at the tub. I opened it and looked inside knowinging fully well she couldn’t see the insides from where she was.
“There’s no condom here!” I pronounced, closed it and left it still at the opened door of the cabinet.
“Really?” She asked. I didn’t turn to look at her face; I didn’t trust the look on my own face and I may end up betraying myself from the look on my face.
“No!” I said.
Then I went on to open other cabinets inside the bathroom until I found the new set that was brought that morning. I opened it and found the condom inside.
“Here it is!” I announced, waving a bundle of condoms at her. She didn’t look satisfied.
She still had that mischievous smile on her face. I approached her at the tub and noticed she still stole an occasional glance at the carton of cash behind me.
My dckk was flaccid when I joined her at the tub. A disturbed mind is a recipe to failure at S£x. I had to work extra hard to get it up and get turned on. At a point, it was as if I wasn’t going to be able to keep it up but I kept working on my game until I had it up. When I was ready, I wore the condom and we continued from where we stopped; only that this time, it wasn’t as hot as it was supposed to be.
When we were done, I stayed back and told her I needed to shower before joining her at the bed. She looked at me like she had something to say but went inside without saying a word.
I turned on the shower and reminisced inside the tub as warm water sprinkled on my body. I thought about the events of the past hour.
I still didn’t understand fully what had transpired but my mind gave me two versions of what I felt happened: she must have seen the carton sometime and feel it was the usual hotel stuffs inside it. Or had she opened it and saw cash inside? Was she trying to know where the cash came from by indirectly showing it to me? If that was the case, then it means I had indirectly confirmed to her that I know about the cash. I silently prayed that version 1 was what had happened and she wasn’t aware of what was inside the carton. But my instincts told me otherwise.