Son Of The Orb. Episode 19



I could see him walking into his house, i quickly increased pace, and soon i was at his door post, i stopped abruptly to catch my breath. Well i was about to knocking when an evil thought came to my mind, i decided to peep, i turned on my infared vision, now i could see right inside there house, it almost seem like there was nobody i looked harder, i saw some grabbing ethan’s throat like he was gonna kill him.
Trix: as fast as i could i ran into the house, leave him alone!!!!
Boreas: turned his enraged gaze away from me to her. As he grinned evily or you do what?? Scream??
Trix: am not gonna repeat my self, she said angrily.
Boreas: hmmm seems your friend here is ready to beat me up. He tossed me to the ground, i quickly crawled to the scroll.
Trix: at this moment, this guy seemed dangerous i wasnt sure if am supposed to use my powers, perhaps a good beating would do. Aaaaaarrrgh!!! She yelled as she ran towards him with a folded fist.
Ethan: trix noooo!!!
Boreas: smiled as he pointed his fingers at her she was suspended in the air, her leg still moved like she was still running.
Trix: a bit shocked, you have powers??
Boreas: enough to kill you and your friend, he pointed towards the kitchen as knife floated out with it pin-point facing at her.
Ethan: boreas or whatever it is your called let her go, its me you have a fight with plssss
Boreas: flung his left arm sideways and i flew back crashing hard next to the scroll, it did hurt alot. I quickly picked it up, as my hands began to glow again.

Trix: smile# boreas?? your name sound like dungs to me.
Boreas: hahahah this is the last time you’ll ever hear it, he said as his eyes went green the knife moved at a very high speed towards her heart.
Me: noooooooooo!!! I yelled so uncontrollably. But something strange did happen the knife halted, close to her.
Boreas: looking obviously shocked
Trix: smile# you are quite disrespectful, but i’ll tell you what!!! Am bellatrix do you really think your petty trick would work on me???
Boreas: eyes shown wild in amazement
Trix: just die!!!!!!!! She yelled so loud as the knife flew back to boreas with twice the speed it came with, he quickly dodged stumbling over the ground.
Me: i couldnt believe what i just saw, trix has powers too, i crawled to the wall resting my back as i watched in amazement. I still feared that boreas might over power her. If comics were true i think he can absorb her powers.
Boreas: hahah clapping i see you are quite special but i am boreas!!!! He roared as winds seem to give way and he stayed afloat. You can never beat me he hands were wide open and almost seemed like a strong invisible hands held her tightly, she struggled to move but all in vain.
Me: come on trix come you can beat him i muttered. She tried hitting him with a few object which was always suspended in the air.
Trix: for the first time she was looking so scared. Let go of me she yelled helplessly.
Boreas: your friend is gonna watch you die he said lifting the knife again. I quickly picked dad’s golf stick.
Me: aaaarrrgggh i yelled hitting him hard on his right hand, while knife moved in high speed cuting her left arm slitly. I exhaled in relief.
Boreas: looking at me angrily i felt the wind hit me so hard i landed on the bookshelf, falling down so bad. I tried to look up, he looked at trix with an evil smile, he closed his eyes, fixed his palms together and she was thrown at a very high speed to the wall.

Me: nooo i cried as i crawled to were she was, held her in my arms, and she was still concious.
Trix: get…out of here ethan his too strong i cant stop him. She whispered
Boreas: hahahah how romantic
Me: i was angry, i could here my heart pumping hot blood, i gain unimaginable strenght from no where as i picked the scroll walking towards him.
Boreas: hand it over!!!!
Me: your gonna pay!!!!!! I yelled and he seemed to stagger alittle, my eyes were red in rage, and my hands did not just lit up, lightenings was visible around it.
Boreas: he could feel it he was is so powerful!, i ran so fast towards him as he tried keeping me off with his winds, i cut through them effortlessly, grabbing his neck hard.
Boreas: aaaaaaaaarrrgh he screamed like he was being electricuted.
Me: i tossed his to the wall, as i walked toward him in an angry face.
Boreas: there can only be one with such powers, dashiel!! He quickly postrated his head face down. Pardon my naiveness, am yours to command!!