Son Of The Orb. Episode 20


Looking at him burning in rage, i was begining to wonder what was happening to me, rage was mixed with confusion and soon i shut my eyes to calm my mind and all lightening was gone.
Me: whats happening to me i thought, i quickly hurried back to where trix la!d, placed her head in my arms.
Trix: i saw what he could do it was so stunning but cool, i kept staring at him like though have seen a different ethan which wasnt far from the truth. You have powers too ethan she said as she smiled a bit.

Me: uhmm i began to stammer, i dont know whats wrong with me, i swear i didnt do that.
Trix: ssssssh she said looking at me in the eye, its cool ethan, i love this part of you better.
Me: you really aint ok, i should probably get you to a hospital.
Trix: nope i dont need a hospital i need an apology.
Boreas: from me i guess, am sorry bellatrix he said immediately.
Me: shes not alright is there anything you can do??
Boreas: shes more power than she knows i felt it at the battle, shes gonna be fine.
Me: i turned to look at her and her eyes were closing, till they were finally shut, trix!! Wake up!!! Plssss. I said amidst sobs.

Trix: she sat up forcefully like she had a night mere gasping for air.
Me: omg i said hugging, dont ever do that again, you scared me! I said caressing her head.
Trix: better get used to it cos your gonna be seeing it alot she said with a smile as she stood up, she was completely healed.
Boreas: hmmm impressive, you know i can teach you how to use your full powers.
Trix: no thanks i really dont trust you she said bluntly.
Me: looking at my whole house it was all a mess, am so screwed!!! Mum’s gonna kill me i said with a worried look.

Trix: uhmm its really a total mess, i guess they’d have to replace them all.

Me: replace them all i said imitating her like its that easy!! I said making funny faces
Trix: huuuh do you not know me at all.
Me: bellatrix the girl with superpowers i said with a smile. Mum would be home soon, do you think you guys could help with this.
Trix: ahahahah i would love to see mum scold you really bad
Boreas: you spared my life, am at your service.
Me: smiling# plsss fix this mess, i wasnt done saying the word when a strong wind began to put everything in place. It was really a wonderful sight.

Boreas: done! I will be around when you need me, he said as he varnished.
Trix: looking at me with a smile
Me: what?? I asked shyly
Trix: hugging me, am really glad i met you, you know.
Me: same here trix, you know what??
Trix: what??
Me: i really do think its time for you to go mum gonna be around soonest.
Trix: omg!!!! I left the driver at school his gonna call dad. I just wanted to hang out with you alittle, didnt know its gonna take this long.
Me: holding her hands, thanks for saving my life trix, am really glad you came.
Trix: chuckled am even more glad i came by, am sure i’d never regret.
Me: so how about you leave just like boreas.
Trix: i dont varnish!!!!
Me: if i where you i’d probably start running my way home by now i said looking at her from the corner of my eye with a smile.

Trix: i really dont want to leave, she said with a sq££zed face as i pushed her to the door. I waved good bye as she ran home, i stood there staring at her until she was out of sight.
Mum: what are you smiling at???