Total Love Episode 51


Amnesia meaning “without” is a deficit in
memory caused by brain damage, disease, or
psychological trauma. Amnesia can also be
caused temporarily by the use of various
sedatives and hypnotic drugs. Essentially,
amnesia is loss of memory. The memory can be either wholly or partially lost due to the
extent of damage that was caused. There
are two main types of amnesia: retrograde
amnesia and anterograde amnesia.
Retrograde amnesia is the inability to retrieve information that was acquired before a particular date, usually the date of an
accident or operation. In some cases the
memory loss can extend back decades, while
in others the person may lose only a few
months of memory. Anterograde amnesia is
the inability to transfer new information from
the short-term store into the long-term store.
People with this type of amnesia cannot
remember things for long periods of time.
These two types are not mutually exclusive.
Both can occur within a patient at one time.
Case studies, such as that of patient R.B.,
show that both types of amnesia can occur
simultaneously. Case studies also show that
amnesia is typically associated with damage to
the medial temporal lobe. In addition, specific
areas of the hippocampus are involved with memory. Research has also
shown that when areas of the diencephalon
are damaged, amnesia can occur.
In people suffering with amnesia the ability to
recall immediate information is still retained, and they may still be
able to form new memories. However, a severe
reduction in the ability to learn new material
and retrieve old information can be observed.
Patients can learn new procedural knowledge.
In addition, priming can assist amnesiacs in the
learning of fresh non-declarative knowledge.
Amnesic patients also retain substantial
intellectual, linguistic, and social skill despite
profound impairments in the ability to recall
specific information encountered in prior
learning episodes.
‘Therefore, I’m sorry the man you brought hit his head on the floor, the pressure was too much that he has amnesia and has forgotten everything about him, including his name.’ The Doctor uttered.
‘Ha.. What do we do about this now?’ Mr Akinola asked pitifully.
“The only thing is to get thing that will make him remember his pasts, like if he has a wife, children and maybe songs that he loves and other things.” The Doctor explained.
‘How do I get them… A man that doesn’t even know where he’s from.’ Mr Akinola uttered.
‘This is serious!’ The Doctor smiled and rested his back on the chair.
Damilola and Dolapo were together in the living room discussing about Funke and Gloria when they heard shouts of inside.
“What’s happening?” Dolapo asked Dami.
They started panting and rushed inside.
Damilola and Dolapo rushed inside, and traced where the noise was coming from. It was the Queen and other female maids wailing, the King just gave up. “Just like that?” Dolapo uttered and the feather-like hand fan she was holding dropped.
Damilola felt dizzy and fell on the floor immediately. The great man is gone…
Tony was in the Akinolas’ living room all alone looking around. Mr Akinola came out with his family members and introduced him to all of them. He was happy to see them all although he couldn’t remember all what had happened to him in the past. He greeted them with love.
Esther was the first daughter of the family who’s of the same age with Tony. She is a tall and fat lady, she loved eating so much and turned it to hubby, she was working with a great company on the city through his father’s intervention.
Boluwatife, the secong daughter, she has also completed her studies and had served. Very beautiful and dress-sensed, she had no friend except the guy she was in a relationship with, Abiola.
The last daughter is Foluke. Just in her final year in a private university. She was well known for her long and dark hair and was also beautiful.
The only son of the family, Durodola. He’s a young and ugly guy. He resembled his father but his father isn’t as ugly as he is. He loves playing BasketBall and some other games, also in the University, 200 level Engineering.
The whole Kingdom turned sour, everyone sad and everywhere quiet. Two great people in the Kingdom died the same day, the king and…………
…To be continued…