Total Love Episode 52


Two great people of the Kingdom died the same day. The King and Omisola, the midwife. The whole Kingdom and villages under and within it were calm and quiet, everyone mourning their death.
Tony became like a son to the Akinola and started living with them. He started working with Mr Akinola, he went to school while he was in the Kingdom. He had no idea about what his past was at all but continued his life in Ibadan.
GLORIA AND FUNKE continued living in that village, it was a rainy morning, Funke felt ill and was vomiting, her eyes turned white and wasn’t alright. The old woman continued staring at her and later called her to tell her she was pregnant. She was surprised, her friend was also afraid and surprised that she was pregnant.
She was encouraged by the old woman, not quite far from then, some men arrived from the King of that village to tell the old man woman she has some visitors in her house. The King requested her to follow those man to come and explain herself. She was rough-handled and wasn’t considered as an old woman. They got to the King where they met him and the priest seated discussing about the bad things be falling the village.
The old woman was told to kneel before them and started explaining herself. “The whole village has turned upside down, things aren’t going the way they should. The oracle said their are some strangers in this village, received by you.” The priest explained.
‘Yes, it true but they aren’t the one causing all this..’
‘Shut up! The King shouted. “You know the price for this that you’ve done, they’ll be thrown into the evil forest!” He exclaimed.
‘No, my King. Don’t do this..’ The woman begged.
‘I’ve done this and I’m not your King.’ He addressed her.
It was in the evening after several beating and maltreatment, the two friends were banished from the village.
They got to another village after that ten years, Funke has given birth then, to Darasimi while the new Queen of the Kingdom, Damilola has given birth to Ruth. That same year they all gave birth that Gloria gave birth to Daniel too.
Gloria married when she got to the new village to a young handsome guy. Life was not easy for the two of them after they left their Kingdom.
…To be continued