Total Love Episode 53


Funke lived with her friend and her husband just as Gloria’s mother did. Each woman with her child. It was a day David, Gloria’s husband had to vacate the house he was living, then he went back to his father’s house which is in the Kingdom. At this stage, the Queen has forgotten about Funke and Gloria.
They got back to the Kingdom, everything still seems to have changed a little bit and civilized. Gloria and Funke continued living together till Funke met her new husband and lived with him.
Daniel got home after the whole day with
Darasimi. He was looking happy as if he was
with the president, he passed through the
living room to his room to rest for a while. He was so tired and full, he didn’t bother to come downstairs for dinner again. The Queen wasn’t at peace, it was just as if her conscience wasn’t giving her rest, she was
sighing up and down. Although the arrival of
the King was near, the following day. The
school will resume on the seventh of January.
Darasimi was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching the Television and kids that were shown that went to celebrate new year in a broadcasting corporation. She was
smiling and sipping a bottle of Maltina while
her mother walked out of the room, she just
took a shower and relaxed on the sofa. Darasimi stared at her for a moment, Olufunke wasn’t looking towards her direction. She was palming her hair that was wet, she felt refreshed.
“Mum!” Darasimi suddenly called.
Olufunke quickly raised her head up and
looked at her. “Yeah. Why the shout?” She
‘Nothing.’ She smiled.
“Nothing? And shouted that way?” She asked
with curiosity of knowing why she was
suddenly shouted upon.
‘Okay, just want to gist you about Tony.’ She replied smiling.
“TONY?” Olufunke asked staring at her, she took off her hand from her hair.
‘Yeah, or you don’t want to?’ She asked
‘You aren’t serious, do you now want to start
teasing me?’ She shouted.
“Mum, just tell me what happened back then. Tony was asthmatic, Ruth also is asthmatic.
Does it mean Tony is Ruth’s father?” She
winked. Funke was short of words. She stared at her for a moment and smiled. She walked up to her and sat beside her. “I’ll tell you want you’ve always wanted to hear. This is how it went……………..

Funke was relieved explaining everything to her daughter. Darasimi also felt eased and walked into her room thinking. They all still believed Tony is dead, whereas he’s till a living soul.
Few hours later, Dan called Darasimi to greet her about the day they spent together
To be continued..