Son Of The Orb. Episode 18


we ended our first two lessons for the day. It was quite interesting, the teachers were smart and friendly. Immediately Mr. Lance, the music teacher left, frank came to my seat.
Frank: hey Ethan!
Me: frank! Smile#
frank: uhm….i should take you round the school.
Trix: thats my duty. Smile#
frank: how long have you been eavesdropping?
Trix: hahahahaa the three of us can take on the voyage if you want.
Frank: thats okay by me.
Me: i could only smile. We left the class, walked to baseball and football pitches, the school library, mini-gym and many more. Never knew the school was that big and sophisticated!
Me: aaawww by dogs are barking. I’m so very tired of walking.
Frank: don’t be a sissy.
Trix: only one blind spot left—the basket ball court!
Me: we’d do that some other time, i’d faint any moment from now. Funny face#
Trix: you asked for it, so don’t complain.
Me: i….
Trix: she placed her index finger across my lips. Ssshh you do as i say.
Me: yes ma
frank: hmmmm
we strolled to the basketball court, the three of us sat on an empty row, watching the players. A group of cheer leaders were dancing, shouting and hailing.
Trix: you know, i was once a captain of the red cheer group.
Me: waoh! Why not anymore? You quit?
Trix: not exactly….i was forced to.
Me : i don’t get it….
Trix: uhmmm i was framed. Don’t really wanna talk about it, lets have fun!!!
She unzipped her backpack retrieving a box of sandwiches.
Trix: here, have some….
Me: thanks but no thanks.
Trix: go ahead take it from a friend! Smile#
she shared it with frank and i, we ate slowly. Time drifted by, soon it was time to go home!


Time for the chase! She whispered with a smile. She tagged behind Ethan silently to the gate. Her driver was waiting, there was no way she’d sneak out without him seeing her, she didn’t want to lose Ethan either. With a roll of her eyes she threw a rock at her driver, he crunched in pain. She swiftly moved past him. Ethan was far ahead, albeit she could see his back.


He’d been watching the house since morning, a woman just stepped out. Convinced that the house was empty, he staggered inside. The door was locked, he closed his eyes slowly, activating invisible mood. Like a flash he appeared in the living room.
He could smell the scroll from afar…


me: mum? Mum! I continued calling but got silence for a reply. Great! I’m home alone. I changed into a polo shirt and white jean trouser. Just when i was stepping out i heard shattering sounds from dad’s room. Quite strange! I opened his door slowly. Frank saw me, he looked.
Me: you again!!!
Frank: shut the hell up, brat!
Me: who are you?
Frank: they call me Boreas if you must know. Suddenly he transformed into a man with dark curly hair and unshaved beards.
Me: shocked# what do you want!!
Boreas: this… I said waving a scroll.
Me: thats mine! Give it back.
Boreas: i’m afraid not kid.
Me: i made to snatch it off his hand, the scroll tore into two.
Boreas: enraged. He moved his head, heavy wind blew Ethan to the wall. Ethan passed out instantly.
Boreas: i’m gonna kill you!!! He advanced towards him, grabbed his neck and chocking him.