Son Of The Orb. Episode 17


Frank: you thought is as good as mine.
Me: its really puzzling. Uhmmm sorry i misjudged you.
Frank: i understand. I’d do worst if i were in your shoes. Awwww you punch real hard dude, my whole jaw is shaking. He replied rubbing his jaws slowly.
Me: i do it better than shaw khan.
Frank: hahahahahaha
me: so…we cool?
Frank: of course buddy! Why would wanna lose a friend like Ethan.
Me: you should get going already.
Frank: you got a girl on your first day! Waoh! I’m afraid you’d screw all the girls in my class. Smile#
me: i’m no Don Juan. Trix is a friend.
Frank: thats how it starts *winks* you two look sweet together.
Me: is someone jealous? Evil grin#
Frank: i rock the lines better than you. I’ve la!d 10 girls in that class.
Me: are you for real?
Frank: uh-hun, two are waiting, i gotta go.
Me: hang on, don’t lay a hand on Trix.
Frank: i sure wouldn’t play with fire. Trix is a red code, no one dares her.
Me: she fight?
Frank: kitana is her role model you know what that means. He punched me in a friendly way and jogged away.
I also aced up my pace. Soon i was home, mum la!d on a long couch. I presumed she was asleep, she however proved me wrong.
Mum: how was your first day son?
Me: the best ever smile#
i took my bath, ate and went back to my room for a nap.


He sat on a towering rock, his jaw resting on his left palm. Doza refused him entrance to the cave, till he get the scroll. He had only 14hours left. The kid was a pain in the neck, he don’t mind taking him out of the picture just to get the scroll. He was mute for hours, devising different plans. Yes! An idea crept into his head. Lets pay the kid a visit. He smiled to himself.


All through the ride she’d been pondering who and what Ethan really is. It was cute seeing his crystal heart. She wondered how it felt to have such a pure and special heart. Her mum had always told her about her better half, Ethan could be him! Her mum told her he would be unique, very unique! She’d seen all those attributes embedded in him. She thought of asking him about it but quickly kicked against thd idea. He might not tell her whole nine yards, she would find out herself.

Her gaze shifted to the mini shelve in her room.

She moved her head upwards, ‘a snow white and the hunter’ novel moved out of the shelve.

It hung in the air. She pointed a finger to it, the book glued to the pink painted wall. Seating opposite the wall she moved her fingers in the air, the book pages flipped open, it stopped at page 5. She continued reading from where she stopped yesterday.


Hours moved very fast, it was school time! Dad dropped me by the school gate before driving on.

I waved him goodbye and stepped into the school premises.

I heard a female voice calling from behind.
Voice: Ethan! Ethan!! Wait up.
Me: trix?
Trix: hey! She said panting.
Me: hi beauty! Smile#
trix: hope you slept well?
Me: yup! Uhmmm how did you know i was the one?
Trix: i just did. Smile#