Son Of The Orb. Episode 16


hanging out with trix was quite fun, we seemed to be getting along quite well. After school i saw her off to the gate, as she walked towards a black sparkling car with tinted glasses, got in as she waved goodbye. I really do not know the name of the car but it was cute, flashy and expensive i guess. I exhaled, adjusted my bag as i walked towards the direction which led to my house.

Frank: hey ethan wait up!!! He said running towards me i heard his voice, i quickly increased pace.
Frank: double up heeeeey!!! He was almost close.
Me: i turned with an angry face when he stopped me by holding my shoulders. Get those hands of me you nerd!!!
Frank: come on ethan, you being in my school was supposed to be fun, but you seem like we had a fight over the weekend whats you up man.
Me: hahahah seriously your gonna pretend like you dont know???
Frank: thats because i dont, you should have just explain things to me or let me do the explaining rather than acting irrational!!
Me: irrational?? Is that what you think i said pushing him hard backwards, you knocked me out, in my own house and you have the nerve to say am irrational?
Frank: knocked you out?? He said abit confused.
Me: i calmed a bit when he seemed geniunely confused, sure your are alright?? Or you have memory loss sometimes.
Frank: am perfectly normal ethan tell me what happened.

Me: hmmm you really do think you can fool me. You came to my house, acting completely nut, showing yourself round without my permisson, well that wasnt enough offence you knocked me hard with a hard hit thats the reason am this angry.
Frank: what!!! Are you making this up??? For crying out loud i went on a trip this weekend, i wasnt even at home, and here you are saying i knocked you out.
Me: his eyes were stable no dialation or expansion, it almost seemed like he was saying the truth. D–n it man i dont believe a word of those weekend crap your making up and you know it.

Frank: i wasnt home…..this weekend he stressed.
Me: i was pissed again, as i grabbed his shirt spare me those bullshit, do i look that gullible to you frank!!
Frank: he’s had enough already, he was pissed, i said i wasnt at your house, what part or those word do you not understand.
Me: you d–n lier!!!!
Frank: have had enough of a your crazy rantings ethan, now let go of my shirt!!!
Me: or you’d do what??? Knock me out!! I’d love to see you try.

Frank: i have no idea where you live!! Have never been to your house before, i dont know what it looks like and you’ve never given me a description. How dare you think i was at your house!!!!! How’s that possible you fool!!!!
Me: hmmm after the heated arguement he was still sure he never came to my house, and frankly i did believe him, plus i never told him were i stayed. You said you werent in my house. I asked calmly.
Frank: you’ve got to believe me, he said bringing out his phone showing me photos he took at his aunt’s place with a few buddies over the weekend.

Me: and now i was begining to get scared, i decided to ask the next rational question, you have a twin??
Frank: nope
Me: then if that dude wasnt you….then…who is he??