Silently Deep Episode 4


From time to time, I grew fond of Cedrick, though I gave him the condition I was not going to give him the pleasure of breaking my virginity, he struggled to stay away till I completed high school. By then we were officially dating and my mom knew about him. He would come home to see me and mom allowed him inside. Of course she had her obvious reasons, the guy was coming from a rich family and given mom`s history of loving wealthy, I knew that was what interested her the most.

Well to cut the story short, Cedrick and I were good till one day I discovered he was sleeping with my friend Tasila. There I was thinking he was honoring his promise of waiting till I was ready. Little did I know he was having sex with the friend I trusted the most.

I never knew anything till the time I caught them red handed at his family house. I had decided to pay my man a visit from school. He told me he was going to be home that day and asking if I could go visit him, he said him and his father had some company business to attend to at his house.

You can imagine my disappointment when I went ahead to see him later that day, I wanted to surprise him so I walked into his room just to find them making out.

“What the hell Cedrick!” I yelled seeing them going on their business without noticing I was standing there.

“Babe, what are you doing here?” he stammered standing up abruptly as Talisa’s face went down the floor in shame.

“Eeh, so this is the business meeting you were having with your father right? How could you? You lied that you loved me and was ready to wait till I was ready. You pay back my trust with sleeping with my best friend?” I had scolded him completely ignoring Tasila.

“It’s not that, Cleo please let me explain” he pleaded trying to hold me but I got out before he could say whatever he wanted to. Crying as I ran outside, I vowed to never get back with him.

He came running towards me and know what that jerk said.

“I love you but am a man, I needed this and your friend made herself available. You know am not strong enough to stay without a woman” he spoke and I could see he was being truthful even though it pained me.

“Why didn’t you ask me about that then? Did you have to sleep with my friend Cedrick, really?” I spat trying to walk away but he grabbed me back kissing me even as I tried hard to fight him off.

“I love you my baby, I love you and I don’t want us to end. Am sorry for this please believe me” he begged kneeling whilst holding me.

“Let me go Cedrick, I bet you will never change, you will always be that lover boy I met in high school.” I shook him off and ran off to the road to catch a cab home.

My mother didn’t give me a chance when I told her what happened instead, she pushed me to him and told me men were like that and I needed to give him a chance. She convinced me to get back with him and even though my instincts warned me not to, I went ahead dating him.

The second blow am so sure you are aware as I ran to you this time.


I watched her sigh and pause making me remember the time she came to me one evening, I just came back from having some funny with the guys from the force and I was just getting home. Before I could open the door I saw her seated beside the entrance her face wet with tears.

My heart raced seeing her that sad, even though I was a bit drunk I was sober enough to see she was hurting.

“Cleo! What are you doing here?” I asked her squatting before her.

“Why didn’t you tell me your friend has a child with another woman?” she looked at me.

“What? Who told you that? , I mean “

“Don’t lie to me Theo, I know Cedrick has a child with another woman, she just gave birth a month ago. What kind of a friend are you that you do not advice each other on good morals?” she shook her head.

I was speechless. I knew Cedrick had issues with girls but he never told me that issue of impregnating a girl. I had to try defend him again, but this time with luck of facts from him I was stuck.

“Listen Cleo, am sure there is a mistake somewhere. Cedrick would never do that to you. That guy is in love with you and am sure there is a misunderstanding somewhere” I tried to comfort her but she was too upset to calm down.

“Okey, why don’t you come in the house and we talk about this” I spoke softly holding her hand. She wore a slim fit short dress and some pumps, her braids neatly done and her face was cute as always. In my state, I stared at her longer than I had intended, my mind playing games with me. Clearing my throat I handed her some water but she declined,

“I want something strong to calm my nerves” she whispered seriously.

“But Cleopatra, you do not drink alcohol”

“I do now, can you just give me the damn beer!” she spoke her voice high.

“Whoa! Calm down, I don’t like where this is going but I don’t think it’s a good idea you start drinking” I protested and she stood up walking to the refrigerator and got the wine I had stored there. Without hesitation she opened the bottle and started gulping the contents like she was a pro at drinking.

The first two gulps she chocked a bit and I ran to hold back the bottle from her but she pushed me back. In surrender, I watched her drink till the bottle was almost half.

“My life sucks” she whispered after a while of silence in the room.

“Why is that?” I stood a few steps from her watching her drink herself till she was drunk.

“My mother has become this b**** sleeping around with different men, from the time her and my dad divorced she has been going out with one man after another, she is no longer the woman I knew. She never talks about her and Dad and what happened between them. I don’t understand why she seems so desperate, she has a good job and all but eish” she paused shaking her head.

I couldn’t get to comment about her mother and honesty I didn’t know what to tell her. Several times I had met her mother with different men but I never thought it was in my place to judge her.

“I truly hoped that Cedrick would love me for real and chose me. Even when it hurts so much I still feel I love him you know?” she chuckled nodding her head.

“He loves you Cleo, he does, no wonder he is still with you all these years. Maybe he just loses it sometimes, you know sometimes us guys tend to be, what can I say? Childish” I smiled trying to make her understand even though I knew that was the least kind of advice she needed. To hear men are bound to hurt women because they are childish.

“Hmm, I know you will always defend him because he is your friend. But that jerk is too much, he sleeps with everyone he sees in a skirt. You know since the time I caught him with Tasila, it has been one girl after another. I have no idea why I keep myself in this relationship” she sighed shaking her head and drunk from the wine bottle again.

This time I ran to her and got it from her hands.

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“You have had enough Cleo. Let me call Cedrick to take you home now, we will talk about this tomorrow” I tried to help her up to the couch. She smiled in my face

“Why is it that good guys like you are so hard to find?” she burped laughing a little but deliberately rubbing her hands in my head.

“Well, I don’t know what you mean good guys but I will set you on the couch till Cedrick comes to pick you up” I pulled her to the couch.

“No, I don’t want to see him today. Please don’t call him Theo please I beg you” she pleaded holding my hand when I tried to stand up.

“Okey then, let me call your mother, you are so drunk you cannot go back home alone like this”

“Can I stay with you tonight?” she asked this time sitting up and facing me.

I knew my weakness with her even when I never got to admit it to anyone. I was not so comfortable being that close to her and she was making it so hard by pushing herself so close to me. She leaned her head on my shoulder.

“Cleo” I cleared my throat patting her hand as I thought she had fallen asleep.

“Theo, do you love me?” she had asked making me astound by her question.

“What, umm no, I mean what makes you ask that?” I responded trying to push myself far from her but she pulled my hand.

“Please do not act like that with me. I cannot stand you treating me like am some trash. Just tell me the truth” she sat up looking at my face.

“Um, I think you had too much to drink, come on lets go you sleep in the other bedroom it’s late” I tried to change the subject but she shook her head.

“Why? Why do you hate me then? Am I not good enough for you?” she asked looking into my eyes even if I knew she was drunk I felt uncomfortable.

“you and my friend are together, you just told me you loved him, I don’t understand why you need another man`s approval” I managed to argue

“You know the truth is that I first loved you before I got with Cedrick, if only you had the courage to tell me the truth this would not be happening to me. Am I not beautiful enough for you huh?” she went on this time her hands wrapped around my face.

“You are so beautiful and am sure the desire of every man Cleo. Don’t ever think otherwise, if that jerk is not treating you as you deserve it’s because he is a fool.” I responded without realizing how much I was giving myself away.

Before I knew it she was so close to me planting a kiss on my lips. The taste of the wine she had taken touching my lips, her soft breaths making me want to cling more to her. I was not doing anything to stop her, honestly i loved the idea of being like that even when my voice inside was shouting for me to stay away. Without a second thought I held her closer to me kissing her back strongly.

I heard her moan in pleasure and God, the sound of her voice made my mind go wild. She pushed me down and I allowed her to get on top of me not breaking from the kiss. Things got out of hand as she pulled up her shirt.

“Make me yours Theo, that b****** does not deserve to be my first” she whispered and I swear I was so close to losing it, the temptation to make the girl I always dreamed about her first made me want more of her but the inner soft voice warned me sternly of the mistake I was about to make.

“Stop it!” I yelled pushing her back and standing up panting.

“Stop it Cleopatra. We cannot betray my friend like this. I love him and we come a long way” I held my head walking around.

“To answer your question, no. I don’t love you. Now can I call someone to take you home?”

She stared at me and shook her head.

“You are a coward, you keep pushing me to that idiot even when you know well that you are the one that truly love me” she spat angrily.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel now does it? My feelings are not important here. Please can you leave now?” I asked her without looking at her face. I was so afraid seeing her face would weaken me further.

“You want me to leave your house at 1am?” she asked placing her both legs on the couch.

“Well, sir, I may suck to you but believe me am not on a suicide mission, so no, am not leaving till its safe outside” she closed her eyes and in an instant she was asleep.

“Oh God, what am I doing?” I hit my head confused.

Story continues…