Silently Deep Episode 5


The following morning i woke up with the sound of my phone ringing. Rubbing my eyes before grabbing it from the table, I took a look at the caller Id and saw it was Cedrick

“Hey buddy!” I responded

“Theo am in s***!” He spoke I could hear his voice panicking.

“You my friend are always in trouble, what is wrong with you? You need to grow up man” I scolded him even before he told me what trouble he was in, knowing exactly what he was going to tell me. It was always his habit of calling me Whenever he messed up things with Cleo.

“Are you going to hear me out or not?” He answered back with a deep sigh.

“Yeah I already know, when were you going to tell me you got another girl preganant, come on man this is going beyond boundaries, I mean you could not even use protection?”

“I see she told you already” he spoke in a calm voice.

“Yeah she did, infact I found her wasted at my door step last night. She is sleeping in the other room right as we speak”

“What? She came there? I went to look for her at her house last night and the mother told me she was out. Oh man this girl is so damn too much, it’s just some cry baby why is she making a big fuss out of this?” Cedrick went on.

“You know what, am getting tired of you doing this man. Just come over and get your girl to her house, I need to go for work now” I scolded him cutting the call.

“What a jerk!” I shook my head going to take a bath. By the time I walked into the kitchen, Cleo was still in the spare bedroom. I didn’t want to disturb her so I went on having a hot cup of coffee.

Cedrick walked in a few minutes later clad in a pair of black jeans and a gray t shirt, looking as elegant as he always did. Sometimes I could not help feel jealousy of the guy. He had everything, the fame, the statue, and ofcourse the obvious one, an attraction to beutiful women.

I wondered why he had to pick on Celopatara though, in my own opinion he never loved her as much.

“You good?” He scratched his back of the head standing next to me.

“Yeah sure, she is in the other room.” I sighed standing up.

“Wait Theo!” He held my hand seeing I was stepping away.

“What did she say? How come she spent a night here with you?” He asked and I nodded my head with a grin.

“Hm. Are you jealousy of me now? ” I asked folding my arms.

“You know, I dont get why you seem so pissed about this man. Cleo is my woman and I will do anything I want with her. Why you acting like a jealousy boyfriend? ” He remarked looking away.

“You son of…” I almost said but shook my head

“You know what? You are so damn right man, it’s none of my damn business, do me a favour, you both keep me out of your affairs, am so done !” I spat and walked away to my room.

“Oh man, come on, you know I didnt mean that, you are my brother and of all people in this world I know you understand me better. Please, help me out here. She is probably heated right now and I need your help. I made a mistake and I know that sucks bad, but I still need her. That girl there is the woman I need for my wife. Help me make things right you know” he lowered his face standing before me in my bedroom.

“Uhhh! Cedrick” I sighed shaking my head.

“Do you even love this girl or you just love the idea of her being your wife?” I asked him serious this time.

“I love her enough to want her to be my wife man. Help me make things right” he smiled.

“I know you like this girl too and I trust your judgemnet” he giggled making a face at me.

“Tell you what, am going to propose to her today if she forgives me. She might help me grow you know, she is the right person for me. You feel me right?” He smiled

“Whatever you want buddy, after all you always get what you want.” I shrugged grabbing my phone.

“Well shall we?” He chuckled indicating for me to take him to the room Cleopatra was sleeping in.

That day I had to stand in between them trying to get them reconciled. I could see Cleo shooting her eyes at me in a way that told me she didn’t want me to intervene but I insisted.

There In front of me Cedrick brought out a very expensive Gold ring and proposed to marry her.

She accepted the proposal and I had left the room leaving them embracing each other. My heart felt heavy, I could feel myself getting so jealous so I had to move away.

Just as I was getting to the door outside, she came to me.

“Theo!” She called my name and I turned to look at her face.

“What?” I responded my voice not so pleasant and I cared less what she was going to think.

“Thank you for last night, I mean the hositpitallity, I know I was quiet drunk and if I did anything stupid please forgive me. ” she held her palms together as she spoke.

“You don’t remember?” I asked her

“Did I?” She raised her eyes.

“Ofcourse not. Just make sure you don’t drink again.” I shrugged and turned to go.

“So that’s it, you won’t speak to me about …”

“About what exactly?” I sharply responded.

“Well, nothing, am sorry, I should probably let you go for work.” She sighed and I walked out not wanting to spend another minute with her. I could hear Cedrick speaking on his phone from the other room and I realised she took the opportunity to come talk to me.

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“Hm that silence means you recall the events of that day so well” Cleopatra spoke making me look at her realising I had gone quiet on her.

“Yeah I do so what?” I sighed dismissingly.

“You do huh? Now you realise what I meant you where part to blame in the turn out of my life. ” She looked at me accusingly.

“Is that what you think? I helped two people in love to get together and I become the cause of their misfortunes, is that what you call that?” I shook my head.

“My God Theo, you have always been hard headed. I wanted so many times for you to look at me differently, If only you had given me hope I could have not married Cedrick. ” She giggled sadly.

“Hmm” I murmured shifting.

“My hand is getting numb, can we finish this conversation and get to the actual thing already. I need to get back to work and you are supposed to be in police custody” I remarked ignoring her shooting stares at me.

“He married me because he loved the idea of being with me, he wanted to prove that he could get any woman he wanted. He never loved me and from time to time he brought women in the house. Spitting it in my face that he was a man and could do whatever he wanted in his house.

Can you believe that idiot brought his girlfriend’s including that b**** Tasila to lay her in our matrimonial bed. ?” She shook her head this time I noticed her eyes were watery.

“I wanted It to work. I never wanted history to repeat itself. I wanted to change my mother’s record of divorce and make it work.

Day and night I prayed that God would help my husband change. I had no where else to run to. To the outside people we were perfect . But I was dying inside. Cedrick tortured me in all possible ways.

He called me names, he told me in my face I was not what he had expected and that i sucked in bed.

One day I remember I came home from the hospital with a report I was preganant.

I had hoped with everything in me that a child would help change him. I thought, well, God will soften his heart and he would look at me differently but no, he became worse.

“I am not even sure that b****** you carrying there is mine. I barely lay my hands on you” he yelled in my face..

You have no idea how much I needed him to love me back. I was determined to stay by him and followed some elders advice that one day he would change.

I was 6 months preganat when he drove back home with a woman one day. I swear I wanted to contain it but I couldn’t.

I confronted him and slapped the girl.”

She paused tears falling down her eyes I felt so sorry for her. I had not in all the years they were married, thought that was happening to her. Cedrick always told me that they were okey. I had an idea of his multiple girl friends but to the extent of taking them to his house, well that came as a blow.

“Am sorry” I managed to say looking at Cleo sobbing.

“He started beating me, he ignored my cry for him to stop. ” She stammered still crying.

“He beat me up till I started bleeding. My life was never the same since that day. He made me lose my only source of hope.” She sniffed on and grabbed a glass of wine.

“You know what” she sighed making a face at me.

“The doctor told me I was carrying twins. I lost my babies and I felt my inside turn dark. From that day I never spoke a word to him. He came to the hospital apologising that he was drunk and didnt know what got into him. He bought me a car as a way of apologising but nothing made sense to me. I was so so angry, I was bitter and coloured in hate. Hate for the man that since I was young, I had hoped would change for me. I hated all the girls he flashed in my face especially that Lucy and Tasila. I hated them more everyday and I started drinking beer. Hoping when I was drunk my pain would go away but it never did.

My bitterness grew to the extent that I would stand by the door way waiting for Cedrick to come home.

Standing in the door way I would stare at him walk in without saying a word to him.

“Why do you do that? You have no idea how creepy you look standing and staring at me like you will kill” he remarked one day and I smiled inside.

“That’s it” I nodded my head sitting back in the couch

“Yeah, you have done enough damage you bastartd and you have the balls to call me creepy. Well, your wish is my command” I sighed and from then I started planning on how i was going to eliminate him. ”

She paused.

“No matter what he did you had no right to take his life Cleo, you could have just left him. ” I shook my head

“Left him? Are you kidding me? I was not going to leave a man that left me barren, you have to undetstand I was told I would never concieve again because my womb was damanged. No, I was not going to leave him so that he would simply marry another woman and live on happily like nothing happened. ” She spat her voice so cold.

I was silent, now beginning to understand partially what caused her to become so bitter and full of hate. I was lost of words. For a moment I felt responsible for her pain and I could not find words to tell her. I folded my legs closer to myself waiting for her to tell me what happened afterwards.

Story continues…