Silently Deep Episode 3


Like I said earlier, my first week wasn’t so appealing, I was still missing home and my friends. Thankfully I met my friend Tasila who helped me cope with the new environment. I started feeling at home a month later, that’s when I met you two. You were the quiet one, a handsome prefect guy that I always desired he would at least talk to me for at least a minute. But no, that never came as you played dumb like I never existed whenever I was around you and Cedrick.

Time and again I had tried to stay clear from Cedrick who from the first time he approached me he clearly made his intentions of being close to me. I remember one afternoon you guys where writing your final paper and I had come to school to check on our math’s teacher. He walked towards me with a wide smile

“Hey! What are you doing here?” he had asked standing near me.

“I came to see the math’s teacher over some work he asked me to come get. What about you? You done with your exams?” I looked at him rubbing my foot on the ground.

“Yeah am done finally. I just finished my last paper but am still hanging around waiting for my buddy to finish too” he explained and shrugged proudly.

“Your buddy?” I deliberately asked knowing so well he meant you.

“Yeah Theodore, the tall dark guy?” he smiled making a face sure that I wouldn’t forget who he was referring to.

“Yeah that one, right. I know him how can I forget that cool guy” I had spoken without thinking and I saw your friend smile.

“You think he`s cool huh?”

“Yeah, I mean unlike you he does not go round with every girl he sees in school, besides the girls think he is handsome, so” I shrugged with a chuckle. Theodore was one proud guy and I knew that day his ego was somewhat tempered. Am now meant to understand that day he made it his mission to show me between the two of you he was the coolest.


I cleared my throat at this point of her narration,

“Well, he was a cool guy everyone knew that fact about him. Am sure he did want you because he loved you not that he wanted to prove a point. I mean what was there to compete with about me, I was just an ordinary guy with less charms as compared to Cedrick who had it all” I sighed rubbing my a fingers on the wrist where the cuffs where tied to the bed.

She closed her eyes a little bit and I took the chance to study her facial features. Cleo was still the perfect girl I had met years back but certainly something about her had changed. Her long pointed nose and narrow eye lids gave me the impression that she had more to tell about what happened between her and my best friend.

“Go ahead” I coughed a little making her open her eyes and staring at me.

“Well, now you are interested eeh?” she smiled at me.

“I am not the same little innocent girl my Theo, I”

“stop calling me `my`” I cut her and she frowned sadly siting back after taking another gulp of wine I was wondering why she had not gotten drunk after pouring almost 4 glasses since we sat in her room.

“Hm. Whatever!” she giggled and placed down the glass cup. She closed back her eyes and folded herself in her arms before continuing.


I was reluctant to go for the party which Cedrick invited me to that afternoon. He told me his father allowed him to organize a party at his house and that he was inviting all his friends to go cerebrate the completion of secondary school.

“But am not a school leaver myself, I still have a couple of years to go so I don’t see why I should come to your party” I had responded.

“Well, I want you to come because to be honesty, I like you a lot. “He chuckled rubbing his chin.

“well I will ask my mom first if she agrees to come pick me up in the evening then I will come, if not, then you will have to excuse me as I will not manage to walk back home after 20 hours” I told him frankly.

“Be there whatever the case, I can take you home whenever you will want to go” he insisted.

That day was the start of him chasing after me. I knew in my heart I was not so much of a funny of his but I thought, well, what’s to lose? This guy is just asking me for a party and it was not a big deal. Little did I know that was the beginning of my journey with him?

As you know, since you were there. Cedrick never left my side that at that party. He made sure I had all I needed and was comfortable. He made me feel so much important among the others girls that where throwing themselves on him.

You know, that day, was the day I started looking at him differently. That guy knew how to get a girl and like a fool I fall for him. Yes, I did and now I wish I could turn back the hands of time to change it all.


“Why is that?” I badged in again.

She shook her head slowly without looking at me.

“Well, because I saw him lead me in his charms and forgot to look at what I really wanted. But if you let me tell the story without interrupting you would understand what I mean.” She sighed

“Go ahead then” I signaled and she went on still closing her eyes as though she could clearly see her memories with her eyes closed.


Well, that night was great and the days that came by, even though Cedrick was out of school, he made it his mission to drive to school just to see me. I became comfortable with him. He got me whatever I wanted even things I didn’t ask for.

What bothered me though, was how he always tagged you along? You were like his shadow. For some reason I was happy with that arrangement. I got to see you too. I saw it Theodore, the way you looked at me all those times. I knew something was burning inside you.

“What a coward.” I had thought to myself time and again.

One day I was made to ask Cedrick why you seemed so comfortable being with him every time he came to see me. Know what he told me? Hahaha.

“He is in love with you, he cannot tell me because he knows he stands no chance. He dared not say a thing even though I could see in in his eyes. You are mine and he is my best friend. Tell you what though?” he had asked me.

“What?” I asked without so much regard as at that point I had turned my eyes to look at you waiting for him in the car. I was trying to ascertain if his claims where true.

“Well, I push him to come along so that he does not make a mistake of crossing me and coming to you. He is my friend but I know he has such silent but deep Charisma that pulls people towards him” Cedrick responded with a laugh.

“But Cedrick he is your friend why not tell him that and find out maybe you are jumping into conclusions, he does not love me. How can he, he barely talks to me” I tried to argue.

“You are probably rightly my baby, let’s forget about him and tell me how much you are prepared for the exams?” he changed the subject holding my hand as we sat on the lawn behind our house. At that time, I was about to write the final secondary year exams.


“Okey Cleopatra, seriously am getting bored. Why are you telling me things which I already know, I mean your high school relationship was well known to me so cut me this crap and tell me the main reason why you killed Cedrick? I snapped pulling my hand a little bit.

“Come on, stop wasting my time. I need to go and work, besides, Mwila is probably trying to call me since you have my phone switched off” I added seriously.

She stood up calmly and walked towards me, squatting next to me and handing me a glass of wine. I shook my head to decline her offer. She stood and walked away.

“We are here this whole day and night Theo, you and me are having this special bonding time and today in this room we both going to have a better definition of what will become of us tomorrow.

“There is no tomorrow for you, well, at least not a free one” I giggled teasingly. She ignored my comment and went to sit on her bed.

“Mind I sit here? This bed is more comfortable than the floor. Sorry for you though, I cannot let you free yet” she answered instead.

“I am not going to explain the consequences of having me tied like this. I am a detective and…”

“Stop talking Theo, I would love my mind to be clear as I tell you this story” she raised her hand at me.

“I need some water, can I at least have that?” I asked her before she could say any more.

“Sure, all you need to say is give me water or even food. No reason to be formal you know that” she laughed standing and walking to the small refrigerator and getting a bottle of water. She went back to sit after handing it to my left free hand.

“You know it’s funny, I didnt plan for this, I mean you being tied up in my bedroom like this and telling you what happened. No…” she shook her head smiling.

“It so happened that after putting three stabs in the heart of that Tasila, I felt well, Cleopatra, why not tell the man who has suffered so much to find justice for his friend know what the heck of a human being his best friend was. Then I decided to lead you here. So interesting right?” she nodded her head rubbing her well manured nails.

“You are sick in the head Cleo!” I bellowed at her.

She laughed softly lying flat on her stomach holding her chin in her palms and her legs folded together.

“Yeah I got sick 10 years ago when you and that friend of yours ganged up to make my life a living hell. “She scoffed.

“What? Now am to blame too?” I asked my eyes wide open.

“Yeah you are partly to blame.” She responded blankly.

“Okey this is going to be one heck of a day” I sniffed and looked up at her ready to hear the entire side of her story.

Story continues…