Silently Deep Episode 2


Standing like a fool I watched her walk past me to sit down in a chair by the bar. Letting her long dress apart from where the long slit was revealing her smooth thighs fully aware I was seeing her every move.

“Why did you do it?” I asked her moving closer to her my gun still held steady in my hands. She smiled.

“well, why did I do what exactly?, send you pictures of that dead b**** who had caused me so much pain before or why did I kill them?” she shrugged holding her wine up high like she was not aware of how freaky she sounded playing and talking calmly.

“Cleo.” I shook my head confused. “You are an evil woman, a pathetic b**** who killed her husband in cold blood and two other women in months. You are under arrest for the murder of Cedrick Tukiya, Lucy Mwiya and Tasila Ngoma!” I shouted walking to her holding the hand cuffs ready to get her.

She pulled out a gun at me standing up her heels making some little sounds as she matched steadily towards me.

“You will not do such a thing to me Theo, you will now arrest me today at least. What? You will not give me a chance to explain myself for old times’ sake?” she chuckled grabbing the gun from my back, her gun still pointed at me.

“Throw those down now will you?” she indicated with her head pointing at the cuffs in my hands.

I did as she ordered seeing how cold her face was. She bend down slowly picking them up.

“What are you going to do, you pathetic woman? You murdered your husband, how could you? You fooled me all these months I believed you were mad at me because I was not able to get justice for Cedrick.” I spat feeling angry as she pointed the gun ahead for me to sit on the couch.

“You never wanted to see the truth in front of you Theo, you know why?” she smiles sitting on the other couch facing me, her beautiful face evident.

“How can such a beautiful person become so evil?” I asked myself inside as I listened to her brag about how she managed to fool me.

“Why?” I responded aloud looking at her.

She sighed before answering.

“Because you love me Theodore, you always have. I know since high School, I was the one you loved but I don’t understand why you pushed me to your best friend” she shrugged turning her face into that with sadness.

“you are talking nonsense Cleo, this is madness and no matter what you do, unless you kill me, I will not let you go free, you will pay for your crimes, that I can assure you” I nodded my head at her.

She placed the gun on her laps and leaned back exposing her thigh again, I swallowed hard and looked away.

“I will tell you how it all begun my Theo, I will tell you my story from long time ago and I want you to pay attention. First of all I need you to be comfortable” she smiled at me.

“What kind of nonsense is this Cleo? I don’t have time for your games” I stood to snatch her gun but she quickly picked it up and fired a shot in the rooftop startling me.

“Sit down dammit!” she yelled angrily standing up holding her long dress and looking closely at me.

“I have killed three people and you damn know so well I will not hesitate to kill you. Or what? You think you were sharp enough to figure out it was me who did it? Well, you are wrong buddy, I wanted you to know, I just got so tired of your boring search, and you have not been funny since I knew every step you were taking. You and that short friend of yours are so dramatic you thought you could manage playing sharp with me?’ she laughed before continuing.

“So will you shut up and calm your nerves listening to what I will say or you want me to shoot you?” she asked closing in to me further, my nose could get strongly her sweet scent. I nodded my head in agreement but she shook hers,

“You know what? I will not have you playing your detective moves on me so let’s move it. To my bedroom” she yelled holding the gun in a grip.

She made me lead the way upstairs and into her bedroom and she knocked me out. I fall to the floor unconscious for some minutes and when I finally came to, she had me cuffed to her bed. I tried to pull myself loose but it was pointless, I was stuck there. I looked around just to see her walk out of the bathroom changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, she looked so fresh I noticed she had a cleanup bath.

“What do you think you are doing Cleo?” I asked holding my head with the other hand where she had hit me.

“I told you I will tell you a story and that’s what I intend to do” she smiled leaning closer to me and kissing my lips slightly moaning as she tortured me. I felt myself jiggle a little bit as the touch of her lips felt so smooth and sweet on my lips. She seemed to be aware of how I was feeling as she looked at my face with a knowing smile.

“I have always known you loved me Theo, how I wish you chose to me instead of throwing me to that dog” she giggled sadly.

“I don’t and I never loved you, comfort yourself all you want but the only man that loved you is buried in memorial park because you killed him” I scoffed angrily trying to push down the urge to lick where she had kissed me.

“Hm. I hate it because you always reject me. Now,” she sighed sitting opposite me a glass of wine held in her left hand, she swallowed hard closing her eyes after drinking some of the glass content.

“Want some?” she asked with a furrowed face.

“this was my husband`s favorite wine, you remember that huh?” she lifted the bottle up and looking at it closely like she was seeing it for the first time.

My mind flashed back to years back when I visited Cedrick at his house.


“Hey Detective! He shouted seeing me walk to him as his mother led me in.

“Hey director!” I smiled as we gave each other some shoulder hug.

“I missed you buddy, how long have toy been away? I was so excited when I received your call that you were coming here” Cedrick smiled.

“Yeah I know right, I missed you too my friend. But don’t be like a girl crying for me, am here now and this time we will be seeing more of each other” I laughed as he held my shoulder leading me to the back yard.

“this is my favorite wine Theo, I can never get tired of taking it, second to women, this wine turns me on” he lifted the bottle at me and I laughed grabbing it from him.

“Well, it surely is a good one” I sighed after taking a sip from the glass he poured some for me.

“Are you kidding? Have you ever tasted such good wine before? This is the best!” he laughed hitting my shoulders.


“He loved his beer and win more than he loved me that jerk” Cleo spoke up taking me off the past memory,

“He loved you in his own way, you were supposed to be grateful for he always gave you what you wanted” I answered back watching her pour some more wine in the glass.

“I see you are still in the dark about all this huh, now listen to me Theo. I want you to listen and pay attention because what am about to tell you today, I have never told a soul before. Not even my own mother. “She cleared her throat leaning her head on the wall.

Cleopatra`s narration….

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I was so pissed my mom insisted we move to the capital city after she and my dad got divorced. In all honesty I wanted to stay with my dad but he told me his job required him to move about hence he was not going to be there always as mom would be. Well I had no choice then but to move with my mother, she made me leave my friends and all the good memories.

I felt I had everything in Kasama and the thought of a big city scared me.

The first week into the new school, Munali secondary was so depressing. I was a center of attraction because of my looks and the fact that my mother drove me to school the first day in her Fortuner, the vehicle she was given from her work place.

Everyone was on the parade it being a Monday and with my mother`s attention seeking altitude, she made a scene walking me to the head teachers office after parking her car in the open space everyone would see us walk in.


As Cleo narrated this, I recalled the day she was referring to. I was the prefect on duty that day. And I had watched a well-polished woman drive in with a new girl. My heart leaped with joy seeing how beautiful she was. She seemed shy I could tell she was uncomfortable.

I recalled later on running to Cedrick telling him what I had seen.

“Well, I cannot wait to see such an amazing girl” he had smiled at me.

“Well there she goes” I pointed at Cleopatra seeing her walk by that afternoon.

“What? Wow! She is a true definition of a beautiful girl and that I will have” he smiled hitting my shoulder as he always did.

I knew then I had no chance at all. We were in our final grade, Cedrick was my best friend and we were inseparable. I just loved the fact that he made me his best friend even when we came from different worlds. He was a son of a big business man and I a son of a teacher.

It seemed he was never bothered by that as the two of us were always together since 8th grade. So that day even when I too wanted the new grade 10 girl for myself, I let him get the chance. What with my status, I knew I could never have her anyway.


“are you listening?” came Cleo`s voice snapping me from my own memory.

‘Yeah sure I am” I looked at her and she sighed before continuing

Story continues…