Silently Deep Episode 27



I felt myself at the wits end, I could not boast about this even though I was trying to make funny of the situation by mocking Theo, I knew he had me this time around. I looked out the window my mind trying to find a solution as fast as I could.

I needed a way out and then it clicked, My other phone was still stuck between my breasts and I needed to use it to text some guy to rescue me.

I shifted about putting Theo into some conversation until I managed to get it closer to my mouth, the other end still in my bra. I slid it open faking crying and Theo looked forward I could tell he was no longer looking at me the same.

“Time to save yourself Cleo!” I told myself and slant back a bit landing my chin on the send button dialing the first number there.

“You hate me that much huh, please forgive me and let me go. I know Tacy is still watching my mother and I pray she looks after her till she is well. Just let me disappear” I said all that deliberately hoping the guy on the other side would get sense and act faster. I cut the line and pushed back the phone in case I had a chance to use it again.

Theo looked on forward not getting what I was saying am sure he was thinking I was ranting. After some more drama speeches, he drove through the police gate some 15 minutes later and went to park in the back yard. Lucky for me I chose an intelligent thug to work with. I just hoped this time he would come through for me again.

He helped me come up with a lot of plots and I was glad most of his moves where great. I had my own plans too but in order to be ahead of the cops I had to get an ally and this one never let me down.

I looked outside as Theo picked his phone. He kicked the car in anger and cursing holding his head and moving a few steps away from the car, I didn’t know what was going on but I was so sure it had to do with my guy.

“Yes, yes! He got it” I made a happy dance in my head. He came back and sat down in his seat without looking at me. His face covered with pure hatred for he just looked at me and drove away from the police, I smiled before asking,

“What happened my love?” I teased with a smile.

He didn’t answer but the way he was speeding had a thousand words to it. I looked outside studying where he was going, seeing we headed in the direction of the hospital I assumed it had something to do with Tacy and I wished for a moment I had seen that coming. He however past it and headed for the outskirts.

“He cares so much for her?” I asked myself sighing loudly.

“What is between you two?” I asked again cutting through the deep silence around.

“Shut up!” he yelled without looking at me.

“You suck Theo, you always pick on the wrong girls, am the only woman who suits you not these weaklings you always have to be there to help them” I teased with a laugh and he stopped the car abruptly making me jerk forward and back.

“I said shut up Cleo!” he looked at me pointing his gun at my face.

“oh whoa!, you have fallen for that boring girl, well, so sad you will not live to enjoy her cause my men will not let her live past today if at all you will not let me go” I made a funny face at him and he spat angrily staring at me without a word.

“Come out!” he opened the door and pulled me out before I could make a move.

“I said come out of my car damnit!” he yelled grabbing my cloth and shaking me vigorously the moment I was outside.

“What now?” I asked wondering what was going on in his head.

“Call them now and tell them to release her or I swear on my life I will kill you. Look around you Cleo, it’s just you and I here and no one will even know I killed you out here. I will tell my boss you escaped like you always do. Am so sick and tired of you Cleopatra” he sighed uncuffing my hands.

“Go on, call them use that phone you used to call them” he pointed at my chest and I smiled.

“I have no phone on me, I left my hand bag remember?” I faked a smile.

He pulled the phone out of my top and handed it to me.

“Call them now!” he ordered the gun pointed at me. His stare was deep and serious I had to play along.

“If I call them, they will only let her go if they see me” I spoke calmly

“Am not letting you out of my sight Cleo. Forget it” he responded coldly.

“Yeah, will or just forget about my aunty” I smiled

“How do I trust you will not kill her later on?” he asked looking at me.

“Well, you have no option but to trust me right?” I shrugged

“I will hunt you till I find you and then I will not give you a chance to live Cleo. “He warned and I smiled knowing I got him again.

“You are so naïve Theo, when will you ever learn?” I asked myself inside my head as I dialed the number.

“Don’t hurt the girl am on my way” I told my guy and hang up.

“Now what?” I looked at him and he placed the gun down, moving closer to me. He pulled me so close to his face I could feel his heart beat. His hand wrapped around my neck and he stared deep into my eyes.

“Don’t mess with me this time, it’s not going to end well” he spoke his voice firm and steady. Then he pushed me away. I walked on not believing my lucky day. I smiled at him and he looked on without taking his eyes off me.

I gave my guys some direction after walking a few meters from where I left Theo. moved at least for 20 minutes to make sure he was not following me.

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A few minutes later they came to where I was standing under a tree where there was a shade. It was a bit bushy everywhere I cursed Theo for bring me that far.

“Where is she?” I asked the first guy that came out of the vehicle.

“She was kicking and screaming so we locked her in the trunk” he informed me.

“Trunk huh? You guys are crazy” I laughed getting in the front seat.

“We are good to go, we will get rid of her afterwards, we might need her in case Theo tries to play hero with me. “

We moved smoothly since there was less traffic in the outskirts heading to my Doctor`s house. I needed to plan the next move. It was becoming almost impossible to have Theo and my instincts started telling me to kill him so that I could end it all, was the best.

We parked in front of my Doctors house and he walked to the front smiling at me.

“Been days, what is going on?” he asked stepping down to come where we were.

The boys stepped out of the car too as we stood talking.

“What now that you managed to escape?” one of them asked.

“I don’t know, I really wanted to end it all by using another girl to trap them. I could have faked that she kidnapped and all evidence was in place. I shouldn’t have gone to the hospital” I sighed sadly.

“Yeah, I told you it was too dangerous, going back to the place of the crime is bad” one of them added.

We were still talking when one of the boys fell down, the second shot came a few seconds later and landed into the second guy making me bend down a little bit to dodge the next bullet. I hid behind the large flower pot in front of the door as the Doctor started heading for the door but he was too late, the bullet landed in his leg and he fall down screaming in pain.

I was panicking as I tried to see who had ambushed us.

“I told you its over” Theo walked to the front a gun pointed at me. His friend Mwila came out of the flowers surrounding the yard too.

“How did…” I started my question raising my hands in the air hating that I had not taken a gun with me.

“Well, you thought I was stupid right? That I will let you go just like that? Hmmm, am sorry dear lady, I have my ways too” he smiled coming around me and pulling a device from my body top and showing it to my face.

“This is 21st century and technology has made life easy, all I needed is this small thing on you and I could tell where you were” he smiled the more making me shake my head in disappointment.

“I should have known, the holding and shaking” I nodded my head looking at him as he cuffed my hands.

“Cleopatra! You are under arrest for the multiple cases of murder, fraud and Identity theft. You have to remain silent as everything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to a lawyer and if you cannot afford one, the state will provide one for you. “He pulled my hands and roughly pushed me forward.

He walked to the car and opened the trunk pulling out Tacy. He held her face wiping her tears and shaking face.

“Am sorry for this” he looked at her I felt my heart leap with jealousy , he had never looked at me like that before. She leaned her head on him as the place was surrounded by other cops. Her soft sobs irritating me the more I kept yelling insults at them but it was like I had no effect as he held on to her like promising he would never let her go.

“don’t worry Cleo, we caught that mole you planted at headquarters, he was trying to escaped the first time I called Mwila but this time, he got it all wrong” Theo spoke loudly at me like I was some kind of infection and he wouldn’t get closer to me.

I watched as their boss walked in checking everything and shaking his hands to congratulate him and his friend.

“What happened to you Cleo? you were a good person and so sensitive, you loved people and life?” Tacy asked walking close to me. I started making plan B just there.

I could not answer her and I fell down faking to collapse.

Story continues…