Silently Deep Episode 28


“Yes Sir, am personally taking her into custody from here” I finished our brief talk with the Chief of Police. He nodded his head looking in the direction of the media people.
“Damn, how do these people even know about things, these guys oh” I sighed and before I could hear what Mwila`s response was I heard Tacy screaming for me.

“Theo! Come here she has collapsed!” she shouted panicking, I ran towards them and found her down the ground an officer attended to her.

“Excuse me officer leave this woman alone I will attend to her” I smiled knowing so well it was a fake gesture.

“But Sir, she needs a doctor.” The officer argued.

“No, don’t worry I have come to learn about this woman long enough to know she is faking it. This is one of her schemes but I won’t let her get away with this. It’s over now Cleo, just stop” I added looking at her as I squat near her motionless form.

“Are you sure? “ Tacy asked before the boss could come on the scene.

“Yeah am so very sure my dear, can you hand me that?” I pointed at the hair pin in her head and she looked at me then sighed before handing it to me.

I straightened it a little bit and used the sharp side to prick her on her arm and she moved sharply with a loud wince making us all laugh at her gesture.

“I told you so” I smiled standing up and looking at her furious stare.

“Take her into that car” I ordered the uniformed officers near by and they led her to the car as camera flashed around the area.

“Am taking her in, you can go home now, this man will drive you” I turned to look at Tacy next to me.

“okey.” She sighed sadly looking on.
“Are you okey?” I asked.
“Am still scared Theo, what I went through today, I was so sure they are going to kill me. I am still feeling myself shake you know” she crossed her arms around herself.
“Listen” I held her hands out and looked at her.
“You are safe now, I know this has been hard on you. But all is well now. Any news from your sister?” I asked her
“I forgot to call in. I have to go see how she is doing, I was pulled out of that place.”
“Well, go on then, this man will take you wherever you will want to go and if it makes you feel safe, let him take you to my house. I will join you later on. Have some time to rest and call your parents, am sure they have to know what is going on here” I told her as I led her to the police vehicle.
Watching till the car disappeared, I walked to my car and drove away another officer seated in the front seat and other police cars following behind. Her silence told me she had realized how much she had lost.
Locking her up I completed the paper work and waited for her to be transferred immediately to the nearby prison, I decided not to give her the chance to play her drama on me.

“Well done Theo! It’s all over now, you can rest easy and move on, and it’s been one hell of a ride” Mwila stood next to me as we watched Cleo being lead inside the prison dressed in a prison uniform. She had to wait for her judgement from there.

“Yeah it really has been. Finally I can rest” I sighed leaning on the car.
“Well, are you not supposed to be somewhere?” he giggled looking at me
“Somewhere?” I made a face not getting what he was driving at.
“Yeah, a woman at your house?” he laughed teasing.
“Dammit! I forgot I asked her to go home and I saw her missed calls as I was doing paper work. Let me go and see her now” I moved opening the door.
“Hm, so?” Mwila asked smiling.
“What?” I Asked back sitting in the driver`s seat.
“Am waiting to be told how you guys are you know…” he shrugged chuckling.
“You are so unbelievable. Am not telling you nothing man, because there is nothing to tell” I shook my head placing the keys in the ignition.
“I saw it, that look you had on her at the scene.” He accused but I didn’t answer him, I slowly drove the car with a smile making him smile back at me.
“Go home Mwila, go see your wife” I shouted letting my head out a little bit.

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I arrived home to find Tacy gone. Getting my phone I dialed her line and she responded just when it was about to cut.

“Where are you, are you okey?” I asked at the sound of her crying voice.
“My sister died a few minutes ago, the Doctors said she started bleeding inside and they could not stop it on time.” She sobbed as she told me.
“What? Oh am so sorry. So where are you now?” I asked her
“Am still at the hospital, was waiting till they put her body in the mortuary”
“Am coming there” I cut the line and walked back to the car just to see a woman walk to my gate.
“Yes can I help you?’ I asked her
“Yes sir, am here to bring you this court order” she handed me a piece of paper. I unfolded it my eyes still on her. It was a summon against me, for stealing a baby from the hospital. The claim was that on a stated date I organized to steal a newly born baby from the hospital.
“Is this some kind of a joke?” I asked her seriously.
“No sir, am the mother of the boy you have been keeping as your child. An eye witness told me they saw your wife and a doctor stealing my baby and they lied to me that I had lost my son when giving birth” she explained making my head ach, for a second I had completely forgotten about the baby. After Natalie died I had taken the baby to my parents and completely forgot to follow up on the issue she told me about them arranging for the child with some doctor.
“If what you are saying is true, how did you find me?” I asked her
“I went to your offices earlier today to report and the officer at the reception told me I could settle this in person since you are a cop and have been working on the case. So I decided to follow you here. He gave me the address” she explained
“Oh God” I sighed holding my head.
“Anyway, there is nothing I can say now since the matter is already in court madam, I wish you had come to me first I could have told you everything beforehand. But since the matter is in court already I guess I will show up tomorrow as stated. I have to go somewhere now, if you will excuse me” I sighed placing the summon on the seat next to me.
She looked at me without moving.
“Where is he?” She asked crying.
“It’s just that I was told my son died and to think he is alive somewhere.. I um…” she sobbed wiping her face.
“It’s okey, you will see her soon madam. I don’t have an objection to that. He is your son and just like you lost that child I too was meant to believe he is mine. But I will hand him back after the court”
“No, am sure he is better off with you sir, I mean, I am not even capable of taking care of him.” She went on telling me briefly about her life.
“I understand madam. Like I said we….”
“No, forgot about the court issue, I will come tomorrow we talk about this then since you are in a hurry” she smiled amid tears cutting me short.
I watched her wondering what she was up to but I felt I needed to go and continue with her later on.
“Yea sure, you know where I stay, come through tomorrow then” I smiled and drove away leaving her watching my direction her hands on her back.
“Oh God let this be over already” I whispered to myself feeling really tired.

Story continues…