Silently Deep Episode 26



I felt a bit scared sending her to the wolf’s lair, knowing so well Cleo would not hesitate to kill her young aunty if she knew I sent her to spy on her. So I decided to stay as close to her as possible. I drove my car away to divert attention if at all Cleo was watching, which I thought was a big possibility especially now that the Doctor had told Tacy, her sister was stable. They managed to stop the bleeding though she was not yet in position to speak yet, they mentioned she was under serious observation.

“I need to stay with my sister” I heard Tacy trying to convince the Doctor from the other end of the listening device. There was no other way I could protect her if I couldn’t hear what was going on so I sent her in with a plan to get what she could get from the sister whenever she was awake.

“Just you, I hope no one else will comes here. We cannot have another disturbance after the visit by the cops.

The cops she was referring to are the ones I called to come investigate more about the shooting. This time I wanted to be in the back ground so that if at all Cleo was somewhere near, she wouldnt know I was on her tail.

For a few minutes I waited to hear something from Tacy but it was silent.

“Hey” I decided to speak to her turning on the speaker.

“How is it going inside there?” I asked

“She is still asleep Theo, what now? Do I have to stay until she is up? “She asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, just wait Tacy don’t worry am out here for you” I placed the speaker closer to my mouth to assure her. I heard her sigh deeply and it was silent for some seconds.

“Hey, you there?” I asked her

“Theo?” she called my name with a question tone.

“Yes Tacy”

“Why did you believe me? I mean I could be lying about Cleo. Why did you take me for my word and trust me to do this?” she asked and I was quiet for a moment trying to figure out the answer to her question, not that it was hard to answer, but I just hadn’t thought of that.

“Whoa! If you were doing so you wouldn’t tell me that now will you?” I chuckled rubbing my forehead.

“I trust you Tacy, I don’t know why but I got a good feeling about you” I told her truthfully.

“I like you a lot, I hope all this comes to an end soon” she spoke and before I could answer I heard a voice joining in from the other end.

“How is it going here dear aunty?”

“s*** it`s her!” I let a scream and sat up to pay attention to what was going on.

“Oh Jesus!” Tacy screamed I assumed she jumped in the chair.

“You, you are alive?” she stammered I could tell there was fear in her voice shaking I could tell she was really scared.

“Oh drop it aunty, I know my mother told you I shot her. Stop playing innocent with me. Anyway that is the least of my worries right now. I am intrigued by one thing in particular” she paused.

“What is that?” Tacy asked, I so much wanted to be there for her.

“What the hell was Theo doing here talking to you” she sounded so close I could tell she had closed in the gap between them.

“He is my friend, I called him to help me because I don’t know how to drive and he is the first person I thought of. Why are you asking about him?” she asked back.

“Has he weird you to listen to what is going on here? Where the hell is he!” she yelled loudly and I was out of the car heading to the ward. I was not going to risk losing her again.

“Stop it, you are going to hurt me and your sick mother here, there is nothing on me check for yourself” Tacy was heard loudly.

“Stop it now Cleo enough! I am here for my sister and you damn know very well I don’t know what is going on. I met him in the hospital and even though I know he is a cop, I have no idea what is going on between you two, he is just a friend” she cried out.

I was almost getting to the door when I saw the Doctor walk into the room and a few minutes later Cleo walked out. In a long time I had not set my eyes direct at her real face and that day there she was stationed in front of me her mouth open am sure she didn’t expect me that close. She looked at me and I at her my heart pumping faster.

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That moment was so sudden and unexpected so much that I was lost of action, I had thought of the day I would come face to face with her and now that she was that close, a few meters away from where I stood, I hesitated. She was there clad in brown high heeled sandals with a pair of floral loose pants and a silky black body top with a silver long chain around her. One thing she had not lost in all her madness was her beauty. She looked outstanding I for a moment wished she was a normal woman and innocent of all her crimes.

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Slowly I walked towards her and she too was still in one place looking at me. Instead of hurrying to her, I for some reason took my time.

“Cleo!” I yelled aloud like someone had awakened me from my sleep noticing she was now on the move and trotting to the other exit.

“Stop or I will shoot!” I shouted pulling out my gun and running towards her the people around watching us.

“Theo!” Tacy called me out drawing away my attention for a second.

“Stay inside am coming!” I shouted back sharply looking back and continuing the chase as Cleo was running faster heading outside.

I couldn’t get a shot scared of injuring the spectators as the place was now being clouded with patients and people walking around I had to bump into some of them.

Once outside I fired a shot in the air to stop her but she didnt stop.

“s***!” I cursed following her across the hospital yard. She entered the mortuary ward and I went in after her. The room was a bit dark and the chilled silence inside made my skin crawl. I looked around the place but could not see her. Passing through some people cleaning a body in preparation for burial I slowed down and they all turned to look at me like I was crazy.

“She went through the back door!” an elderly man shouted pointing outside and I raised my hand to thank him running out too.

There she was running to the cars parked behind the buildings her shoes in her hands.

I stopped for a second watching her direction. Cutting through another route I came to stand in front of her my gun in her face.

“It’s over Cleo!” I shouted shaking my heard and my gun firmly held in my hands.

She looked into my eyes and smiled seductively.

“Wow!” she sighed with a laugh,

“Finally my love, I missed you you know” she attempted to move towards me but I moved my gun further at her.

“Don’t move or I will shoot? Hands on your head” I shouted without getting my eyes off her face as she stared on.

“You must hate me huh, you hate me so bad you treat me like a criminal” she spat as I hand cuffed her hands.

“Am not treating you any worse than I should, you are not only a criminal, you are a cold killer and you are going to rot in jail” I shouted pushing her towards the front and people gathered around watching.

“I got her man, am bringing her through” I called Mwila after pushing Cleo inside the car.

The drove to the station was at first silent until she decided to start talking.

“So what now, that you have me Theo?” she giggled teasingly.

‘So now you will pay for your crimes and I promise you it’s a very long sentence “I snarled hatefully.

“You used to love me Theo, what happened to that love you felt for me. You cannot lie that you feel nothing for me now, I saw it in your eyes back at the station, and you still love me I know for sure. “She remarked without shame or remorse for what she had done.

I laughed aloud shaking my head.

“You don’t get it do you? “ I sighed looking at her from the front mirror

“It’s all over for you Cleo. For your own information if I had any kind of feelings towards you, they died the very day you told me you were a killer. So get that through your thick head, I do not love you” I spat with a serious face and I was not joking about it.

“I pity you more than I hate you woman, you are nothing but a bitter human being who has turned her misfortunes into a madness of killing everyone around her. “ I added and looked ahead ignoring her tears and groaning behind.

In silence I drove to the station and just as I parked the car, my phone rung and immediately I answered I heard screaming and crying from the other end.

“Theo, help! Please help me they are going to kill me!” she screamed loudly I took off the phone from my ears and checked the number to see if I could tell who was calling.

“If you lock her up, Tacy dies!” a male voice came through and immediately the line died.

I was shocked and looked at Cleo`s face and she smiled widely at me.

“You b****!” I yelled hitting the car with a loud bang.

Story continues…