Silently Deep Episode 25



“Mom” I started, breathing heavily not wanting to loose myself before her. Lest I do something I would regret later on.

“Please tell me you are joking, how on earth did you lose my money?”

“I told you it’s not my fault Cleo, it was an accident and the entire ship has gone under water and all the things I had ordered have been submerged and destroyed by the water. ” She went on

“How did that happen mother? I thought I told you I needed that money to run my things. Why didnt you invest it in something less risky, that was the only money I had remaining . How on earth do you think am going to live without money?” I asked her raising my voice at her

“Enough! enough Cleo! Eeh what is this? You are yelling at me, I also lost my money in that consignment. I think it’s high time you put to a stop all this life you have been leading my child. You cannot go on Cleo, are you not tired of running and hiding?” She shook her head

“I have told you time and again I don’t need your advise, you are the last person I want to hear advise from. Look at you, you are so pathetic you have not put your own life in order for years now. All you do is run around with small boys like a fool” I spat angrily.

“Am your mother Cleo, don’t insult me. I am just trying to help you cause am tired of all this too. I have put my life on the line for you hiding you from the cops all this time and now you pay me with insults?” She moved closer to me her face shining as the makeup she had on was now wearing out.

“If only you had told me you slept with my damn husband and admit your guitly in my face I could have spared you. But no, I know what you did, I hate you even more for that and you are lucky I have not killed you already” I told her and I saw her eyes open wide she was shaking.

She slapped me hard before I could continue,

“What? you thought I didn’t know huh” I asked her holding my face where she had me slapped .

“How could you say that to me?” She cried out.

“Don’t dare deny it mother . I saw you two together. Cedrick had mentioned you several times and for some time I wondered why. I came here one day without calling you and i saw him walking out of this house. Now tell me, what the hell was my husband doing here that you or him never talked about?” I snarled angrily

She looked down, her shame evident. I didn’t have to go through the whole issue of seeing them walk out of a lodge later on.I was mad at her and my husband then but she was lucky back then my hatred for Cedrick saved her as I vented all my anger on killing him.

“Get my money back mother, I need it and soon. I don’t care whether the ship drowned, all I need is my money and i need it soon” I stood up picking my clutch as she looked on without a word.

“Forget it Cleo, you might hate me for all I care but am done, am not going to have you coming into my house and risking me being caught by the police. Don’t you even think about scaring me for money or anyhing. Remember I gave you part of that money and I am not indebted to you” she stood too standing close to me challengingly.

“Don’t push it mother, just don’t” I moved my face to hers staring deep into them.

“Or what? You will murder me like you have done to your husband and other people in the last few years?” She asked her voice cold.

“Yeah, trust me, the only thing keeping me from doing that right now is cause you gave birth to me dear mother. ” I spat and stepped back ready to leave.

“Am going to call Theo and tell him what I know!” She yelled at me before I could leave the door.

I stopped instantly like someone pressed a stop button on me. My anger rising. She was getting to me and I hated it. Slowly I turned to walk to her and she pulled a gun to my face.

“I can defend myself too Cleo, just take my word and leave me alone. I told you am exhausted. Am so tired with you and your behaviour. Am not going to torelate you anymore” she shook her head continuously her hand firmly holding the gun.

I clapped my hands laughing as I walked slowly back to her.

“How long huh?” I smiled.

“How long have you been planning this? Is there really a ship with a container for goods mother?” I asked realising she could be planing on not just giving me back my money.

She smiled teasingly.

“Yeah I thought so, now, give me that money mother. Give it back to me it’s my money” I stepped forward my eyes turning red with anger I could feel them tearly.

“Am not giving you a dime, I told you it’s all gone” she shouted moving her fingers around the gun.

“Any step further am shooting” she warned firmly gripping the gun.

“No, you won’t mother. You cannot kill me because am your only child. You love me mom, remember?” I smiled stepping forward steadily.

She was still bickering her threats when I grabbed her hands and the gun fired, the bullet landing in the wall its sound blocking my ears for a minute. She screamed falling back as I took over the gun pointing it at her.

“Whoa! So you were indeed going to shot me?” I asked pointing in her chest.

“You are going crazy Cleo. Please stop all this nonsense before it’s too late” she shouted

“Yeah, tired of you too mother” I spoke and before she could get where I was going, I fired a shot into her shoulder she fall back screaming loudly.

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“I told you  not push me mother. I don’t understand why you refuse to listen to me ” I shook my head the gun hanging in my hand.

“Cleo, Cle, Cleo!” She stammered and cried whilst gasping.

“If you are lucky you will live, ofcourse that Is if you manage to get yourself to the hospital before bleeding to death. You see, that sister of yours could have been of help but well, you threw her out and now you are all alone. You see, you and I are not different mother. Only that I can never sleep with my daughter’s husband ” I chuckled and walked into her room getting all the money I could find and walked away leaving her screaming in agony.

Sitting in the car outside I cried out. “I didn’t want to shoot you, you pushed my hand mother” I sniffed in the tears leaning back and crying.

20 minutes later, I saw Tacy, my small young aunty, as she was born 3 years later than me. She passed my car and run to the house.

“Idiot! After being mistreated by your own sister for years you come back running at her call?” I spat pushing the keys in the ignition.I didn’t care to stay on and see if my mother would live or not. I felt she deserved whatever she as going through and if at all she will survive, I will make sure she gives me back my money. I thought to myself driving away.

I had to go and see my Theo, a few weeks had passed all because I wanted to make sure the cops were tired of searching for me. My final piece was to go and face Theo with my original face on a planned day. I was going to have another woman I planted Natalie’s face with to pretend to be the one behind everything. I was glad I had all things put in order as evidence to convince him I was kidnapped and the culprit did everything from killing my husband to the last scene. I would cry my innocence to him and provide all proof till he belived me.

“Am going to end up with you my love” i smiled to myself proudly as I approached his house.

The moment it came into full view, I saw him drive out at a great speed.

“What ?” I let a scream.

“Where is he going to like that?” I asked myself turning the car to follow him.

I was shocked seeing him driving into my mother’s yard and later on Tacy coming out.

I watched from a distance as they drove to the hospital and followed them steadily.

Now I was fuming seeing them talking. At first I thought they had an argument but the way he looked at her and held her hand to lead her to the car made my heart want to burst out with jealousy.

“Are those two together?” I asked myself leaning back on my seat.

For a good number of minutes I watched Theo’s car and I hated to imagine whatever was going inside there.

Story continues…