Silently Deep Episode 24



I was fast asleep when I felt the presence of someone in my room. I tried to rise up but it felt like I was stuck in the bed. I couldn’t move, opening my eyes I saw her, she was standing there her face at me.

“What do you want from me you evil woman? You murder people, you are so pathetic your time is almost up!” I shouted but she smiled.

“I love you and if I have to murder again to have you then I will do it again and again” she gnarled.

“You are sick in the head. I hate you, you hear, I hate you with everything I have got!” I spat shooting my eyes at her.

“Well then see you in hell!” She pulled her gun at me and I heard a loud shot.

Startling from my dream I panted and stood up going to wash off my face in the bathing room. I looked at myself in the mirror and breathed out heavily.

“Oh God it was just a dream” I whispered rubbing my eyes.

I walked to the kitchen my bare feet catching the coldness from the floor I ignored it and went on to make myself a cup of coffee.

It had been a week after the failed atempt to catch Cleo and we had been trying everything to get to her but it was like once again she had varnished. I planted posters of her across the city using Shila’s face she had on ofcourse, but no one came forward to report seeing her or anything.

My mind went back to the person that had helped me stay calm, Tacy.

Flash back

She had visited me to check on my wounds and now I was completely healed except for the small scars in the parts where the wounds were deep.

“You don’t say much about your wife” Tacy commented one day.

“Yeah cause it’s not easy to do that” I sighed trying to push down the topic of Natalie.

“Why? I thought you loved her I can see photos of her still hanging around the house and your son too. ” She pointed around the room.

“Yeah, I don’t think this is right to tell you but I discovered my marriage was fake beacuse the woman I married was fake. She was using a fake name and face too.” I told her sadly.

“No, it can’t be!” She let a shout holding her mouth.

“Oh my God! Why would a person do that?” She asked in wonder but i was not ready to tell her the details. Atleast i thought I was to keep the information to myself until Cleo was caught. I started liking Tacy but I was not going to take up chances before I was sure of her.

“Well, I will not ask the details but one thing I know for sure, when God gives you the right woman, you will know it in your heart without doubt. I hope you find someone to cover up your pain and make you happy. You seem like a good person” she smiled like she had read my thoughts.

“Thank you, I love the way you go about your speeches” I smiled genuinely appreciating the kind of person she was.

I was lost in thought sipping on my coffee when I heard my phone ring from the bedroom.

Standing up I walked to get it and it cut the moment I opened the bedroom door.

“Tacy?” I murmured looking at the missed call. I dialled her line and she answered almost immediatley sounding somehow in a panic.

“Theo am sorry this is too early but I need your help. My sister had been badly hurt she can barely breath. I can’t drive and it’s kind of too early to find a taxi outside. Will you help me take her to the hospital please” she cried.

“What happened Tacy, how was she hurt?” I asked her getting to grab my pants and shirt.

“Her daughter..” she paused

“Her daughter? What do you mean her daughter?” I asked as I pushed my feet into the shoes.

“I don’t know what happened cause I have not seen her In a long time it’s like they had a fight Theo. Please will you help me? she is dying” she asked her voice trembling.

“Ofcourse just give me the address am heading there right this minute!” I told her.

“Stay calm and I will be there” I added and I heard her sigh a little bit.

Driving across the streets I rush to go and find her. Something clicked as I approached the township in the address she had given me.

“What the…” I almost said it out as I approached the house.

“No way!” I let a scream as I confirmed what I was suspecting. Before me was the house I so very well knew cause we had frequented it in search of Cleo. It was her mother’s house.

“God what is going on?” I asked myself without stopping the vehicle.

I wanted to call Mwila and tell him what I was seeing and learning about the Tacy he had always praised but I decided to get to the bottom of the matter before I could make any judgements.

“Am outside” I told her on the phone and watched the front door seeing her emerging from there blood on her cloth.

“Come help me, I can’t move her” she shouted raising her hand at me. Without objection I moved to get and did as she asked.

The woman was barely breathing a gun wound in her chest.” Who did this to your sister? Is it Cleo?” I looked at her after we drove to the hospital and the doctors started working on her.

“You know her daughter? ” she asked puzzled .

“I thought she was dead. It’s impossible to the dead to come back to life you know. But when my sister called me to tell me her daughter shot her, i thought it was all a joke till I saw her like this” she looked at me explaining.

“Is this some kind of game Tacy?” I asked without giving her a chance to continue

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“What? What is that supposed to mean?” She asked me her face turned into a frown.

“You knew all along am after Cleo, yet you are related to her and stay with her mother? Did she send you to my house?” I asked not getting angry.

“What is going on Theo? Do you know my niece? How do you know my sister?” She asked I assumed she was being sincere but it was not making any sense.

I grabbed her by the hand and led her outside .

“Tacy I swear to God if you don’t tell me what is going on I will not only throw you in jail,” I sighed trying to stay calm.

“Okay, okay, come on tell me, where the hell is she? ” I asked and she kept looking at me like I was mad.

“Theo, honestly I don’t know what you want me to tell you. Can you atleast tell me what is going on here? I called you for help because I think you are my friend and the only person that can help me right now. Why are you accusing me of things that I have no idea of?” As calm as she always was she asked me. Even though i was feeling so mad at her at the moment, there was no way I could continue yelling at such a person. I held her hand and led her to sit in my car.

For a couple of minutes i was quiet trying to find a better way of talking to her. I was not sure why my heart kept telling she was innocent.

I went on telling her about Cleo and all the time she was staring at me with a look that showed she was indeed hearing the story for the first time.

“Oh my God, that is why she pushed me out of the house. She knew her daughter was still alive all these years I was meant to think she hated me” she whispered holding her face as tears run down her cheek.

“I dont understand” I stated shaking my head.

“You told me your sister doesn’t allow any visitors weeks back i thought you stay with her”

“No Theo, I lied about that. The thing is I didn’t want to show you where I live till I was sure you were a genuine person. I mean, I was not ready to show my house to a stranger. So I lied about my sister. She pushed me out of the house 3 years ago since I started working and I have never gone back there . Once in a while we talk on phone no wonder i was shocked when she called me today to tell me her daughter shot her after a misunderstanding.

According to everyone in the family, Cleo is dead and honestly you never told me she was the woman you have been talking about who you are after. Later on knowing her where abouts” she explained

“Oh dear, I didn’t expect things to turn out this way. I swear I had no idea you knew my niece. If I knew, how could I call you to come help my sister? No way Theo, believe me am so shocked right now I don’t know what to say. ” She added shaking her head.

“You will have to help me catch her.” I looked at her serious this time.

“What? You said it yourself she is dangerous, I can be related to her yes but Cleo and I have never really been that close. The moment she suspects I know about her and know you, she will kill me”

“Please, you ought to help me. Talk to your sister when she awakes and let me know whatever is going on between her and her daughter, any leads to catch her. If she was at your sister’s house, it means she is close by. Find out why she shot her mother and give me all the details. I will protect you I swear even if it’s the last thing I will do. I just need to catch her and I will make sure I protect you in every way possible” I held her hand.

“I don’t know if I can do this. Look at me Theo, am shaking just at the mare thought of her. She shot her mother, am sure she will not heistate to kill me” she cried

“Please don’t let her kill me.” She looked at my face.

“I won’t I promise”

“Okay then, tell me what I have to do” she sighed.

Story continues…