Silently Deep Episode 23



I was infuriated, I felt it, the impact of Cleo`s actions. She just, made a fool out of us yet again. Now here I was trying to get information about her from the guys we apprehended.

“Tell me about this woman you are working for?” I asked trying by all means to stay calm. The first guy looked at me and back down.

“Oh now you don’t talk huh? Listen, don’t push me to pull answers from you. You are going in for a long time because we caught you on the crime scene and you are working for a criminal. If you know what is good for you, then you have to start talking” I stared into his dark face and impassive eyes.

“What is in it for me?” he looked at me with a serious face I laughed for a minute not believing the idiot was thinking he would negotiate with me.

“What the hell! Where do you think you are? In your office? making some business negotiations?” I asked him now standing up and folding my sleeves. I could hear my Boss from the other side telling me not to go against the law and beat that guy up. I touched my ear and sighed deeply an indication I heard him.

“Start talking now or I will make you talk” I warned and his mouth curved into a smile like I was just trying to please him. Before I could hold myself i launched on him beating the hell out of his face.

“Theo stop now! “ I heard the boss yelling but I was so upset I was taking it all out of him.

“She does not see us personally. She sends someone to hire people and we only speak to her on the phone” he quickly told me wiping the blood from his mouth.

“Tell me the truth you lying b******!” I yelled in his face and he closed his eyes flinching back a bit.

Mwila walked in and held my hand before I could give the guy another beating.

“Take it easy man, you are pissed right now and I think you should take a break to calm yourself down. Go home and I will handle this from here.” he whispered still holding me as my eyes kept on the guy before me.

“Go get those wounds cleaned up, I arranged someone to come help you from home” he added and that last statement got my attention.

“Who?” I asked him not believing his words.

“Go on, I will take care of this man” he indicted with his head pointing to the door. I knew he was right, I needed a break from all that and the best was I went home since I could even feel the pains in my arm coming on again.

“Okey, make these fools talk man, make them talk” I grabbed his hand and shook it strong before leaving.

A few minutes later I was in a bath tab filled with warm water. The warmth of the water soothing my wounds and I closed my eyes leaning on the sides allowing my mind to calm and be at ease.

My thoughts wondered away and I found myself thinking of Tacy. Her light skin and soft natural hair, her soft voice and the manner in which she touched my skin whenever she cleaned me up made me smile.

I didn’t really intend to feel that way towards a lady I just met in the hospital but I couldn’t just help it. Like God had answered my prayers the door bell rung and I opened my eyes. The ring came a second time and now I was alert. I emerged from the water, wrapped a towel around myself and walked to the door.

“Who is there?” I asked before opening. I didn’t want to open for a person I was not aware of in a bathing towel.

“It’s Tacy, Mwila asked me to come help you with your wounds” she responded her voice ever calm and appealing in my ears.

“You b******! You were serious, wow!” I made a happy dance in my head as I opened the door.

The moment she came into full view my heart stopped yet again for a second. I stood there smiling like a fool my eyes on her. She smiled back at me but I noticed her face was down.

“What…” I could not finish saying it when I realized what she was hiding her eyes from. My towel had fallen off and I was too distracted to hear it fall. I was completely nude before her.

“Oh s***!” I closed back the door and pick it up quickly wrapping it around my waist making sure my other hand was holding it close before I opened the door again.

“am sorry, I was um… well” I stuttered making her smile the more her smile making my mouth watery I felt like a total idiot. I went on apologizing for another minute and she made it clear it was okey.

“You are welcome, please come in” I moved aside a bit and allowed her in. she looked around the house as she walked to the couch and I followed behind her letting her lead the way and took the opportunity to check her out.

She was still in her white uniform, her legs a bit exposed and the movement from her back made me feel some hardening down the down and I knew I had to rush to dress up or that will be the biggest disaster of the day if I was to continue being near her.

“You have a nice home Theodore, I love the colors and the layout of this room” she complimented with a smile.

“Thank you, my late wife had some taste” I responded looking around too. Now that she had mentioned, I took the opportunity to admire what Natalie had done around the house. I never really told her how nice it was and for a second I felt sad I didn’t appreciate her much.

“Well, can I just cover my body with something decent” I sighed instead pushing the thoughts of Natalie out of the way. Her body was still lying in the mortuary and here I was making a fool out of myself in front of another woman. I felt a little bit guilty and rushed to my room to put on clothes.

“stay focused Theo, you cannot afford falling in another woman`s trap again” I told myself before I could get to join her back in the living room.

She as quietly as I approached and looked back at me when she felt my presence.

“Well” she stood up holding her hands together.

“I came to check on your wounds and dress up those that are deep, if you don’t mind that is” she quickly added.

“Please go on, I don’t mind at all” I shivered at the thought of her touching my skin.

“Hm, you will have to sit” she shrugged with a little laugh pointing at the couch.

“Yea right” I smiled sitting down and she walked to my back her already open first aid box on top of the table.

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“Let’s see, hm. This one still looks bad” I felt her touch near my shoulder my skin crawled all down my feet I moved a little bit.

“Oh sorry, did I hurt you?” she asked stopping.

“Um, not really “I stammered not wanting her to know what was really going on.

“Hand me the disinfectant and the cotton”

I took what she asked for and gave them to her and right away she started nursing my wounds very gentle as we chatted. I had to find something to say and get my mind off what her hands were making me go through at the moment.

“So, who is Tacy?” I asked her and i felt her relax and sigh softly.

“Well. She is a simple girl born from a family of three, the last born of the family. My parents are in Chapata, and my elder brother too. I stay with my sister the first born who took me in 5 years back and saw me through high school and nursing school.

I graduated last year as a nurse from UTH with a diploma in nursing.” She explained

“Oh great, simple Tacy huh? I love the description, sounds like you had a sober life “I smiled as she came round to check the wound on my leg.

“Not quiet, it was a bit rough cause my sister had to pay for my school. She is Single, her husband divorced her years back. I was some kind of a burden to her and her only daughter. So she really didn’t give me a good time. But well, thank God am here” she smiled looking at my face.

“Does that hurt?” she changed the subject messaging my leg.

“No” I answered looking at her and wondering why she had such calmness around her even as she spoke of what I figured wasn’t a good life.

“What about your parents?” I asked her

“Well, they own a small farm back in the village and they thought my sister was the one who had the capacity to help me with school so they sent me here. my brother`s wife is quiet rough too but I thought staying with my sister would be a bit better than being with my brother” she smiled calmly.

“Are you always this calm? I mean, you do everything with so much calmness, I wonder why someone would mistreat you” I smiled putting my shirt back on as she packed her things back in the box.

“My name means Silence, so maybe it has something to do with my nature” she laughed softly.

“Like serious? It means that?” I asked her chuckling along.

“Yeah, my father told me I was born so quietly and never gave them troubles of crying all the time like my brother and sister. He named me Tacy to mean `silence` “she smiled and I was so amazed.

“Wow, you are deep. I have a feeling there is more to you than what am seeing now” I smiled honestly.

“Well, my work here is over and I need to get home.” She stood up after cleaning up her hands.

“Thank so much for your help. You didnt have to but I appreciate it so much. I owe you one” I smiled standing up.

‘Yeah, just get well soon and you would have paid up for everything” she smiled and walked on to the door.

“Can I at least drop you home?” I asked

“Um, I appreciate that but am sorry I can`t accept it. The thing, is my sister has issues with visitors and so I don’t really like going against her.” She smiled dismissingly.

“Oh too bad, but I could drop you off before the house” I insisted and she still turned my offer down.

“Well, see you around then” I shrugged and watched her leave.

Story continues…