Silently Deep Episode 22



I watched laughing to myself, “you are so predictable my love” I sighed seeing Theo and Mwila playing hero. They were pointing their guns at the guys I had sent. I suspected their act after hearing that they were changing the house for safe custody of Natalie`s mother and son. I recalled the events a few hours back..

“Hey, they are moving them to the location and forwarding to you now” my informant told me that afternoon. I sat down excited about how I could easily get to them but then after some moment of thinking through it, I realized something was off. “Why would they move them from the safe place they were being held to that exposed house if they knew I was going after them?” I asked myself sitting on the couch and taking my wine.

I decided to make another call right that minute before I could act.

“Hey, what time are they moving them?” I asked the guy who called me earlier.

“Any time from now. Not sure exactly when” he replied and I went to the closet, took out some funny looking clothes, dressed in a lose t-shirt and a pair of slacks and sneakers. I placed a cap on my head and wore dark shades.

“You look simple but good” I whispered to myself in the mirror. For such a mission I needed no one to do things for me. The goodness of having money and nothing much to spend it on, gave me a lot of crazy ideas. I could do anything I wanted provided the cash flows from the business I invested in using my mother was generating more than I needed. I hated busses but on such a mission I thought it was the best form of transport to use.

I sat in the back seat comfortably between two women who started talking about the incident that happened in the compound about Theo being beaten up.

“I wonder what this world has gone to, did you hear that man was innocent and the real culprit is a woman?” the lady on my right continued. It was like their small talk started way before I boarded the bus.

“Yeah I heard so, what kind of woman does that? She is a monster and am sure she has never given birth before.” The other one responded.

“you are right my friend, us who have kids have a heart of compassion and no matter how bad things turn out against us, we find comfort in our children and would never go to such extremes. Killing your fellow human being and walking around like nothing happened, well that’s pure evil” she remarked and I felt like spanking her in her face.

“How dare you talk about me not having children, do you know how much I wanted to have kids of my own?” I screamed inside my head gritting my teeth in anger. I was almost responding to their conversation wanting to tell them not to judge others and learn to mind their own business but the bus stopped and they moved out.

“Fools, stupid fools! You smell poverty you sluts!” I yelled in my head looking at them as they walked along the road the bus moving on to join the main road. I was lost in my sad thoughts now that the idiots had reminded me of my loss. I imagined how much my twins would have grown. With pain in my heart I held my stomach and wished for a moment God had been kind enough to open my womb and allow me to have even just one kid. Hot tears formed in my eyes and before I could hold them back, I felt them run down my cheek and I quickly wiped them. Luck I had shades on and no one could see me cry.

“Put yourself together Cleo” I scolded myself but the pain in my heart was big I couldn’t hold it. The bus conductor announced the next stop and I indicated to him I was disembarking.

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The moment the bus stopped I stepped out and stood straight. Right in front of me was the police headquarters and I watched for a minute the small movements in and out of the building. After a couple of minutes, I saw Theo and Mwila walk in like a pair of lovers. For a second I felt bad seeing Theo limping and some bandages still on one of his arms.

“Am sorry my love, soon you will understand am doing this for us my love. I want this to be over and start afresh, I swear am going to take away all your pain” I sighed inside and started crossing the road. I decided to get inside the building if I had to get my results.

“Excuse me officer” I smiled pushing my shades up a little bit.

“Yes, what can I do for you dear lady?” the man at the reception grinned back at me.

“I am here to see Sergeant Mweetwa” I mentioned an officer I was aware was not in the premises. Well, privileges of having a mole inside the police.

“he is not yet in, he is reporting after 14 today, you still have about 30 minutes to 14 hours” he looked at my face.

“Um, let’s see,” I murmured looking at the watch on the wall.

“I can wait, it’s important that I see him” I smirked widely.

“Yeah, there is a bench there, you can wait from there” he responded pointing at a bench on the left.

“Good, now I can watch what is going on from inside here” I remarked in my head and smile at him.

“Thank you sir” I spoke loudly and walked to the bench.

I sat there with a newspaper in my hands my legs folded like I was in my home. Meanwhile my eyes kept scanning around the place. Theo and Mwila came through talking about their plan.

“Why is he shouting out the movement?” I asked myself seeing them pass where I was.

“Come on we have to move now” I heard Mwila telling him and the two with other officers matched out in a rush. I stood and followed them out a few minutes later and got a taxi from outside.

“take me to this address, if you get there as soon as that car” I said pointing at Mwila`s car ahead.

“I will give you double your bill” I told the taxi driver who smiled widely.

“You got it sweety” he looked back at me.

“Start driving man, I don’t have the whole day” I raised my voice at him and he started following them.

“Go ahead with the plan, whether they are inside that house or not, burn it down” I gave instructions to my boys in a text.

Sitting back the taxi, I leaned my head back and started counting, as was my habit when I was nervous and couldn’t calm. At the count of 1, 569, the taxi driver slowed down and told me the vehicle we were following was stopping.

“Good, just wait a little bit here, and see what happens” I told him sitting up and watching them park a few meters from the road.

“Am getting off from here” I told him and handed him his money.

“If I may ask, why are you…” he could not finish asking his question and I leaned forward his window looking at him even though he could not see my eyes.

“Do you charge to know what your client is up to?” I asked him and he pulled back shaking his head.

“I thought so, now get out!” I shook my head standing straight and letting him pass to join the road. I walked using the small path to have a clear view of what Theo and his people where up to and so here I was watching the house flaming a few minutes later my boys raising their hand in surrender. I could not care less what they would tell him since I already had plans to change my looks.

I smiled to myself at the look on Theo`s face when he realized I was not inside. I could not hear what he was saying but from the way he was kicking the tires to the vehicle I knew he was pissed and probably cursing loudly.

“Hmmm, am sorry love, am not that easy to catch. Work harder!” I smiled pulling the shades off my face and wiping my eyes a little bit.

“Damn this mask is making me sick, its time I got my normal face back. I only hope this is the last time am going to have a fake face” I spat as I walked down the road to find another car to take me back to my small hidden home.

“Doctor, are you still in the country?” I made a call to my favorite person, I called him favorite because his hands wear magic, a medical doctor who flee from his own country after being charged with practicing illegal plastic surgery and creating masks to match different faces, it needed an expert to be able to tell someone apart. I called him a small god cause, well, the man was gifted and with some cash he would give you whatever face you desired.

‘yes, what is it now?” he asked calmly his voice so deep I started wondering why I never found him attractive even when he made several advances at me. Well, it was simple for me, the mare fact that I was deeply in love with Theo, I could never get to love anyone else. I wanted him and no one else and so I made that clear to my doctor even when I sometimes used him to give me sexual satisfaction whenever I felt bored and in need.

“Come over I need my face changed “I told him straight up.

“What, already?” he asked sounding a bit bored with me.

“Yes, I don’t want this dull looking face, I want my original self this time around, is that an issue?” I asked him almost blaring in the phone.

“No, it’s not. just that too much of facial makeups can ruin your skin and in worst cases disfigure you. You are beautiful the way you are Cleo” he started with his long speech and I cut him short.

“I know that, and I just told you I just want you to get rid of this mask. I will have my face again. This one is too risky as the cops will probably plant it all over the city to catch me. They do not know I can switch it and am sure the last face they all expect around is my original one” I explained as I raised my hand to stop a taxi.

“Well, good, see you soon” I acknowledge after he told me he was going to meet me later. I looked at my phone and sighed looking at the driver who kept stealing glances at me. I smiled at him and placed the shades back on.

Story continues…