Silently Deep Episode 21


“He’s is waking up!” I heard Mwila’s voice shouting out, it’s sharpness reaching my ears and making my head want to explode with excruatiating pain I held it in my palms to help quench the pain.

“Are you okey?” A feminine voice spoke closer to me but I was glad her soft voice was soothing and so calm I didn’t have to hold my head anymore.

My eyes opened and instantly faced into some tender and soft looking eyes. Her mouth curved into a smile showing off her snow white set of teeth beyond them I could see a peep of her pinkish tongue. I went on taking in the sight of her pointed nose. From where I lay down I could see the inside nose so clear. My eyes went round studying her every part of the face and I found myself stuck on her, I so much wanted to respond to her questions if i was alright? If I was able to see her, but my tongue felt like it was tied inside.

Her voice like a song in my ears I wished she could speak more and more.

“What is wrong with you Theo?” I heard my inside voice asking me. I refused to answer myself on that question. Instead I felt myself smiling. I thought I was doing it inside but her smiling back at me showed me I was actually displaying it.

“Theo man, say something! Are you okey?” The loud voice which at the moment I found irritating as it took me off my small world of fantasy came through making me look up away from the angelic face I so much wanted to watch.

“Yeah, am okey shut up man, you are too loud” I responded shooting my eyes at Mwila standing nearby

“You scared me you fool! I thought you going blind or something” he playfully hit my side. That’s when I felt it. The pain through out my body and now my mind was alert recalling the beating I had.

“What happened? How long have I been here? ” I tried to shake myself to sit up but my body was failing me.

“Ouch!” I screamed painfully my legs heavy.

“Calm down sir, you are quite hurt and you need to stay down and get better. You where brought in yersterday” That soft voice came on again and this time she held my back taking me back to lay down. I so much wanted to refuse laying down as I wanted to get on my feet had run to find Cleo and put an end to her, but her gentle touch was unresistable.

I looked at her full figure as she placed the pillow in my back helping me to lay so that my head was a bit elevated.

“Who are you?” I found myself asking her without thinking through my words.

“Am a nurse, my name is Tacy” she smiled.

“Tacy, thank you” I smiled back at her. And I could see a questioning look on Mwila’s face.

“Okay let me call the Doctor to check on you sir, don’t move from here” she patted my shoulder and walked out her short uniform perfectly fitting I watched her till she disappeared.

“Are you sure you okay? You are acting off” Mwila came closer laughing .

“Yeah, yeah I am. What happened” I asked him and he shook his head.

“You mean apart from getting a beating from an angry mob after leaving your partner behind?” He asked his face now serious.

“am sorry man, I wanted so much to get to her but like always she is always a step ahead of me” I winced in pain.

“Yeah she is and this time around we have to work together and find her before she harms that poor woman and her grand child. You were right, the Tests shows that the woman is not Cleo. She is out there and am positive she arranged for that beating, she knew you would go to find that woman and the boy and so she organised the husband and mother to Shila telling them you are responsible for the disappearance of Natalie.

According to the man, A woman they could not recognised went to tell them the story and when they said they could not recognise her, I was able to decern she sent someone else again. That woman is a pschyco God knows what she is upto now. ” Mwila shook his head.

“I don’t get it either, but whatever the case we have to find her. She will harm the woman and Natalie or Mercy, whatever her name was , asked me to protect her son and I will do that” I responded coughing a little bit.

“We have to.” Mwila nodded

“I don’t think staying here is a good idea, I need to get out man. Arrange for my release right this minute. ” I sat up painfully looking at him.

“Look at you, you are a mess. You should see your face in the mirror. Forget it man, let me handle this for now. You are in no condition to chase after that crazy woman. Dont worry about the boy and his grand mother, I took them into safe custody after convicing the boss and I warned them to watch out for Cleo. They needed to know the truth and so I told them everything” he explained

“That’s good thank you man but..”

“He is right, you cannot leave this place like this sir you need to stay calm and let us help you to heal” the Doctor walked in with Tacy tagging along behind him.

“Oh no!” I sighed leaning back defeatedly.

Mwila looked on as they checked my wounds and Tacy was instructed to give me some antibiotics and some pain killers.

Whenever she was that close to me I seemed to loose my mind. Not understanding why I was acting like a child in her presence.

Mwila left and I was now alone laying down and thinking through things.

“She is mad, she is bent on having you whether you like it or not. She swore she will have you no matter what she had to do.” I remembered Natalie’ words

“What did I do?” I asked myself wondering since I never gave her any hopes of being with her. I agree Cleo was my obsession at some point but I never agreed to loving her especially in her presence, whatever she was doing really had nothing to do with what I felt but her own madness. I wondered what really happened between her and her late husband that turned an innocent girl into the monster she now had become.

“I will have to change your bandages now” Tacy came to me the following day.

“Good morning nurse Tacy?” I smiled at her waking up from my sleep.

“Good morning Sir, how are you feeling today?” She walked to me and held my hand gently.

“If I have to spend more days being taken care of by woman like you then am not okay ” I teased and she laughed softly as she got on to work on my wounds.

“You will be okey in a few days Sir”

“Oh, I do not have a few days. I need to be out of here” I responded turning to give her access to wash my back wounds.

“I don’t really know why those people beat you up but whatever it is you did was dangerous they could have killed you.” she remarked pressing a soft cotton on my back wounds and I winced a little bit as the sting from the chemical she was using got on my open wound.

“Sorry” she murmered

“Yeah I have been following up a crazy woman for years.” I responded with a chuckle.

“Hm she must be crazy for sure to get you like this” Tacy giggled too.

Our little conversation was interrupted by Mwila who walked in.

“Hey!” He greeted me

“Hey, whats going on you look upset” I asked him pulling down the shirt on me.

“She tried to get to the old woman and the boy this morning. She sent some thugs and there was some shooting, an officer was shot i brought him here” he explained.

“No!” I let a small scream.

“You know what? I can’t lay down here any more I got to find that b**** and put her in her place” I talked as I stood up.

“You cannot leave …”

“Am sorry my lady I can’t stay here.” I held her hamd unconsciously.

“That woman is going to kill the boy and I cannot let her win this time.” I remarked and I saw her smile I wondered why she was doing that cause I was not talking about something appealing. I looked at Mwila and he had the same expression as she did.

“What ? did I say something wrong?” I asked them looking at each one of them.

“My lady?” Mwila burst out laughing

“Oh damn” I hit my head laughing too.

“Am sorry I..” I stammered trying to look at Tacy.

“Its alright” she smiled.

“I understand you trying to be a gentle man.” She added.

“Don’t fall for this fool, he sucks at love” Mwila teased as I put on my shoes.

“I will get you for this you fool!” I scolded him and stood up limping a bit as I walked.

“Easy there!” Tacy almost came to my aid as I stumbled on and held the door to support myself.

“Those mad people damaged me ” I winced.

We were in the car a few minutes later with Mwila telling me what happened at the house they were keeping Natalie’s mother and son.

“Why does she want to hurt them? She knows we are on to her but she insists in doing this crazy s***” I spat

“She wants to get your attention. Am telling you that woman stopped being normal the moment she killed her husband and you know what’s worse? ” he paused looking at me as he drove us.

“Her mother was aware she is alive all this while. Infact she is helping her somehow to scheme her acts. Adding some funds to whatever money she got from her late husband. For paying her goons and doing whatever she is doing. We need to bring her mother in too and I got some boys working on that” Mwila informed me.

“That woman has people inside the force that’s how come she was able to play around us. She seemed a step ahead because someone gives her Intel of what is going on” he added shaking his head.

“Well, now that we know that fact, she will not see us coming this time around.” I responded.

“If the person selling out Intel is at the office, that is where I need us to go right this minute. Let us make her fall into her own trap” I told Mwila who nodded in agreement.

We arrived at the office 20 minutes later and as planned we talked as we moved along the hallway ensuring that everyone was listening in.

I went to the boss’s office later and told him the entire plan to capture Cleo.

An hour later i were parked in front of the new house where we had Natalie’s mother and son hidden (as assumed by everyone since we had them somewhere else and made sure the wrong information was sent to Cleo).

Hidden in the car which I knew she was not able to identify, we waited for some couple of hours for any action from her. The pains in my body where disturbing me a little bit but I tried to ignore them and concetrate.

We were about to give up when a vehicle drove in our direction and stopped in front of the house a few meters away from where we were parked.

“She is supposed to be there. Come on, come out you b**** !” I whispered impatiently waiting for her to make a move so could we move on to her.

Two men walked out and started heading to the house. A few steps away one of them holding something in his hand raised his hand and threw something in the house. We were still contemplating what it was when the entire house blew up in flames and the two men rushed back to the car. This time though we moved on to them before they could speed out.

I fired a shot into the tires to prevent them from driving away.

“Come out with your hands on your head!” I shouted loudly and could see some movements. The other officers surrounding the area and every one alert.

“Let her be inside” I whispered sighing as we waited for them to walk to our full view.

Story continues…