Silently Deep Episode 14


We were happy together, the goodness with Natalie is that there was no dull moment. She always got me laughing and smiling.

Through out her term of pregnancy she was healthy. I was glad we didnt encouter a lot of issues. Her Doctor would consistently check on her on the appointments she had with him.

One evening we sat together in the sitting room. I was seated down on the carpet with her leaning on my laps.

“Honey, what would you do if Cleo was to come back? She asked me in a soft and composed voice.

“What? Why would you ask about her?” I looked down at her face.

“Well, cause I know she is the woman you loved so much before. I want to imagine what would happen if she were to come back. Would you still love her?” She asked without looking at my eyes.

“I don’t like this question Natalie. If you want the truth, Cleo is dead and if it was ever possible she was to come back, i would not do a thing because am with you now. I know I told you about her but I never mentioned the fact that Cleo was a murderer.I would never have her no matter what if she was still alive. Now I have come to realise what I had for her was just an obsession and thank God I found you. You have opened my heart to love and I would never look at another woman” I explained myself to her.

She sat up looking a bit taken aback I wondered why.

“But why would you forget your first love like that sweetie?” She remarked shaking her head.

“You know what?” I looked at her standing up.

“I don’t  know what the hell is wrong with you. If I didn’t know better, I would think Cleo was your sister and you are sad I don’t love her anymore” I snarled

“Am sorry Sweetie,” she walked towards me holding my hand.

“Honestly I don’t like this Natalie” I pulled

“I know am sorry my love, I didn’t intend to make you mad” she leaned her head on my chest.

I was still looking away hurt with realisation that I still felt something for Cleo for me to get that affected. She let a small scream holding her stomach.

“Are you okey?” I asked turning to hold her.

“I think am going into labour” she winced in pain.

“Are you sure, I mean is this the time?” I stammered figiting.

“Take me to the hospital Theo!” She scremed out.

Quickly I rushed to get the keys and lifted her to the car as she continued gnawing in pain.

“You will be okey honey, take it easy” I held her hand as I drove us to the hospital.

“Take me to Doctor Mainza” she sighed in pain.

“I know what he told us love don’t worry yourself. Am taking you direct to him” I smiled assuring her.

The Doctor was waiting for us as we arrived like he was expecting us. Immediately taking her into the Labour ward. As I was told to wait up outside.

I was pacing around impatiently waiting when I spotted a familiar face.

“What?” I whispered to myself following the figure I saw a few meters away. She turned to the left alley and walked away quickly disapearing in the car park as I got outside.

I started searching around the area for the figure. I held my face in confusion thinking my mind was playing games with me.

“Now that you look like you have seen a ghost, what is going on?” Mwila walked to me making me startle.

“Oh! you scared me” I sighed deeply.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He shoved my shoulders.

“I don’t know man, I thought I just saw Cleo pass through the hospital. I followed the woman and she just vanished into thin air around here” I pointed out.

“Cleo? Are you sure. Remember we burried her, did a DNA test and we both know she is gone man, come on if I didn’t know you I would suspect you on some drugs.” He laughed shaking his head.

“Yeah you are right. Its just that Natalie brought her up today and I somehow got my mind thinking about her. It could have been someone else” I chuckled walking back into the hospital.

“By the way how is your wife. I received your text and came to check on you guys” Mwila changed the subject as we walked back in.

“I don’t know man, been waiting here for almost 3 hours. Am still waiting for the Doctor or someone to tell me what the heck is going on in there” I responded sitting down on the bench.

A few minutes later, the nurse walked out of the ward. Standing up to her I asked how my wife was doing.

“Congratulations Sir, you have a baby boy!” She announced with a smile.

“Oh thank God! ” I smiled looking at Mwila who smiled back too.

“How is my wife though?” I asked looking back at the nurse.

“Well, she is okey am sure you can go in and see her” she smiled the more and I quickly rushed in to see her.

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“Hey love!” I kissed her and sat next to her watching the tiny baby in her hands. He was so small in my eyes I was sacred of holding him.

“Come on, you have to hold your baby” the Doctor laughed seeing how uncomfortable i was.

“Am not sure I know how” I responded as a matter of fact.

“Come here” Natalie sat up handling me the baby and showing me how to hold him.

It was a waonderful moment having the tiny thing in my arms. I moved around the room and Natalie kept smiling at us.

Well, to say the least, i felt blessed to have them both. Even as I took them home later on I was so happy and excited. My life was starting to have meaning and I was glad I met Natalie.

Unfortunately for me things started turning around slowly but sure. Natalie would bring up Cleo in most of our talks, saying how sad our love story was because we both never got to experience the true and genuine love. I was slowly becoming irritated with her. But she didn’t seem bothered about it.

One afternoon I came back from work and found the the nanny she had hired to help take care of the baby home alone with the child.

“Where is the mother?” I asked her

“She said she is going out to fetch something” the nanny responded as she fed the baby his porridge.

“Where is that? She always tells me where she goes what happned this time?” I asked worried as I grabbed my phone to give her a call. Her line was off and i tried several other times all to no avail.

I was still struggling when she walked in so drunk.

“Natalie! What is going on?” I pulled her to the bedroom angrly at her behaviour.

“You leave a three months old baby and go out there to get this wasted ?” I asked pushing her to the bed, she staggered before falling.

“What the hell is wrong with you too? I do everything for you in this house. Why are you complaining? Please Theo, let me lead my own life. Am sick and tired of playing dumb with you!” She spoke in her drunken state pointing her fingers at me.

I was almost slapping her but held myself. Never had i seen her behave like she was doing and I sensed something was wrong.

Instead of reacting badly I walked out the house and found myself drinking my disappointment for the woman I married.

In my head the words of Mwila ringing..

“These kind of people are not to be trusted”

“Oh God, what is going on in my life now? What did I do for her to behave like that?” I started asking myself.

To make matters worse, that kind of behaviour went on and the more pain she caused me, the more i got to start regretting having married her. I started thinking maybe her first husband left her because that was the kind of woman she was.

With lots of thoughts, I started planning on trying to do what I had avoided for the past 2 years I came to know her. I had to try find out the real truth about Natalie’s past.

“Yes Mwila, today i have decided to try dig into the past. It might be too late for i am married to her but I think knowing the truth will help me understand what is going on.” I explained to Mwila

“Yeah, I only wish you did that before you married her man, now, if you feel that’s what you want, well, am here to help you” he patted my hand.

“I hope we are not digging into something that will destroy you my friend, you seem to love this woman and am afraid the outcome of this mission might not be pleasant” he added shaking his head.

“I need to know, before I go crazy with all this Mwila, she is driving me insane day by day I don’t understand why.”

Story continues…