Silently Deep Episode 13


The thrilling feeling of going after some criminals always got my mind working faster. We were in the middle of a criminal follow up waiting for some crimnal we had hunted for years. An informat told us they spotted him in some compound and we had parked our car waiting to close in on him.

“There he goes!” Mwila shouted and we jumped out of the vehicle chasing after the guy.

“Use the other way I cut him through this path” I signalled to Mwila and rushed to the small path too.

After almost 5 minutes of persuing him, I caught up with him and pushed the guy down the ground holding his hands placing the cuffs on his arms.

“Your time is up you loser!” I sighed lifting him up. Just then Mwila stopped in front of us.

“You got him. You are the man” he smiled patting my back and we walked on pushing forward the criminal.

We were just getting to the office when my phone rung.

“Helo!” I responded pushing the guy we caught to the cell bars after he was processed.

“Honey, am at the hospital seeing a Doctor, I think you should come over here” came Natalie’s voice from the other end.

“Are you okey? What happened?” I asked panicking.

“Yes i feel okey now, Will you just come here ?” I heard her sigh.

“Am on my way!” I told her before cutting the line.

I told Mwila I was to step out a little bit and he gave me a knowing look.

“I hope it’s not one of those escapes to go and be with that woman” he winced.

“That woman has a name my dear, its Natalie” I shook my head at him.

“Yeah sure, what happened now you look like she is dying or something ?” He teased.

“She is at the hospital, I don’t know why and am going there to find out” I responded whilst walking.

“Go ahead boss, go check on your woman” he smiled at me.

Getting to the hospital, I was almost running through the alley to get to her. I found her seated in the doctor’s office smiling as she saw me walk in.

“Natalie, are you okey?” I asked lifting her up worried.

“Yeah calm down honey will you? Am not dying ” She teased but I didn’t find her funny at the moment.

“What is going on here?” I asked this time looking at the doctor and back at her.

“Your wife has some good news for you Sir” the Doctor smiled. I wanted to tell him we were not married yet but I thought that was not important at the time.

“What is it honey?” I looked at Natalie.

“Am pregnant, am 5 weeks pregnant my love” she smiled pulling her hands as she played with her fingers

“Whao! Really?” I asked more of shocked than surprised.

“Yeah the doctor just confirmed it. I was not feeling well the whole morning and I didn’t want to bother you so I decided to come have some check ups and well, here we are, am carrying your child Theo” she smiled

“This is a big surprise, what can i say..” I stammered.

“I thought you would be happy am carrying your child Theo” she looked at me sadly.

“No, I mean yes am Happy honey, it’s just that I didn’t expect this. Are we ready for a child? ” I found myself uttering and she stormed away.

I looked at the doctor sighing deeply.

“A child is a blessing Sir and every woman wants a man who would be there to support them and love them when they are carrying his child” the doctor nodded his head at me

“Yeah you are right let me get to her” I pointed out the door and walked out to find Natalie who was now standing by my car looking sad.

“I didn’t plan for this you know, I was as surprised as you are but I thought you would be happy?” She looked away from me.

“Come here Natalie ” I pulled her to myself embracing her.

“I love you and am going to be here for you till our child comes. Its just that I was shocked back there and didn’t know how to react. But if we are going to be parents soon then its high time we thought of making our relationship official” I whsipred to her stroking her back gently.

“What do you mean by that?” She stepped back asking .

“I mean I need to see your mother and ask for your hand in marriage. You are a good person and am sure my mom will love you” I smiled and she pulled me into a kiss smiling happily.

“Thank you, even though i didn’t see this coming am happy that you trust me enough to make me your wife Theo”

“Yeah I love you and for me that’s enough for now” I smiled back and opened the door for her before moving in to the driver’s seat.

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It was all smiles that day. She treated me to a good meal and as her bedroom skills were super, I got myself a good stress relief in the night.

Now I decided there was no turning back. Asking her about her mother she told me after talking to her, her mother said she was out of town, but her mother’s sister was around somewhere within Lusaka.

“In fact I grew up with this aunty of mine, she is the best person for you to see. Her and my uncle will spearhead the marriage thing” she had told me and I did as she told me.

My family and I went to see this her aunty and uncle and we were charged. A few weeks later i paid up the dowerly and all was due for our big day. I could see her happy, she was ever smiling and I couldn’t help feel proud. She was everything I wanted and what gave me so much gladness is the fact that she was happy with me. I asked to take her to school so that she would continued college but she declined saying she would settle for some business.

Now we only had a month towards our wedding and we were going round town, buying staff.

“Shila! Sheila!” A lady was calling looking in our direction.

“Honey, It seems that girl is calling you or what?” I asked her.

“Since when is my name Shila honey, no forget her she is obviously calling someone else or has mistaken my face for someone else” she shrugged casually and moved on.

I took a look at her as she went on selecting some things. There was little change on her body, I was expecting to see signs of pregamacy since she was supposed to be about 3 months preganat at the moment. Her tummy was still as flat and nothing seemed changed about her except her appetite for icecream.

“When are you going to start showing” I whsipered to her making her laugh.

“I don’t know, was wondering the same. I feel almost the same except for my craving for icecream, I bet am that kind of woman that doesn’t show fast” she smiled.

“Yeah probably or am not feeding you enough to make the baby grow” I laughed and she joined in.

“You are crazy” she laughed.

Well, we got married a few weeks later. Her mother yet again didn’t show up. I was told she was still away but thankfully a few relatives came through with her uncle and aunty we paid dowerly to.

All went on well and we came back from our honeymoon a couple of weeks later.

Natalie got so sick I had to take her to the same doctor and I told me her preganacy was high risky and I needed to avoid making love to her till she was due.

I found it awkward but I was willing to do anything to make sure her and my child were okey.

In a month or so she started showing and I was finally relaxed as I started getting worried about her not showing.

I was so excited now with the idea of having a baby, so much that I never paid attention to making love to her following the doctors orders.

Sometimes though she would allow me to do a quick one from her behind but made sure I never touched her berry, it was like she felt some kind of pain and over time I gave up. I wanted her the Normal way and I didn’t want to hurt her.

Story continues…