Silently Deep Episode 15


The woman standing before us was shaking her head as she explained.

“Am telling you those people are strange, I always see them come in and out but they never talk to anyone. Of late I only see one around but mostly she just walks in and out I doubt she spends the night here” she explained after we asked her about Natalie and what went on at the house since she told us that two women are usually seen around.

Asking her when such started happening, she told us about 2 years back. According to her, Natalie bought the house from a certain man that was now living in some farm in Chongwe. She told us they just saw a woman shift in but she had never socialised with any of them. They all used to see her once in a while around the house and always wondered why she was so lonely and wouldn’t talk to anyone.

She added that recently, two women were seen around the house and like always they never knew who they both were.

“Two women? Who is this Natalie my friend? How is it that a house she rented some time back is still here and being visited by her and some unknown woman?” Mwila asked me as we sat back in my car. I was lost of words. I never knew that small house was still there. Natalie had never told me a thing about it.

“What is going on with this woman?” I wondered loudly failing to start the car. My mind went back to the previous day when I tried to talk to her about what she was doing

“Natalie, you are my wife, we have a child together, tell me what is going on in this house that you have decided to make my life a living hell” I asked her seated in our bed. She looked down the floor and for a moment I could see she looked a little bit sad.

“Tell me something Natalie, do you even love me?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She responded with one word.

“Hmmm yes?” I questioned her further wanting her to say something to atleast give me sight of what was going on.

“I never knew I would fall in love with you Theo, you are a good man and honestly you have treated me right all this time.” She paused looking at me and I could somehow see she was being truthful only that something else was bothering her

“But why the sudden change of behaviour?” I asked her holding her hands into mine.

“I.. I .. I can’t tell you that” she shook her head standing up.

“You can’t tell me? why?” I followed her to the side of the room she was.

“Please Theo, do not make this harder than it is already. I drink to try and stay sane cause am also going crazy” she responded giving my head more confusion.

I stood in front of her, made her look straight into my eyes and asked her again.

“I love you Natalie, you know that for sure. If there is something going on which I should know of please help me to understand you and let’s find the solution toghether” I pleaded with her.

Suddenly she broke down crying before me. I felt bad she looked that vulnerable and I held her close into my arms rubbing her back.

“Am sorry” she whsipered and before I could say another word she rushed out and she was gone for hours before returning home late on the night drunk.

She barely touched the baby. It was like she was not interested in him anymore and since she told me she could not breast feed, she opted to give him baby fromular. According to her, the doctor had recommended it since she could not produce enough milk.

“Theo! Are you even getting what am saying?” Mwila waves his hand in my face.

I looked at him and sighed.

“No am sorry, what was that you said? ” I asked him.

“Well, I said let’s come back here probably in the night and find out what is going on. Something is fishy here” he explained.

“Natalie has something going on, something big” I responded instead my mind still at her.

“I bet she has, she is acting so weired “he giggled.

“No, serious man. That woman still loves me and I can see it in her eyes. Something happend after she gave birth to our son. I went back to speak to the doctor and he told me she could be having some post pregnancy issues and will come around. I can’t take this anymore man, I love her. I swear I have fallen in love with her and I don’t want to lose her. She is my wife now and I will do anything to help her” I seriously uttered making Mwila shake his head.

“Hm. I pity you my friend. This time you truly fall in love and now you can’t even be happy. I hope all this fuss clears up soon. ” he shrugged

“Yeah I hope ask too”

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We left Natalie’s old house and I took one last look at it from the side mirror. Wondering why she still visited her old house.

Reaching home that afternoon, I found my wife seated on the door step. She looked up at me and I for a moment thought she was crying but upon seeing me she smiled standing up.

“Hey!” She greeted me

“Hey” I responded not knowing what to do. She had not given me some chance to talk to her.

“Can we sit here, I miss those days when you used to sit with me here. I loved it here and I miss that” she told me with a small grinn.

“Okey” I shrugged sitting down on the top step and she walked round and sat in front of me. She pulled herself closer to me and sat comfortably between my legs and leaned her head backwards till she settled on my torso. Her hands holding mine on her chest as though she wanted me to feel her soft and steady heart beat on her upper chest.

“I was never married before” she started without warning.

“What was that?” I asked without moving too.

“Yeah, I lied and am sorry. I have never been married before Theo. That man you saw on the pictures back at my old house was married to my friend and not me. My friend died and i started staying in that house” she spoke calmly.

“What are you telling me? I saw you on that photo. You were with him” I responded trying not to give away my shock.

“Yeah I know, you do not have to believe anything you see Theo, things are not always as they seem to be.” She looked back at my face shrugging. I wanted to ask what she meant by that but I found myself silent like I was tongue tied.

“Sometimes the people, the things you see around or hear are not what they truly are. This world has people with minds that are hard to perceive. They would drive you insane with their actions and most of the times no matter how much light we see around, the dark end up controlling us. ” she added looking away and I noticed she wiped some tears from her eyes.

Yet again I remained silent. I wanted her to say whatever it was without me getting in her way. I was afraid my outburst would scare her.

“I never knew that this day will come when I would get to tell you about this. I never iintendedto fall in love with you. I was supposed to lure you into believing I loved you and then at the point when you were desparate, I was supposed to dump you and make you suffer with pain beyond what you could ever imagine” she went on but this time I failed who keep it to myself. I pushed her forward a little bit making sure she was looking at me.

“Who are you?” Was what came out of my mouth first.

“My name is not important now. Ask me what do I want with your life?” She made a face seriously looking into my eyes I felt some little shivers on my face skin.

“My God! What the hell is going on here? Who are you and what do you want with my life?” I asked now standing up.

Just that minute the Nanny walked out with the baby in her hands. She stood before us and I looked down not wanting the baby or Nanny see how angry my face had become.

“Am sorry to interrupt but the phone has been ringing.” She extended her hands giving Natalie her phone.

Natalie took it and placed the phone on her ears. Without speaking she listened in and all this time she kept looking at my face.

“I have heard you” she murmured at last and let her hand fall down her side.

“Am sorry, I got to go. Don’t wait up for me I might delay” she added.

“You are not going anywhere!” I pulled her back before she could pass through the door.

“Yes I am and am sorry but you cannot stop me Theo” she responded calmly but seriously.

“Where the hell are you going Natalie! We are still ttalkingand you have brought up a lot of issues you can’t just leave like that? Who do you think I am? A fool or an idiot huh?! ” I followed her to the bedroom as she walked on without responding.

“You will talk to me today dammit!” I yelled pushing her to the bed.

She ffelldown on the bed and sharply looked at me.

“You are crazy! You want to hurt me?” She screamed shaking her head.

“Am sorry I pushed you that hard Natalie, please let’s talk about this now. Who called you, why have you changed and become this cold again. Please talk m am your husband” I knelt before her begging for her to listen.

She looked at me her eyes filled with tears.

“I want to help you Theo, trust me I want to and I hope to find a way to do so. Just give me time and I will make things right for you” she answered tears now falling freely.

I watched her in awe as she put on her shoes. She walked to me after placing a small jacket on top of her body top and high waist jeans, kissing my lips and smiling a bit and walked away.

I hated that I could not stop her. But I felt I could not force her to speak out. I had to find out on my own what she was doing and I let her walk out the gate before grabbing my car keys.

“I hate this but this is the only way of getting to the truth” I whsipered to myself as I placed the keys in the ignition.

The moment I got to the road, I saw a car drive away. Following her close but at a good distance to avoid her seeing me.

After almost 20 minutes of driving, the car she was in stopped and I saw her walk out carrying her small bag. Without turning her eyes towards where I was, she walked on into some shop.

I followed her and to my shock, she was not there. I looked around and saw another door out the shop. Following it whilst my heart racing. Looking to and from to see her, but it was quiet, she had disapeared.

Realising I could talk to the driver of the car she was in, I ran back to the front and the time I got there, the car was gone.

“Dammit Natalie!” I hit my car front angrly. She had played me. She must have seen me follow her.

Now I only had one more lead to follow, I was to find out who the other woman she was seen with at her old house was. So I drove away heading there. I looked at my watch, it was a few minutes past 18.

I tried to call Mwila to let him know what was going on but his line went unanswered. Deciding to go ahead on my own I increase the speed of the vehicle looking ahead the straight road stretched before me.

Story continues…