Shades Of Romance- Episode 4


I was very restless that fateful night. I was just a step away from turning Jenifer away from Tony. I was so close, very close. How could i sleep.

Early the next morning. I headed over to her place to confirm if the tricks i pulled worked as planned. I went to Jenifer’s house not thinking of anything but my plans.

By 7:45am i got to her apartment and knocked anxiously on the door. I was totally anxious as ever.
The door soon opened to reveal Jenifer looking very terrible like someone down with a deadly flu. I smiled inside while displaying an innocent look with my face.

“you are now happy huh. It’s what you have been praying for. Yes i caught him with another lady. I did as you asked and caught Tony with a woman. I can’t believe he is cheating on me” she cried, leaving me totally relieved with her outburst. There was nothing this time to stop her from accepting me.
“be clever, boy” i quickly advised myself, rushing up to hug her with care.

“you shouldn’t be crying for anyone, more especially a big jerk like Tony. Calm down, I beg of you” i pleaded, holding her softly. She struggled and tried to break away from me but i held her strongly.

“my dear i know i shouldn’t be saying this but i think it’s good you found out Tony’s true behaviour on time. Seriously baby” i murmured carefully.

There wasn’t any doubt my feelings for Jenifer turned me into a very terrible person. Making me do Something very immature and irresponsible. As a human being i felt guilty and bad but the urge to continue with my plans were stronger than the guilt i was feeling.

A knock on the door quickly sounded breaking up my thoughts.
“I think Tony is here. He probably has come to beg” she informed me while i drew back with shock. Strangely it never occured to me to reason towards that direction. It never occured to me to plan what to say and how to act if Tony was to show up at her house which caused the shock i got on hearing that he was probably the person knocking. I equally knew he was going to be surprised to see me there and so had just few seconds to think out a reasonable explanation to give my friend.

I wasn’t yet ready to expose myself to him.

To be continued shortly.