Shades Of Romance- Episode 5


I bravely opened the door for Tony who gasped with surprise as he saw me.

“oh gracious lord. You are here?” he exclaimed curiously. I nervously smiled and made way for him to enter the room while Jenifer turned her back on us.

“so you know?” he asked suspiciously.

“know about what?” i murmured, pretending to be confused.

“yea i called your friend first thing today. I told him about your games. Just leave my house” Jenifer cut in with anger, saving me a whole lot of explanation. I breathed deeply and smiled with relief.

“i have things under control. Just respect her wish and leave for the moment. I’ll brief you later” i said to him convincingly. He drew back and gave me a look of trust.

“can you fix things for me?” he asked hopefully.

“of course my friend. I’ll, and before i forget, please give me Irene’s Phone number. I hope she has left” i said curiously.

“yea i sent her home very early in the morning” he answered weakly, sharing the girl’s number with me. Moments after, he left unceremoniously, leaving me alone with Jenifer.

“so the girl, who is she?. You can’t believe the shock i got seeing her in his house. Gosh” Jenifer vibrated angrily.

“her name is Irene. She used to be Tony’s fiancee, until he met you” i answered truthfully, drawing out a very fierce gaze from the shocked girl.

“i still can’t believe Tony could do such a thing to me” she cried softly, while i rolled my eyes with satisfaction. I couldn’t help but imagine the scene that was created in Tony’s house the previous evening.

“i can’t believe things are just going as expected” i chuckled happily, my imaginations instantly going wild with all i planned doing with the decieved girl.

To be continued.