Shades Of Romance- Episode 3


Days later

At exactly 5pm on wednesday evening, days after Jenifer’s birthday. I got a very urgent phone call from Tony.

“please can you come over to my house. I need your help” he begged.
I left all i was doing and headed to his house, where i saw my friend very nervous as ever.

“oga Tony you frightened me with your call. What’s happening?” i asked as we shook hands.

“A lot is happening my brother. Can you believe that as we speak this minute, Irene is in a bus heading towards here” he complained.

“Irene” i repeated the name, staring at him with a little confusion.

“don’t tell me you have forgotten Irene?. The nurse from our village i once told you i had a little affair with, when i returned to the country some years back. Remember i told you she wriggled her way into my family’s heart before i left her for Jenifer?. She swore never to let me be. Claiming that i’m her husband whether i liked it or not” he explained desperately.

“it’s okay, yea i got it. I remember very well. So what’s the problem?” i asked,

“you know i can’t let the girl stay. What if Jenifer finds out?” he lamented.

“you made the mistake by first allowing her to get on the bus. You could have told her you aren’t in town or travelling out. Well, since she’s already on her way and probably knows no one else in this city. I suggest you take her in for the night, first thing tomorrow you send her home. It’s already late for any other plan” i suggested. He breathed deeply and looked at me.

“brother, I love Jenifer so much. I’m planning to marry her in a couple of months. I can risk anything spoiling my plans.” he prayed.

“well you have to risk this” i smiled and stood up. The door bell rang at that exact moment drawing our attention to the door.

“she’s here” he added with a little frown.

“cheer up bro” i smiled, headed to the door and opened it for Irene who smiled at me, holding a small travelling bag. I returned her smile and dutifully left the apartment afterwards, heading to Jenifer house with a dirty plan.
The opportunity i was waiting for was finally in my hands.

20 minutes later. Jenifer’s apartment

“I beg you in the name of God, what are you doing here by this time?” Jenifer asked with surprise when she answered her door to see me. I smiled, while she blocked the way, stopping me from gaining access into the apartment.

“I know you think Tony is the perfect guy. I equally know you are having strong doubts about your true feelings for him. The answers to everything is now available my dear. Just move over to his house and see for yourself. Don’t call or tell him that i spoke to you. It should be our little secret” i winked and left, smiling with satisfaction.

My bag of explosives were well laid and ready for action. All that was remaining was to visit the crime scene the next day and check the level of damage they created.

To be continued.