Shades Of Romance- Episode 23


On getting to my house, i took a quick shower before joining Selena who was already naked on the bed.

“so how do you want it?” she asked sweetly. I breathed deeply and laid beside her.

“i don’t know if i’m doing the right thing by being with you. Things are going badly for me right now” i complained bitterly. She leaned forward and rested her head on my chest.

“now tell me your problems. We have been friends for a long time, perhaps i can be of help” she asked curiously.

“yeah, i think i can open up to you. I have nothing to lose” i smiled and took my time in telling her everything. She listened with great attention and softly caressed my chest when i was done.

“the poor girl is just scared. Of course who wouldn’t be after hearing all your kinsman said concerning her, but don’t kill yourself over it. Just give her a little time for things to calm down” she advised while i shook my head.

“that’s the problem. I just can’t live without knowing that she’s alright. I just want to see her. I love that girl” i said strongly.

“of course i see that, but let’s forget about everything and concentrate on ourselves. Don’t you want to f–k me?” she asked as she fetched a wrap of condom, licked her lips and kissed me hotly. My hormones instantly lit up with fire.

“naught boy” she laughed, pulled the condom over my joystick, climbed out of the bed and switched off the lights. Seconds later, we were moaning with pleasure.

We really had wonderful s-x that sapped all my energy and gave me a new breathe of life. I woke up the next morning, more relaxed and calm. My mind sharp and clear.

“If you really want to find Jenifer, the best place to search is her work place. She can’t stay away from work for long. She must report there no matter what. Thank me later” Selena said with a smile as she collected her payment for the wonderful night she gave me. I drew close and hugged her.

“thanks for everything. I’ll follow up your suggestion right away” I said with joy. She nodded, pecked me and left.

Without wasting time, i grabbed my phone and called Joe.
“i have a new job for you” i said to Joe who murmured some inaudible words.

“I need you to watch Jenifer’s school from now onwards. I have strong feeling that we will get her there” i ordered calmly and hung up, breathing happily.

“Selena was right, Jenifer can’t afford staying away from her work place for long or could she??” i asked myself over and over.
Just like i was advised, i had no choice than to sit and hopefully wait for things to turn out good…

To be continued.