Shades Of Romance- Episode 24


After two days of anxious waiting, i got a very wonderful news from Joe who came into my apartment with excitement written all over his face.

“I saw your woman today and believe me, she’s very okay. She reported to work like you were expecting and i had to wait and follow her after the school closed for the day. I now know her hideout” he poured out with excitement, while i quickly got up and shook his hand.

“you are the man. So tell me, where is she hiding?” i asked curiously,

“somewhere in Ekenwan, she’s probably staying with a friend” he answered.

“good, let’s go there, let’s go right away” i shouted, grabbed my car keys and hurried out of my apartment with him.

I couldn’t control my excitement as i drove towards Ekenwan that fateful evening. I was so happy and overly excited.
We soon got to her hideout, a very cool building complex with lots of apartments.

Joe nodded and alighted, i quickly followed him and together we headed into the building, my heart beating furiously. We slowly made our way to the first floor, Joe leading the way and stopping at a door..

“here is the apartment i saw her enter this afternoon” he said with a slight nod. I drew forward and knocked on the door without wasting time. I knocked and knocked until a middle aged lady opened up and stared at us with fear.

“where is Jenifer?” i barked,

“i don’t know any Jenifer” she answered and tried to shut the door, but i was faster than her. I pushed forward, forcing my way into the sitting room and pushing aside the shocked lady in the process.

“get out now” she screamed, but i paid no attention to her because i already had caught glimpse of a lady escaping to one of the rooms as i bolted into the apartment.
I went after the lady, barging into the room without civility and freezing as my eyes feel on the fleeing woman. She was no other person than my Jenifer.

“Jenifer” i breathed.

“get out” she screamed boldly like a terrified Animal.

“Jenifer” i called out her name again, happiness filling my heart and swelling my soul….

To be continued