Shades Of Romance- Episode 22


I was quite restless all through the rest of that day, giving Joe a hard time as he desperately tried to calm me.

“seriously i believe Jenifer is save where ever she is. I think she just wants to be away from you for the moment and it’s wise you respect her wish. She just wants to be away for things to calm down. Don’t you understand” he seriously said to me, but his words meant nothing to me. All i wanted was to see Jenifer, nothing more, nothing less.

“where do you think she could be?” i asked him. He shrugged slowly, looking down.

“she could be with her friends, she could be at her hometown. She has lots of places to hide, I presume” he answered, while i quickly got up with excitement.

“we have to check her school, yea someone there must know something” i said, grabbed my keys and headed out while he followed me, shaking his head in protest.

“c’mon we can’t be going there by this time of the day, it’s past 2pm already. God” he begged as we headed to my car. But i refused listening.

Unfortunately i achieved nothing, nor got any information from the school. Nobody was able to give any reasonable answer to my questions. I headed back home with despair.

“you can’t continue like this. You have to cheer up, she isn’t death. You just have to settle down, get yourself and think over the situation with a settled mind. Without a settled mind you will end up with nothing. Rest, clear your head and think properly” Joe advised once again. This time i listened to him.

“yes i think you are right. You can go home now. I can take care of myself” i said quietly, while he stared at me curiously.

“don’t worry, i’m fine. I just want to sleep and clear my head” i said to him, forcing out a smile.

“okay, i will be here early tomorrow” he smiled, stood up and left. I slowly got up, fetched a bottle of whisky and took some shots before retiring to my bedroom where i instantly fell asleep.

I woke up around 7pm feeling very sick and hungry. I dialled Jenifer’s number once again but still got the same old “phone switched off” response. I hissed, freshened up and headed to a small restaurant down the street, equally inviting my pal Selena to join me there. I sure needed a friend, someone to cheer me up and bring out my spirit.

Selena showed up an hour later with an apologetic smile on her face.
“i’m so sorry for keeping you waiting my love. It’s like you are drunk?” she apologized, kissed me and drew back with surprise after percieving the smell of alchohol from my breathe.

“c’mon let’s go home, hope you can still drive?” she asked as she dragged me to my feet.
All i wanted was my Jenifer but sure Selena was a good pal who always cured me from such pains…..

Yea i know some would frown at my action, but that very moment a dead part of me needed revival. A sort of revival only Selena could perform.

To be continued