Shades Of Romance- Episode 21


“Jenifer is missing, is she with you?” i asked cautiously. Tony drew back again, his gun still pointing at me.

“just look at you, pointing a gun at your own brother. My tanker you burnt isn’t it enough revenge?” i asked coldly, forcing him to lower the gun with my words.

“i burnt your tanker?” he asked with surprise written over his face, but it failed to convince me of his innocence.

“your boys burnt my tanker, now Jenifer is gone, c’mon Tony how far are you willing to go for a woman. You are a man bro, you got to let some things go” i said seriously, drawing closer to him while he moved back again.

“i didn’t burn your Tanker neither did i kidnap Jenifer. All i did was report your atrocity to all my friends and family. Seems like your sins are catching up with you. There is no better revenge than that” he said with a scornful smile, tossing his gun to one of the two guys in his compound.

“return the gun to my room. We won’t be needing it after all” he said to the boys, who quickly disappeared into the house with it.

“you took away Jenifer from me. I’ll never forgive you for that, but just like i told you sometime back, i’m not ready to be a bachelor anymore. I’ll be marrying Irene in a couple of months, so i have nothing to do with Jenifer’s disappearance” he said seriously, while Joe drew close and held my hand.

“i don’t think he has your woman, let’s go” he said, dragging me out of the compound. I couldn’t just describe how i felt that moment. I was far from miserable.

Joe drove my car, while i sat at the passenger’s corner as we headed back to my house.
“Jenifer is fine, don’t despair” he tried calming me, but surprisingly, a text message from Jenifer entered my phone that same moment.

“EMMY, I KNOW YOU WILL BE LOOKING FOR ME BY NOW, BUT PLEASE FORGET ME. I’M FINE DOWN HERE, PLEASE MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE AND DON’T BOTHER LOOKING FOR ME” were the words she sent. I quickly dialled her phone number but unfortunately the line was switched off….

“no it can’t be” i cried with despair, wondering where she could be…
“where are you Jenifer?” i asked with a broken heart.

To be continued.