Shades Of Romance- Episode 20


I was still thinking of what next to do, when a call from Joe came into my phone.

“oga where are you?, you left the house without me?” he asked with concern.

“Jenifer has disappeared, i’m at her apartment right now. I can’t find her” i answered painfully,

“oh!, should i come over?” he asked.

“no don’t worry, i’m coming to pick you up” i answered, breathed deeply and headed back to my house where he was patiently waiting with two young men.

“the boys are here for the work” he said with a smile, while i nodded with appreciation.

“negotiate with them, you are in charge. Meet me in my sitting room we you are done. We have something more important at hand” i said and went into my apartment to change my clothes.
Joe came in five minutes later, looking very serious and curious. He sat on my couch and watched me.

“her phone is switched off. I don’t know what to think. Yes she must be with Tony, Let’s go over there right away” i said with despair. He drew back and shook his head.

“i don’t think it’s a wise idea sir” he murmured.

“i don’t care what you think. Let’s go” i commanded and got up. He shrugged and followed me without another word.

On getting to Tony’s house, i parked my car across his open gate and walked in screaming his name furiously.

Two guys quickly emerged from the backyard and headed towards me as if they planned throwing Joe and I out of the compound. They however weren’t armed and so drew no fear from me.

“hey guys leave them. This is my fight” Tony suddenly shouted and emerged from the front door with a double barrel gun. The boys instantly stopped and drew back, while i scoffed with disdain.

“i see you got yourself a bodyguard, hmmm that’s impressive” he smiled and drew closer to me.

“and i see you got yourself some touts, hmmm that’s foolish” i mimicked. He frowned as the insult did its work.

“what stops me from blowing off your head right now?” he asked, cocking his gun.

“i can claim you were trespassing, i can claim robbery. I can claim self defence. I know you guys are armed, now toss your weapons” he ordered, pointing his double barrel gun at my forehead. I smiled coldly.

Of course i knew he wasn’t going to shoot. I saw it in his eyes. The fear in him was very noticeable. But yes sometimes a man can do the imaginable just to score a cheap point.

Joe cautiously drew closer to me, breathing down my neck while he quickly drew back a little and positioned his weapon very well.
It was now a battle of wits.

To be continued.