Shades Of Romance- Episode 19


“c’mon baby, it’s true our relationship isn’t going to get a smooth sailing, but that shouldn’t despair you. I’m with you and nothing it’s going to change it” i pleaded desperately, but she never listened, instead continued crying.

“i made a terrible mistake by following my heart. We are in Africa. Family matters a lot. Nobody will respect me in your family” she sobbed seriously.

The whole day was really a big mess for me. I spent every minute trying to cheer up Jenifer but the more i tried the more she cried. I didn’t leave my apartment that fateful day, nor did i do any other thing apart from trying to make her happy. Joe equally showed up by 9am without the boys i asked him to get.

“oga i was told they left for Jos yesterday morning, but i have sent message across. They will be back today or tomorrow” he said to me.

Seriously my affair with Jenifer turned everything in my life upside down just with few days of being with her, but as my life changed, so did my love for her grew. I was overwhemingly in love with her. I was ready to do anything for her, even kill for her.

However things took a dramatic turn the next day. I woke up to find my Jenifer gone without a trace. Her bags and clothes were still intact in my bedroom, but she was nowhere to be found, her phone equally switched off..

I couldn’t believe myself. I unsuccessfully searched all around my rooms for her, before rushing to the entrance door to find it closed but unlocked, same as my gate, which showed that she left with her own free will.

Quickly i fetched my car keys and drove to her apartment but unfortunately she wasn’t there. The whole place was securely locked.
Tears slowly dropped from my eyes as three ideas instantly hit my mind.

“perhaps she couldn’t control her fears anymore and chose to run away, or maybe went over to Tony’s house to do the unimaginable, or could it be that she ran away to take her life?” i reasoned fearfully, almost urinating on my trouser as fear took over my entire body.

To be continued