Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 63

I returned to my lodge the next morning a bit frightened over how to face Tracy. I had no choice than to tell her the truth even though I felt she wouldn’t believe me. Just like I expected, Tracy found it hard to believe when I told her that Pamela drugged me. The look of disbelief in her eyes, the fear that shadowed her face and the way she colored up, clearly told me that all wasn’t well. I still managed to tell her everything, including the discussions I had with Pamela while she laid on her bed, faced the wall and pretended not to listen. ‘’I know you wont believe me. Yes if I’m in your shoes I also doubt if I would believe all I just told you but that’s the truth. She drugged me for no good reason but nothing happened between us’’ I desperately added when I was done with my story. ‘’she just drugged you like that and nothing happened?’’ she finally asked while I heaved a sigh of relief as I realized that she was actually listening. ‘’nothing really happened, I swear. My problem now is getting a good private hospital for the DNA test. I don’t know how government hospital works’’ I added softly as I stood up in readiness to head to my room. ‘’my dad’s friend runs a good private hospital here in this city. Maybe I should give him a call on your behalf’’ she suddenly offered, surprising me with the offer. I couldn’t help but notice that Tracy was acting more matured and understanding than she used to be. Perhaps it was all about age or maybe her love was growing with each passing day. ‘’that’s great. Thanks’’ I breathed in appreciation. ‘’you can go to your room and freshen up. I will meet you there when I’m done speaking with him’’ she added softly. ————————— Two hours later, Tracy walked into my room with her usual charm. I smiled happily as I made space for her on my bed. She hesitated for a while before sitting on the bed. ‘’listen Jude, I’m not forcing you to do this DNA test. It’s your decision right?’’ she asked. I nodded as i wondered why she asked such question. ‘’of course it’s my decision. I really want to know if I’m the father of Juliet or not’’ I answered quickly. She smiled, took my phone and typed in a phone number. ‘’fine, I just saved the doctor’s number. He will be waiting for you on Tuesday. Simply call him before heading to the hospital, here is his card as well’’ she softly said as she handed over an office card to me. ‘’once you get to the hospital, simply introduce yourself to any nurse on duty, you will be instantly attended to. I won’t be going with you because it isn’t my problem. You have to do this with Pamela’’ she added while I nodded in appreciation before reaching forward to kiss her. She didn’t push me away, instead she blushed. ‘’I like it whenever you blush. I enjoy making you blush’’ I softly whispered as I drew her to my body. She instantly jumped out of the bed. ‘’I see your hormones are raging again. Tell them you didn’t see me today’’ she said playfully, sat on a small plastic chair beside my reading table and crossed her legs while I licked my lips as I admired her. Kindly like our Facebook Page POBSONLINE.COM for more amazing stories
1pm, Tuesday afternoon Pamela and I headed out of the hospital sweating profusely. Pamela was carrying little Juliet while I carried her bag. I never imagined she was going to accept doing the DNA test without a fight and with the way she accepted everything, I couldn’t help but believe that Juliet was actually my daughter. ‘’I guess you are now happy right?’’ she asked as we headed to my car. ‘’I will only relax when the test comes out on Thursday and Juliet turns out to be mine’’ I breathed with a smile. ‘’okay oooooo suit yourself’’ she replied and rolled her eyes. As we headed to my house, she brought up the topic we discussed on our way to the hospital earlier in the day. She had told me that she planned taking a flight to Abuja that very evening to discuss things concerning her welfare and settlement with her ex husband, something I really wasn’t comfortable with since she said she was going to leave little Juliet in my care. ‘’so how about what we discussed?, you know I can’t take the little baby on another flight after all she passed through during the weekend. The cold weather and the distance are very risky for her health and I can’t postpone this meeting. I will only be out for one night alone. By 5pm tomorrow I should be back. You know I’m only doing this for the future of the baby. We need the man’s money no matter how rich you feel you are. You have nothing to worry about. Juliet doesn’t disturb that much. I have prepared her food and everything she will need today and tomorrow. You can even tell your girlfriend what’s that her name? To help out’’ she pushed on and on. Finally I shrugged in resignation. ‘’fine, you can go. I will be with Juliet’’ I accepted faintly. ————————— By 2:30pm, a cab came to the house to pick up Pamela. For the first time in my presence little Juliet cried very furiously as her mum left the house. It was just as if she was seeing something that I wasn’t seeing, she just cried as if someone threw her on the floor. ‘’just take care of her for me. I will be back before you know it. I love you Jude’’ Pamela breathed, surprising me with a quick kiss before leaving. I couldn’t help but wonder if I actually did the right thing by allowing her to go on that journey. Babysitting a little child just wasn’t my thing and after being with little Juliet for few minutes I begged Tracy to come over to the house. You can’t imagine her surprise when she saw me all alone with Juliet. To be continued.