Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 62

’oh my God what did you do to me?’’ I screamed as I jumped out of the bed. ‘’you can’t be thinking of leaving by this hour?, it’s already 11:30pm’’ Pamela muttered with a smile, sitting up on the bed. ‘’where is Juliet?’’ I asked as I wiped my eyes. ‘’she is sleeping on the small bed I bought for her today’’ she replied, pointing at a new baby bed at the other side of the room. ‘’you see why I can’t trust you? You drugged me with the slightest opportunity you got’’ I breathed furiously. ‘’I did what I had to do to get you to listen to me. We have a lot to talk and I couldn’t just let you go today. Moreover I was very lonely the previous night’’ she defended herself, but I failed to be convinced. I quickly dialed Tracy’s number but her phones were all switched off. ‘’you know this is the time to forget about your Tracy and think about our future. We stand a good chance of surviving together than being separated’’ she breathed seriously. ‘’the only link I have with you is this baby and the DNA test result will prove if she’s actually mine or not’’ I said angrily as i headed to the sitting room. She followed me quickly. ‘’listen Pamela I’m very sorry to sound harsh but you should know I never planned to be in this mess, look at me, look at my age. I’m too young to start thinking of marriage. I’m even yet to go for my Nysc or get a job’’ I breathed out of frustration as I sat down on a couch. She softly sat beside me and held my hand. ‘’I do understand and I believe together we can achieve everything we want in life. Believe me you stand a better chance of surviving with me than with Tracy. My ex husband already knows you. I believe he sent some of his agents to watch you after he discovered everything. I have a very strong plan that will make him cough out a whole lot of money to settle me and with it we can live anywhere we want. But if you leave me, I won’t have any choice than to run the deal on my own and you will be left at the mercy of the senator. The man is very ruthless and I swear he won’t have any mercy on you or even Tracy. You can doubt me if you want’’ she said seriously, leaving me staring at her with great confusion. It took me close to two minutes before I could comprehend all she said. ‘’I’m too small for your ex husband. I don’t think he will go that far just to punish me. All he needs to do is just to arrest me which he is yet to do. So I don’t believe you. Moreover how did he even discover my identity unless you told him?’’ I said with a short laugh. ‘’arrest you over what?,, no that will be too embarrassing. He won’t do anything that will backfire on him. You just stand a better chance with me and that’s it. That’s our destiny’’ she added seriously. I stood up and paced round the sitting room without knowing what to say or do. ‘’you won’t want to put your Tracy in harm’s way will you?’’ she added softly while I said nothing. ‘’you haven’t eaten all day. I prepared fried rice. Let’s go to the dining table’’ she suggested, stood up and held me. After a little hesitation, I headed to the dining table with her. Yes I was very hungry. Kindly like our Facebook Page POBSONLINE.COM for more amazing stories —————————————————— ‘’I know some of my ex husband’s secrets that will fetch us nothing less than a hundred million naira. With it we can go places’’ Pamela softly explained as I slowly ate the rice she served. Of course I couldn’t believe anything she was saying. It looked exaggerated ‘’I kind of feel that you are lying, moreover what stops the man from killing you and letting the secrets die with you?’’ I asked curiously. ‘’he can’t because I’m way too smarter than him. He knows he can’t have me as his enemy for long’’ she replied. ‘’so why then did he throw you out of the house without giving you a kobo?’’ I asked. ‘’I left his house to repackage and not that he actually threw me out but trust me, let’s do this together. By Monday the money I wired to my account before flying down should be reflecting. I’m not that broke’’ she pushed on. ‘’I’m sorry but I’m not interested. You can do your deals alone. I’m not hungry for money. I believe nothing will happen to Tracy and I. As for Juliet I will try my best to do everything for her if she ends up being my true daughter’’ I said seriously while she shrugged. ‘’hmmmm okay’’ she breathed with a fake smile. ———————— I couldn’t sleep again that fateful night, instead I stayed awake in the living room watching Tv while thinking of all Pamela told me at the same time. Her numerous lies really made it difficult for me to know when she was saying the truth and I kind of felt she lying to put fear into me. Or do you think she’s saying the truth? To be continued.