Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 59


‘’what did you just do?. Gosh you weren’t even with a condom. I’m so dead’’ Tracy cried as she pushed me away from her body. I simply stared at her, clueless on how to handle the situation as the sexual urge in me died down.

‘’just look at me, look at the mess. I’m finished’’ she cried on as if we just committed murder. I tried to touch her but she pushed off my hand.

‘’But I didn’t release inside you nau’’ I stammered defensively.

‘’you did this on purpose right?. You have been aiming to do this silly thing all these while because you knew you have lost me’’ she softly accused me, stunning me with her words.

She soon ran into her bathroom to clean up while I sat back and thought over what I just did. Yes we were all consumed by the heat of passion and I never did it to hurt her. I just was so confused on the best words to use in calming her down due to the fact that I just told her minutes ago that I was ready to get back with Pamela because of little Juliet only to now turn back and stick my thing inside her.

Of course I knew things were going to change between us from that moment but what I didn’t know was if it was going to change for the better or for the worse.

‘’what are you still doing here?. Put on your clothes and leave my room nau’’ I soon heard Tracy say as she returned from the bathroom. I stood up and walked towards her.

‘’I’m very sorry dear, let’s just talk things over’’ I begged.

‘’there is nothing to talk. I just want to sleep and clear my head’’ she insisted while I shrugged, took my clothes, put them on and left her room without another word.

Oh yes I never slept that night; I spent half of the time thinking about Tracy and the other half thinking about Pamela and little Juliet.


Early the next day, I was in Tracy’s room to try talk to her once again. She let me in without a fight, even though she did her best to avoid my eyes. I couldn’t help but notice that she kind of looked a bit calm unlike the previous evening.

‘’ I guess I shouldn’t ask how was your night?’’ I softly said while she backed me, giving me the opportunity to place my hands on her shoulders.

‘’tell me why did you do that to me last night?’’ she softly demanded, leaving me totally disorganized with the question. I really didn’t know what to reply. Of course that kind of question is extremely difficult to answer.

‘’I didn’t know what got over me. The truth is that I have always desired you but then I had always kept myself in check but last night was different. I couldn’t control myself’’ I confessed.

‘’you couldn’t control yourself because you saw it as your last opportunity to get the only thing you haven’t tasted from me’’ she breathed.

‘’no no no my dear, come on, I still love you. I want you. I love you, just that you won’t believe me’’ I breathed passionately. She turned and looked into my eyes for the first time. I swallowed hard as my heart pounded very fast.

‘’how about little Juliet and her mother?’’ she asked, piercing my heart with the difficult but good question.

‘’I don’t know, really’’ I stammered while she listened on waiting for me to continue.

‘’yesterday I was ready to leave you for them but now I feel so different, I want to be with you and my daughter at the same time but I don’t know how possible it will be’’ I stammered.

‘’and you can’t sacrifice your daughter for me?’’ she asked searchingly.

‘’I put the little girl in this mess; she doesn’t deserve to grow up without me. I have an obligation towards her, even if it means losing the love of my life over her’’ I answered innocently, expecting her to react angrily but she never did. Perhaps she understood my stand. Perhaps she was way too smarter than I ever imagined her to be.

‘’you really care a lot for her right?. I guess you are still going to see her today?’’ she softly asked.

‘’yes this morning’’ I answered.

‘’alright, I will still go with you’’ she offered, leaving me extremely speechless.

‘’you can go prepare, we will go together’’ she added with a smile.
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By 9:30am, Tracy and I arrived at my house to meet Pamela who was extremely stunned to see Tracy. I did a quick introduction before focusing my attention on little Juliet who was happily lying on the couch.

Pamela couldn’t say a thing when she saw me with Tracy. The shock on her face was quite revealing, especially as I introduced Tracy to her but I cared less about what she felt. Tracy on her own part acted very well as if she had nothing against her.

‘’can we talk in the room please?’’ I soon heard Pamela say to me. I handed over little Juliet to Tracy before nodding at her.

‘’okay, let’s go’’ I breathed faintly.


When we got to her bedroom, she shut the door and faced me.

‘’why bring her here?, isn’t it an insult to me?’’ she suddenly demanded. I scoffed.

‘’you should be thanking her for allowing you stay in this house instead of asking me this question. Juliet is the only connection I have with you and I’m yet to decide on what to do with you guys. You have no right in this house, you understand?’’ I said seriously while she softly sat on her bed and began crying as if I hit her. I couldn’t believe myself, I couldn’t even figure out the reason she was crying.

Perhaps she felt she could cry her way into my heart or maybe it was one of her grand plans.

To be continued