Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 60


‘’you know I really don’t know what to say to you right now. Why are you crying? What did I do wrong?’’ I asked softly. Pamela wiped her nose, stood up and drew close to me.

‘’you were very kind and cool yesterday, but today you are sounding very harsh. All because of that girl right?’’ she breathed while I scoffed.

‘’I don’t know why you are complaining. You needed a house and I brought you here. I’m also ready to provide everything for you. Is it money you need?, tell me and I will head to the bank right away’’ I replied with a slightly raised tone.

‘’what I want is a happy home. I want us to have a happy family. Luckily you are already a graduate and there is nothing now that can stop us from living a fulfilled life. We can make this work’’ she pushed on with Great Spirit, holding my hands tightly.

‘’I’m sorry but you should know that I don’t feel anything for you. Our relationship is very absurd, this is Africa. I’m even listening to you because of our daughter but I can’t really promise anything until I run a Dna test with her to be sure she’s truly my daughter’’ I softly added while she instantly colored up.

‘’you mean you are in doubt whether Juliet is actually your daughter or not?’’ she asked as her eyes melted once again with tears.

‘’apart from the senator you were the only guy that enjoyed my body. What now are you trying to prove with this Dna of a thing?, if you don’t want us, just say the word and I will leave your house today’’ she suddenly demanded. I silently stared at her unable to say anything.

‘’By Monday, we will head to a good hospital for the DNA test, that’s my final decision. Do you need money for anything this weekend or are you with enough money?’’ I finally found my voice to ask and instead of replying, she turned her back on me, saying nothing.

‘’I will be back later in the day.. I will bring hundred thousand naira for you when coming, hope it will be enough because I noticed you came with just few things?’’ I asked but she said nothing. I shrugged, breathed deeply and returned to the sitting room where Tracy was busy playing with little Juliet.

‘’she’s such a lovely child’’ Tracy said with a smile as she handed over the baby to me,

‘’and you guys look very well together’’ I complimented, she blushed.

‘’we have to start going now’’ I softly added after a little silence while Tracy stared at me with surprise.

‘’but we just got here?’’ she asked,

‘’yes but we have to start going’’ I muttered, forcing out a smile as I stood up and headed to the room to hand over little Juliet to her mother.

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‘’don’t tell me you guys fought?’’ Tracy asked as we headed back to our lodge.

‘’not really but my spirit wasn’t comfortable being there any longer. Pamela was kind of acting weird. I also told her about the DNA thing and we are doing it on Monday’’ I said to Tracy.

‘’and what was her reaction when you told her about it?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’I really can’t say because she showed no distinctive reaction apart from the tears that formed in her eyes’’ I answered while she shrugged.


We first stopped at an eatery where we bought spiced chicken, then headed to a bank Atm where I withdrew some money before heading to our lodge where we ran into Tracy’s boyfriend waiting for her.
Yes Tracy and I were yet to seriously discuss much about the guy and I really didn’t know whether to classify him as her boyfriend or just a special friend she was using to put me on my toes. Moreover apart from the time I saw him drop her at the hostel earlier in the year, I never saw him again till that day but his face never left my memory, it kind of stuck in there and I was very angry seeing him.

Tracy on her own part looked shocked to see him, it was obvious she wasn’t expecting him and it was very strange that he showed up all the way from Enugu without notifying her.
Perhaps he showed up in that manner because had his suspicions about Tracy and came to confirm everything which was the only explanation I could come up with over his sudden appearance.

He was in the process of getting out of his car and dialing a number (probably Tracy’s) with his phone when I pulled up behind him. He froze for some seconds as his eyes fell on Tracy before focusing on me. Yes I was very much younger than him and the look on his face clearly showed the disgust he felt seeing Tracy with a young guy like me who he probably thought had no future with her (most middle aged/ working class bachelors have this resentment towards campus guys dating girls they desire and somehow I understood his position)

‘’please I will like you to go to your room and leave me with him’’ Tracy begged, alighted from my car and walked towards him. I quickly alighted and followed her while the young man stared at her with great disgust.

‘’you never told me you were coming?’’ Tracy asked him with a frown.

‘’because you never picked my calls all through yesterday and today, probably because you were with him’’ he replied, pointing at me.

‘’please Jude, go to your room and leave us alone, I beg of you’’ Tracy pleaded seriously and for the first time, I was indecisive about obeying her wish and walking away or standing by her side against her wish to prove that I was *man enough*.

To be continued