Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 58


’so what does she want this time?’’ Tracy asked softly, trying hard to control her feelings but I couldn’t help but notice the concern in her voice. It was so real and clear.

‘’seriously I don’t know what to do right now. She’s claiming that her husband threw her out. I never cared to ask when she got to Nigeria but it’s very obvious she isn’t okay. The fear in her eyes was very real and then this little girl between us. I just couldn’t ignore her. I couldn’t even let them spend the night in the hotel. I offered her my dad’s house. They are there now’’ I explained while Tracy shrugged.

‘’so how’s the baby, hope she’s strong?’’ she asked softly.

‘’yes she is, though I wasn’t able to spend much time with her, but I will be there throughout tomorrow to be with them’’ I muttered softly.

‘’I will go with you. I will like to see your baby’’ she suddenly offered, surprising me immensely.

‘’Trey you shouldn’t be compelled to do something that would hurt you. I really do understand your plight in this affair and yes I now understand the reason you have always kicked against us getting back together. Pamela and her baby will always come between us and there may come a time when I might chose the little baby first over every other thing. I now do understand and I guess I will have to live with a very terrible future. I will sacrifice my happiness for little Juliet, yes that’s her name. I will try my best for her and will even get back with her mother if possible so that she could have the kind of childhood I never had’’ I painfully confessed while she stared at me, saying nothing. Somehow I felt my words touched her.

‘’you mean you are going to sacrifice everything for the little girl even being with a woman who is older than you?’’ she asked softly. I shrugged.

‘’yes moreover it’s not as if Pamela is very much older than me. I can manage her or we could even return to the U.S where we won’t be embarrassed for anything. I won’t be happy but at least my little girl will grow up with a family’’ I answered solemnly.

‘’and you haven’t even thought about having a DNA test with the child, or do you believe in your wildest dreams that a lady like Pamela cheated on her husband with only a school boy like you. Don’t get deceived with your looks because it means nothing to ladies’’ she suddenly suggested, putting some doubts in me.

Noticing how confused I looked, she smiled, stood up, and carried the plate we just ate from to her balcony (kitchen) while I thought over her suggestion. Of course it wasn’t going to cost a fortune going for a Dna test.

‘’I guess I should leave now?’’ I asked halfheartedly when she returned to the room and sat on her bed. She smiled and shook her head.

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‘’you can come sit beside me, I know you won’t be sleeping tonight’’ she offered softly. I smiled, got up and sat beside her, holding her hands in the process. We stared at each other, saying nothing for a while.

‘’I would have been very happy with you but I threw everything away. I’m now like a married man. I now have a daughter I never planned having. I will spend the rest of my life thinking about all we could have achieved together. A happy and cute family, two kids, yearly vacations in different countries and so on’’ I softly poured out while she lowered her face and rested it on my shoulder.

‘’stop it Jude, I cry every night over this. You can’t imagine how betrayed I felt over everything. I don’t even know how to tell my parents about it. I’m suffering much more than you can ever imagine’’ she confessed, melting my heart with her words.
I slowly drew her to my laps and just like a time bomb waiting to explode, we suddenly started kissing intensely, so passionately we kissed that in no time we were unclad on her bed as I caressed every part of her body.

I just didn’t know what got into us, it was just as if the wind of lovemaking blew over us that minute, taking away our senses. Even Tracy who was much stronger and level headed couldn’t stop me.

For the first time in my life, I lost all control and penetrated her, stopping with fear as she screamed with pain when she felt me inside her.

‘’noooo Jude what are you doing?’’ she cried as she pushed me away from her body. I simply gasped, not knowing what exactly to say.

I never planned doing that to her and I was scared she wouldn’t believe me.

To be continued