Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 57


I just wasn’t myself throughout the rest of Kelvin’s wedding ceremony. All that was in my mind was how to deal with Pamela’s arrival. I just was clueless on how to face her. I equally didn’t know what she had planned out for me.

After Kelvin’s wedding reception, I quickly left with Tracy instead of staying behind to help out in other things. I dropped off Tracy at the hostel before zooming off to the hotel to meet Pamela. My heart couldn’t stop pounding furiously as I made my way to the hotel.


‘’finally you came, I thought you weren’t going to come?’’ Pamela breathed with a smile as she let me into the room. She still looked so lovely and sophisticated as she used to be. I smiled back at her before leaving my eyes on the baby sleeping peacefully on the bed. I simply froze as I stared at the innocent baby, not daring to move forward nor backwards.

‘’her name is Juliet. She’s your daughter. You never bothered to check on me even for her sake’’ Pamela muttered behind me. I felt a little guilty.

‘’so what’s up with you and your husband?’’ I softly asked, not exactly knowing what else to say.

‘’he kicked me out after he found out the child wasn’t his’’ she softly answered while I turned to face her with great disbelief.

‘’how on earth did he find out?. You are lying right?’’ I asked desperately.

‘’I have no reason to lie. The old man could be anything but a fool. I didn’t know how he found out. He simply showed up one day and sent me out of his house. I won’t be here if not for that. I already forgot about you after you abandoned me in January. I planned raising my little baby under his roof because he had a lot to offer her but unfortunately he found out and here I’m’’ she explained softly.

I breathed deeply, shook my head and softly walked towards the sleeping child, kneeling beside her. The poor baby looked so innocent and harmless. My heart couldn’t help but open up for her. I felt something tingle inside me as I stared at her even though I also noticed that she didn’t resemble me in any way. Her hair color, nose, eyes, skin, perhaps it was all because she was still very small.

‘’so what now?’’ I asked Pamela who simply shook her head and sat on the floor as tears quickly showed up in her eyes.

‘’I now have nothing but this little girl. I don’t just know what I want anymore’’ she cried. I really didn’t know what exactly to make of the situation. After some seconds, I drew close and held her.

‘’no one is above mistake, we made the mistake together and I guess we have to live with the consequences. Just tell me what you want me to do?’’ I asked softly.

‘’for now I need a house for my daughter. We can’t live in this hotel. We need somewhere to stay until I can figure out my life’’ she slowly breathed.

‘’you still have part of the money I left you right?’’ she asked while I nodded.

‘’you have nothing to worry. I have a well furnished house in town. I finally got back my dad’s house. You and the baby can stay there until we can figure out something better’’ I offered with a smile. She wiped her eyes and stared at me with disbelief.

‘’you have changed. What has gotten into you?’’ she asked softly. I shrugged.

‘’I don’t understand?’’ I breathed. She shook her head.

‘’never mind dear, just forget my utterance. I’m really grateful that you accepted us. I was overly scared about that’’ she confessed while I smiled, saying nothing.
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That same evening, I took her and little Juliet to my house. We spent considerable amount of time cleaning up some parts of the house because I had it locked up after getting it back from Jessica. ( I only had a gateman Kelvin sent there to watch over the property).

‘’thank you for everything’’ Pamela breathed with great smile after I was done arranging her room.

‘’one more thing, you must learn to stay here all alone. I’m still living at my school lodge. I just graduated yesterday and I’m yet to do my clearance and go for Nysc’’ I informed her. She nodded.

‘’that’s not a problem. My happiness is that I have gotten a good place for my little angel. She doesn’t deserve to suffer for my mistakes’’ she breathed as I slowly remembered how things really happened between us. She was quite a big catch back then with her wealth and charisma but now she had nothing but only a beautiful face and body.

‘’I have to go now’’ I added after a little silence.

‘’you will be here tomorrow right?’’ she asked,

‘’of course because we have a lot to talk’’ I answered, took a deep breath and left the house. My head was of course filled with many thoughts.


On getting to the lodge, I first headed to Tracy’s room without knowing the reason. She was eating African salad when I walked in and I dutifully fetched a spoon and joined her.

‘’Pamela is back. She came back with her child. A baby girl’’ I innocently informed Tracy but for the first time in a long while I noticed her eyes drop with sadness which left me wondering what exactly she wanted with me.

Could she still be in love with me and still be keeping me at arm’s length?

To be continued


  1. Jude has tried with Tracy, its about he settles with Pamela and find her something to do with his fat account so that they can take care of their baby

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