Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 56

8 months later, Scene: Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Owerri (Kelvin and Cynthia are seen standing before a priest as they took their marriage vows. A huge crowd of family and friends are seen in the background) ————————- I shivered as I stared into Cynthia’s eyes. I couldn’t believe it was all real. I never believed it was all going to end so peacefully. Yes I was finally getting married after passing through a whole series of events that almost cost me my future. I couldn’t help but reflect on my life journey so far. I messed up very much in my quest for adventure and riches, equally gaining a whole lot of experience as well. It wasn’t easy getting back my life and getting rid of Jessica. Somehow Jessica shouldn’t have died so easily. It was such an easy escape for her after all she did to everyone and she also died with many secrets. Death was the last thing i wanted for her but then I believed God had his own reason for taking her so fast. Perhaps supposing she was alive, I wouldn’t be getting married to Cynthia. Supposing she ended up in jail, she would have found a way to escape and return to hunt everyone. It was all good she died and left us in peace, especially my young cousin Jude. My mind slowly brought up Emmanuella’s image as I thought of Jessica, I smiled deeply. Emmanuella really surprised me by not coming back to disturb my life after I broke up with her. Perhaps as a lady she discovered her worth and saw it was pointless getting low for a man who only used her to achieve his own goals. She never bothered me and that’s how I wanted it to be. I was now a changed man, no more scams, no more dirty jobs. All I needed the most was God’s forgiveness, protection and Cynthia’s love. Kindly like our Facebook Page POBSONLINE.COM for more amazing stories ———————– Jude’s side of the story continues I sat beside Tracy in the crowded church as i watched Kelvin and Cynthia getting married. I was happy for him; I was equally happy about how things were turning for me. I just wrote my final paper the previous day which made me nothing but a graduate. Jessica equally wasn’t alive anyone and it really felt good knowing that I had nothing to fear from her end. My late dad’s house she stole was now mine and I was very satisfied the way things ended for her. Her quick death was okay for me, It was just as I wanted. She never deserved to live after killing my old man. My only problem however was Tracy who still insisted on only being just a friend to me and nothing more no matter all I did to make her change her stand. Sometimes she would appear overly caring and cool but the next minute she becomes something else. Her other boyfriend or should I call him her *reserve boyfriend* equally wasn’t helping matters by always calling her every other minute and ruining my day whenever we were together. His calls had a way of turning Tracy’s feelings around and it was something I really didn’t understand. For example, the other time we were in my room around 10pm watching a TV program, the guy called her and after speaking with him, she instantly got up to leave as if I did something that scared her away. I know it kind of sounds strange that I was still begging Tracy but I just couldn’t help myself. I was so much in love with her and there were many things we did together that made being away from her almost impossible. Secondly I equally suspected she was somehow in contact with Pamela even though she never discussed her with me. I also had no evidence to prove my suspicion but I had this strong feeling about it. Yes and talking about Pamela, could you believe since I left her back in the states early in the year, we were yet to talk to each other and I felt she finally decided to forget about me and stick with her husband who had a lot to offer her and our baby. Yes our baby, he was the only connection I had with her and most nights I always thought of him and how he looked like. I had hoped Pamela would contact me once she put to bed but she never did and I never bothered to check on her. My child could be within four to five months old according to my calculation, who knows. Kindly like our Facebook Page POBSONLINE.COM for more amazing stories I was still busy with my thoughts when my phone vibrated in my pocket. At first I ignored it but when the caller kept calling back, I had no choice than to go outside and answer the call. I couldn’t believe my ears when I discovered who the caller was. The caller was no other person than Pamela and she was calling with a Nigerian number which clearly showed that she was in the country. ‘’hey it’s me Pamela. I’m actually at Owerri. You remember the hotel we used to meet?, I’m there, come and see me now’’ she said and hung up, giving me no chance to say anything. Of course what was there to even say? I just was extremely surprised to learn that she was around. She probably was back with her baby, my baby, our baby. To be continued