Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 55


Announcing Jessica’s death to her family after just having a long meeting with them the previous day was really the toughest job I have ever done in my entire life. Luckily they took the news without much drama perhaps because I came with the police. But it never ended there. I had to settle them with a huge amount of money in order to clear my conscience and equally avoid any legal case or something similar. Of course I couldn’t afford going through the humiliation of another criminal case and so settling the family and the police was the only easy way out even though I wasn’t clearly responsible for her death.

I was equally compelled to raise part of the money needed for Jessica’s brother to travel out of the country in a bid to further help the family. I also footed every expense in regard to Jessica’s burial. All these I did under the space of one week, which left me financially down.

Jessica was buried the following Friday in a quiet ceremony at her hometown. I never attended the burial because her family warned me not to come even though I paid for everything.

Yet upon all I did to clear my conscience, I still had nightmares every night. I found it hard to sleep at night and to make matters worse; Cynthia refused spending the night even for a day in my house. I did everything to convince her to change her mind but she felt I was only trying to look for a way to have sex with her.


Emmanuella was discharged from the hospital the very day Jessica was buried and since I was prevented from attending Jessica’s burial, I had no choice than to be with Emmanuella as she was discharged. Of course Emmanuella was in very high spirit. Her greatest nightmare Jessica was dead and to her there was nothing that was standing on our path to happiness anymore. She couldn’t stop pouring out the plans she had for our future while I kept mute and waited for the right time to tell her about my own plans.

3pm, Emmanualla’s house (Friday)

‘’wow finally we are back here. I never knew I would see my apartment again’’ Emmanuella breathed with great emotion as we walked into her living room. I shrugged and forced out a smile, not really comfortable with the thing I planned doing. The last thing I wanted was to ruin her happiness but I had no choice. She needed to know the truth and stop wounding herself with hopes about us.

‘’you know what I want badly now?’’ she giggled while I shook my head.

‘’ a cold shower and hot sex. Jeez how I missed our shower sex’’ she breathed sweetly, expecting me to probably make a move on her but I simply smiled and made no move. She instantly noticed that something wasn’t okay with me.

‘’what’s wrong?’’ she asked with concern. I breathed deeply.

‘’I have to tell you the truth Emmanuella’’ I stammered painfully. She took some steps towards me.

‘’you are a nice woman. You have everything it takes to land a nice guy but that person isn’t me. I have done nothing but bring misery to you. I put your life in danger for my own selfish interest. I don’t deserve you. Please forgive me’’ I breathed solemnly. She blushed and threw her hands round my neck, staring at me with great desire and want. I realized that she was yet to understand where I was heading with my words.

‘’hmmmm don’t tell me you have suddenly gone soft?. Yes we passed through a lot but that made us stronger. Every relationship passes through some crises’’ she muttered sweetly while I looked down.

‘’I’m engaged to another lady. You were right when you complained of seeing Cynthia when I was in jail. We are back together and we are now engaged’’ I softly opened up. She couldn’t believe her ears. She drew back as if my body just shocked her like a n.aked electric wire.

‘’oh no, this can’t be. I sacrificed a lot to get rid of Jessica only for you to back to Cynthia. I can’t allow it. This is unfair’’’’ she sobbed, throwing herself on the floor while I instantly reached out to hold her.

‘’you are still a young lady. You still have a whole lot of time to meet someone better than me. I don’t deserve you. Don’t get yourself worked up’’ I desperately begged but she failed to listen to me, instead she hit and scratched my face when I tried to get closer to her, wounding me. I had no choice than to leave her house because there was nothing else to say or do. Yes it really pained me but it was better than deceiving her much longer.

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On getting to my house, I was surprised to see Cynthia waiting for me. She never told me she was coming nor called to tell me that she’s at my house. She instantly noticed the soft scratches on my face.

‘’I came to see how you are faring. I know you will be feeling bad because of Jessica’s burial’’ she smiled, leaving her eyes on my face.

‘’yes but I was at the hospital to assist Emmanuella. She was discharged today’’ I opened up.

‘’so what’s up with the scratches on your face?’’ she demanded curiously while I softly sat her down and told her everything about Emmanuella, hiding nothing. When I was done, she simply surprised me by leaning forward and kissing me. And it just wasn’t a single kiss but an intense kiss that turned into a super love making.
We ended up making great love all through that evening. Of course I never expected such action from her and yes it was our first love making after getting engaged.

There is nothing like being totally honest in a relationship. I was happy for two reasons, first i finally got back the full heart of Cynthia and secondly kept my word and got rid of Jessica for my cousin.

Jessica gone,

Emmanuella out of the picture or will she fight back?

The final episodes continue us our weekend story

Stay glued


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