Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 54


Cynthia soon returned with my gateman who looked so shocked and scared seeing Jessica in such pitiable condition. I heaved a sigh of relief as they squatted by my side to help out..

‘’the police will be here in few minutes. I just called them’’ Cynthia breathed faintly.

‘’we have to take her to the hospital first. Let the police meet us there’’ I muttered, signaling to my gateman to help me lift up Jessica who was slowing slipping into unconsciousness. Cautiously we lifted up the dying girl.

‘’God please don’t allow her die’’ Cynthia prayed nervously as we carried Jessica to my car.

‘’call the Asp again. Ask him to meet us at federal medical center. It’s preferable he gets there before us. ‘’ I stammered softly while Cynthia dutifully did what I asked of her. I couldn’t really believe it was all happening for real.

Federal medical center Owerri

You can’t imagine the look and surprise on the nurses the moment we brought in Jessica. Yes most of them recognized me from Emmanuella’s case and if not that the hospital was the only good one I could think of that moment I wouldn’t have risked bringing her there.

Luckily the police equally were right in time to check out the dying lady before she was carried to the emergency unit. The ASP himself also looked a bit disturbed and shocked.

‘’how the hell did this happen?, please I need answers’’ he queried me seriously.

‘’I just returned to my house after visiting Emmanuella in this very hospital and met Jessica in my sitting room. I couldn’t believe myself when I saw her and then she started talking trash about wanting me to leave the country with her. She threatened to deal with me if I failed to accept her plan and we were still arguing it out when Cynthia walked in on us.

She immediately flared up on seeing Cynthia and even pulled out a gun, trying to shoot her. I had to step in the way and wrestle the gun with her. She ended up shooting herself. That’s it’’ I explained nervously while the Asp shrugged. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking that moment. I couldn’t afford going back to jail over something that clearly wasn’t my fault. I acted in self defense. I did what every guy would have done.

The doctor who was attending to Jessica showed up before the officer could say anything else to me. The look on his face showed that things weren’t okay.

‘’I’m sorry but the lady is dead. We tried to save her but we were too late. The case is now yours sir’’ he said to the officer while my heart froze. I instantly saw myself in jail again. Tears instantly filled up my eyes while Cynthia drew close and held me softly.

‘’it wasn’t your fault dear. I witnessed everything. You saved my life’’ she breathed as I swallowed hard. The officer said nothing to me, instead went into the room where Jessica was kept, spent a few minutes there before coming out to meet me.

‘’I guess I’m under arrest again?’’ I asked while he kept quiet for some seconds as he probably pondered over some things.

‘’not really but you still have to come with me to the station to write your statement then we will contact her family. But first I will send some of my men to the crime scene to gather everything they could find’’ he said while in shrugged in resignation. Of course I had no other option.

‘’why is everything bad happening to me?’’ I couldn’t help but ask myself over and over.

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Jude’s side of the story continues from that same evening

I walked into Tracy’s room to see her very busy with her phone. I smiled softly as I sat beside her.

‘’you never allow your phone to rest, do you?’’ I asked playfully. She licked her lips.

‘’actually I’m reading one sweet story on Pobsonline forum. I always spend my evenings there’’ she answered after a little silent.

‘’wow then I should read with you’’ I offered, drawing close to her but she instantly suspected my motive and gave me a suspicious look.

‘’you have your own phone. Simply visit the website with yours, don’t disturb me’’ she breathed, stopping me with her words.

‘’I don’t know but I feel so uneasy. I feel very uncomfortable’’ I said to her seriously. She lowered her phone and eyed me.

‘’you just want to stop me from enjoying the story that I’m reading. Okay you have gotten my attention. What’s the problem?’’ she muttered a bit coldly but before I could say anything else, my phone rang and it was Kelvin calling.

‘’Jessica is dead’’ he broke the news softly, stunning me instantly. I just didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad over it.

‘’what’s wrong?’’ I heard Tracy ask curiously.

To be continued