Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 53


’listen kelv, we have to leave together. It’s just a matter of time before the police come back for you over the fraud and crimes you committed in the past. We are very much alike. Moreover you got me into this mess and I won’t suffer it alone, so get your things ready, we are leaving tonight. We have to leave now that we still have the time’’ she breathed convincingly while I stared at her with disbelief and disgust. I couldn’t believe she was in my house to talk trash about leaving the country with her, a lady who threatened hell when I was in jail. I couldn’t believe she actually thought out all the trash she just spilled before me. Of course it sounded so stupid.

‘’I can’t believe this is really you. I think you have lost your mind. You are actually here to take me to Ghana or what?’’ I asked with a short laugh while she drew forward and nodded.

‘’listen you have to come with me. This is the only option you got right now. I can’t allow you to be free as if I’m the only criminal in this situation, I rather forward everything I have on you to the police and we go down together’’ she threatened coldly. But somehow her threat failed to move me.

‘’so you wish to take me to Ghana under duress?. You are really crazy’’ I breathed and shook my head, weighing in my mind whether to call the police on her or not. She instantly stood up, looking very desperate as if she had something else in mind to do to me. Just that moment Cynthia walked into my sitting room, surprising Jessica who at first looked confused. Cynthia on her own part equally was stunned on seeing her with me. She couldn’t figure out what was exactly going on.

I quickly stood up and held Cynthia by the hand, trying to calm her down. Of course I was very worried over her safety. I could have called the police instead of rushing in to meet Jessica. And now Cynthia once again was in harm’s way, though I never expected her to show up that fast.

‘’oh interesting, I can’t believe this. I see what happened the last time is about repeating itself but this time in your house Kelvin’’ Jessica coldly smiled, pulling out a pistol from her handbag. I instantly recognized it as the gun she used on Emmanuella the previous week.

Nervously I quickly stood in front of Cynthia to shield her from getting shot. It was really a big chance I took and not only did I do it out of love, I equally did it for myself because I couldn’t afford another bloody case in my hands. I definitely knew what Jessica was capable of doing.

‘’get out of my path Kelvin. I swear to God I will shoot you and her’’ she threatened while I stood my ground even though deep inside I almost urinated on myself. I summoned great courage and slowly walked towards her, not leaving her line of fire. Luckily, she never fired, all she did was just to pull the safety.

‘’get out of my path Kelvin’’ she screamed again when I got to her. I breathed deeply and shrugged.

‘’I won’t allow you to shoot her, instead shoot me’’ I breathed softly as tears instantly filled her eyes, surprising me and giving me more courage to act.

‘’you are in my way because you know I can’t shoot you. We have to leave. I can never step my foot in jail’’ she breathed softly while I reached forward and grabbed the gun thinking she would leave it for me but instead she resisted at the last minute, which led to a big struggle between us until a shot rang out, freezing us momentarily.

Then without warning, she fell while Cynthia screamed and ran out of the room probably to get help. I helplessly watched Jessica go down.

A bullet to the abdomen was all that took her down and I just knelt there so shaken and scared. I never intended to shoot her. I never wanted her to die. I never planned to murder her. I wasn’t even sure if I was the one that pulled the trigger.

‘’I can’t step foot in jail’ she softly breathed as blood gushed out of her mouth and abdomen.

To be continued