Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 52


‘’what’s wrong?, you suddenly turned pale?, is there anything I need to know?’’ Emmanuella suddenly asked, putting me in great disarray with the barrage of questions she was throwing at me. I felt telling her the truth right there was the best thing to do but the confidence to spill it all out just wasn’t there.

‘’I know you Kelvin. This doesn’t look good’’ she softly added as her eyes instantly filled up with tears. I quickly composed myself and held her hand tightly.

‘’please don’t start thinking the worst. I’m really yet to come to terms of seeing you here in this condition. I did put you in harm’s way and I just can’t describe how I feel right now’’ I stammered, not exactly knowing the best words to say to her.

‘’yes I now remember the face. Yes she’s the one’’ she suddenly breathed, softly snatching her hand from my grasp and leaving me as curious as ever. I swallowed hard, studying her curiously.

‘’who did you remember?’’ I asked.

‘’your ex girlfriend, the lady that ruined your wedding with Jessica. She was with the police when I was questioned. I didn’t recognize her then but yes she’s the one’’ she softly explained, coloring up as if she just described a ghost. I was confused on what to say or how to react.

‘’what’s her business in the whole thing?, why was she with the police?, were you aware of her involvement?’’ she curiously asked, putting me in another tight position with her question.

‘’yes I was told about her involvement. You do know she had a big score to settle with Jessica and so when you got shot, she seized the opportunity to deal with Jessica’’ I feebly explained, praying she bought the weak explanation. She silently stared at me for some seconds before shrugging.

‘’okay so when I get out of here, we will take another vacation and plan for our future right?’’ she asked with a smile. I swallowed hard and nodded.

‘’just get better first my dear, we have a lot of time to talk things through’’ I breathed.

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An hour later I left the hospital in a very nervous state. Cutting ties with Emmanuella was something I knew I had to do pretty fast but then I needed a little diplomacy with it but firstly I had to tell Cynthia everything to avoid unpleasant scenes in future.
On getting to my car, I dialed Cynthia’s number.

‘’hey what’s up?, are you still at the hospital?’’ Cynthia asked.

‘’yes but I’m on my way out. We have to talk dear and it’s very urgent’’ I demanded while her side of the line went silent for few seconds.

‘’did anything happen to her?. Did something else come up?’’ she asked with a raised tone.

‘’not really but there is something else I need to tell you about her. I just want to be very open with you in everything’’ I answered. She kept quiet for few seconds again.

‘’where do you want us to meet now?’’ she asked

‘’at my house dear’’ I answered.

‘’jeez but you know I’m at work?, alright I will try my best to round up what I’m doing and come over as soon as I can. What you have to tell me better be good’’ she accepted while I laughed and hung up.

Yes I was trying to be a new man for Cynthia and for my own good. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but then I had to start by being honest with her in everything. She had to know my position with Emmanuella just in case.

20 minutes later

I drove into my compound to see my gateman looking a bit excited.

‘’are you okay?’’ I asked him suspiciously as he ran to me after closing the gate.

‘’madam Jessica is here. She came few minutes ago’’ he stammered in Pidgin English while my heart jumped for no reason. I just couldn’t believe that Jessica could have the guts to show up at my house. Somehow I was a bit alarmed.

‘’what on earth is she doing here?, what gave her the mind to show up at my house again??’’’ I wondered as I dashed into my living room, breathing heavily.

On getting to my sitting room, I saw her well relaxed on my favorite couch, enjoying a glass of wine. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

‘’how dare you come to my house?’’ I shouted.

‘’relax Kelv. I’m glad you are free from police troubles. You always a lucky dude’’ she muttered confidently, leaving me totally angry.

‘’well, sit down and hear me out because we are leaving the country tonight. We are heading to Ghana my dear’’ she muttered effortlessly while I saw myself sitting down as she requested without even knowing when I obeyed her command.

To be continued