Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 51


As we headed back to the city, I couldn’t help but smile over the way things were currently going between Cynthia and i. of course I pulled a fast one on her with the proposal and she was still very much stunned over it. Proposing to her before my parents was the only possible way I could speed up things with her and yes it worked. Didn’t it?.

‘’you know the stunt you pulled at your house isn’t just cool. We are yet to settle issues between us and you proposed to me before your family. What if I had said no ?’’ Cynthia asked as she stared at the engagement ring on her finger. I licked my lips.

‘’well thank God you didn’t say no’’ I breathed with a smile. She gave me an askance look and sighed. I silently drove on, so happy with everything. There wasn’t any doubt she was equally happy with it. Yes she never expected it and the surprise it left her was exactly how I wanted it to be.


On getting to the city, I dropped Cynthia at her house and headed to the state police headquarters to get some men to accompany me to Jessica’s village. Of course I knew catching Jessica at her village was extremely impossible because it was the last place she would be. My main priority however was just to tell her family that we were no longer together.

I was lucky to get five policemen to accompany me to Jessica’s village and on getting there I met her astonished family who couldn’t believe all I told them about their daughter. All they could say was that they would get back to me and I had no problem with that.

I returned to the city very late that very day with Emmanuella on my mind but I was so tired to go visit her at the hospital, moreover it was already very late in the evening and so I had to shift visiting her to the next day.

Early the next day which was Thursday, I headed to the hospital to see the poor girl. I truly was a bit nervous and clueless on what exactly to say to her moreover what we had between us was still very fresh in my mind, plus the promises I made to her before she opened up on her friend.
I somehow felt bad about it all because I knew the best thing for me was to cut off everything between us since I now had Cynthia and she equally wasn’t of any use to me anymore, but then I felt it was a very terrible thing to do. Don’t you think so?

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Federal medical center Owerri

Emmanuella’s eyes brightened for a while before quickly dying down as soon as she saw me walk up to her bed. She looked pretty strong and okay which showed that she was fast recovering. And I couldn’t help but believe she had just few days to leave the hospital.

‘’hi dear, you are alone?’’ I stammered, not exactly knowing what to say to her. She yawned and nodded.

‘’yes my sister just left to get something’’ she replied, searching me with her eyes while I nervously thought of another topic to bring up.

‘’you left the police cell since Monday and you are just coming today to see me. I really mean nothing to you right?’’ she softly asked, making me feel more guilty with the question.

‘’Emmanuella’s it isn’t like that’’ I stammered.

‘’please please don’t lie, let’s just forget about it. What matters is that you are finally here’’ she chipped in, stopping me from rendering any excuse.

‘’so has Jessica been caught?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’no the police are still searching for her’’ I replied while she instantly drew back with fear.

‘’so I’m still in danger?’’ she gasped. I forced out a reassuring smile, sat down beside her and softly reached for her hand.

‘’you are not in any danger my dear. The police recorded all you told them, I believe you have already done your path. Jessica has no other option than to leave the country or surrender herself to the police’’ I assured her seriously.

‘’so how about us?. I kept my end of the deal and showed you prove of my love. Are we still going to have a future together?’’ she curiously asked, staring at me deeply.

I swallowed hard as I drew back a bit, wondering how to answer her question. Of course she needed to know the truth, she needed to know that I already proposed to another woman. She needed to know that she never meant anything to me. But I couldn’t just tell her that I only used her to get to Jessica. She never deserved to bear such news but then she needed to know the whole the truth.

The only question I couldn’t help but ask myself was,
‘’is it the right time to tell her the truth?’’

To be continued.